Saturday, January 6, 2018

Five Times The Doctor Wasn't The Least Bit Straight

The fandoms and parts of the internet have been buzzing on and off over the last few months over the rumours that it seemed Jodie Whittaker's incarnation of the Thirteenth Doctor was set to be bisexual. Much of this was based off the fact that the Doctor's companions are usually female, however, the gossip subsided a little when it was announced that Bradley Walsh was set to be the first of three new companions for the Doctor (with the other two being Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole).
However, before any new episodes air later this year and we eventually find out, I have to say that I think the idea of the Doctor being somewhat fluid with his/her sexuality has already been well and truly established. Hence, I give you five times the Doctor wasn't the least bit straight.

1) That Time Ten Got Flirty With Shakespeare

Ten spent his first season with eyes only for Rose. And on a side note, I have to say I really loved the Ten x Rose ship. They were just so adorable together. I love the fact that Rose (presumably) got to have her HEA with the metacrisis Doctor, or Tentoo as the fandoms like to call him. After losing Rose, he spent most of his regeneration getting over her... twice if we're being technical about it.
But there was this priceless moment in the episode The Shakespeare Code where he managed to catch Shakespeare's eye. Though Ten didn't exactly flirt back with him, I have to say, the two of them did have some interesting chemistry in this episode.

2) That Time Twelve Was All Like "Call Me Later." 

I actually have no idea what this was all about. Truthfully it was probably more like Twelve was impressed with Psi (played by the very talented Jonathan Bailey) and was indicating that if he ever wanted to go travelling in the TARDIS, then the offer was open. However it did come across very cute and flirty, and it seemed to me that Psi took it that way as well. Before this episode, I was still struggling with Twelve after loving Eleven so much (but in the same way, I'd loved Ten and struggled the first few eps with Eleven) but this episode and partly this moment was when I fell in love with Twelve.

3) That Time Nine Met Captain Jack Harkness And The Sparks Were Obvious.

Don't get me started on Captain Jack Harkness or we'll be here for months. Truly, I think anyone would have trouble resisting the charm-offensive that is Jack Harkness. By this point it was obvious that the Doctor was developing feelings for Rose, and was a little blase in the face of Jack's flirting. Partly it would have also come down to the fact that the Doctor realized very quickly that flirting was Jack's default setting. However, when Jack laid it on thick enough, the Doctor was happy to give as good as he got. The episodes with Nine, Rose and Jack are some of my favourites. I think its a pity they didn't introduce Jack sooner and give him more travelling time in the TARDIS with the pair. 

4) That Time Eleven Kissed Rory Williams 

Oh man, this moment. This moment does not need words. The dynamic of Eleven, Amy and Rory was always amazing. A lot of my favourite-of-all-time episodes feature these three. No matter what was happening, they were always so much fun. And it worked well with Eleven's goofy, dorky adorableness. Out of all the Doctors, I think Eleven was arguably the most flirty, except I don't think he really meant to be and was kind of oblivious to it half the time. I mean, there was that whole thing with Craig. But that's a story for another post. Though he met Amelia first as a child, there was no doubt that the Doctor had as much affection for Rory as he did for Amy. I think a lot of that came down to how much Rory loved Amy, and the fact he would literally do anything for her. But it was also Rory himself. I have to say, Rory is one of my favourite underrated characters of Doctor Who. He was always there, always reliable and when it came down to it, he could be a total badass.

5) That Time Jack Kissed Nine Goodbye

In this last episode for Nine before he regenerated into Ten, Jack was going to face the daleks and knew he wasn't going to survive it. He kissed Rose goodbye first, which wouldn't have been a surprise to anyone since he'd made it quite clear from the first moment he met Rose that he was attracted to her. But then (probably much to the utter stupidfication of many viewers) he kissed Nine goodbye as well. Nine didn't pull back or resist, he let Jack kiss him and was totally fine about it.
I always thought this was an amazing moment of TV, normalizing all things LGBTQ and taking an important step toward other sexual orientations besides straight couples becoming an every day thing in our society. 

So there you have it. Five times it can reasonably be argued that the cannon of the Doctor being bisexual had already been well established.

*all gifs sourced from scriptscribbles on tumblr


Unknown said...

While the Doctor has never quite been as fluid as Jack, he's definitely had his moments! After reading your post I had to go and rewatch the David Tennant / John Barrowman ComicCon kiss!!! *sigh*

Jess Anastasi said...

hahaha! That was quite a moment. I think its so great that not only is the show so wonderful, but so is the fandom and the way the actors respond to it all. Now I may be off to youtube myself... :D

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