Sunday, November 8, 2015

NaNoWriMo Week One Down

Week one of Nano is already over, and despite starting a day late, I've really managed to get into the swing of things. And now for some boring numbers:

Sun 1st Nov - 0 words (hadn't suffered from brain snap and decided to do NaNo yet.)
Mon 2nd Nov - 4028 words (because I decided that morning that YES! I can do NaNo and finish Diffraction by the end of November. Awesome idea. Now to do two days of writing in one!)
Tue 3rd Nov - 2056
Wed 4th Nov - 2799
Thurs 5th Nov - 2285
Fri 6th Nov - 3018
Sat 7th Nov - 3708

Week One Total - 17,895 words.

Since I'm already well ahead of my weekly 14,000 word target, I'm thinking of taking today off and freshen up before diving back in tomorrow. Of course, now that the story if flowing, my brain is full of ideas and my characters are insisting I get it all down on the page, I might find myself sneaking in a few hundred here or there today if I get a quiet few minutes.
But for now, I'm going to make a cup of tea, fold the week's worth of laundry that accumulated and ignore my characters trying to get my attention for a while. My fingers need a break!
Week one of NaNo, its easy to come strongly out of the gate, so I wouldn't be surprised to find I don't write anywhere near to my week one total for the rest of the month. But I do want to get Diffraction finished, so I can take my self-imposed, month-long "holiday" from writing like I usually do in December.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

So without any preparation whatsoever, I randomly decided on Monday (the day after it officially started) that I was going to do NaNo this year to get the second half of Diffraction finished. My aim is 2000 words a day, or a total of 60,000 words for the month. I've made a good start, writing just over 7000 words in the past two days alone. I'm hoping to get down at least another 3000 words today, to make it an even 10,000 for the past three days.
Knowing the way I operate, there's a very good chance I'll have given up by this time next week, but at least I'll probably be 10k or more into the book than I was before!
While 10,000 words in three days might seem crazy to some people, I'm actually loving it right now. For one, being back in the Atrophy universe with Rian and the rest of the Imojenna's crew is just too much fun. And secondly, in the last few months, I've done very little writing and a whole lot of editing in order to get Damage Control and Atrophy out before the end of the year. And thirdly, I am eager to get Diffraction squared away so I can move on to writing the second book in my romantic suspense, Australian Defense and Intelligence series.
My aim is also to have that book entirely written by early next year before I get too heavily into editing Quantum and Diffraction for their 2016 releases.
I think the real challenge for NaNo is not letting the internet distract me. I've been pretty good in the last few days of strictly checking my two email accounts, blog and facebook only once a day. When I'm on twitter, I've been tweeting but not reading my feed. And most importantly, I'm managing to keep myself away from goodreads and off my Amazon author page, even though I could easily check sales or new reviews coming in. I'm feeling really good about my disciplined and less-usage of the internet in favor of writing, so we'll see how that plays out for the rest of the month.
And now I'm off to start my 3000 words for the day!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Teen Wolf Seaon 5A Breakdown

 I've been totally slack in getting this post up, obviously Teen Wolf finished weeks ago, so I'm a bit behind the ball. 
Anyhoo, going into season 5 of Teen Wolf, I wasn't really sure what to expect. I mean, we've been witness to some pretty epic happenings in the Teen Wolf universe over the years - from Scott becoming the true alpha, to Allison dying, to Void-stiles, and all manner of other mind-blowing scenes. So I just couldn't imagine where the creators and writers were possibly going to take us this year and keep up the hype.
But I'm happy to say that I mostly haven't been disappointed. The only bad thing I can say about this season is that I'm really missing Derek. I've done some internet stalking research and it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing a return of Derek any time soon, which is totally depressing from a Sterek point of view. No I didn't ship them in the sense that I actually wanted them to get together, but the pair did have a certain kind of chemistry on screen that always made any interaction that much richer.
But on to what did happen this season. I absolutely love that Scott's pack in Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia and Liam was slowly but surely deconstructed over the course of the 5A season.

The antagonist, Theo, was very through and methodical in the way he went about pulling them all apart and trying to put Scott down.
And easily, the moment that hurt the most, a scene that will go down as one of my most favorite heart-wrenching moments of all time, was the Scott-Stiles breakup. I really think the pre-Void-Stiles would have told Scott about accidentally killing Donovan without a second thought. In fact Scott would have been the first person he would have turned to for help. However, in the back of his mind, I'm sure Stiles has doubts about whether or not his friends entirely trust him.

Though they obviously know it wasn't actually him in control of
himself when he did all that evil stuff, it still would have been hard to entirely separate the fact from the emotion. So When Stiles killed Donovan, I guess somewhere deep down, Stiles wasn't sure how Scott would take it, even though it definitely hadn't been a murder with intent. Or even really self-defense. It was entirely an accident, and logically, Stiles has nothing to feel guilty over. Still, emotion is very rarely logical.

Of course, Theo was ready and willing to use this situation to his advantage, and eventually told Scott an entirely fabricated story about how things had gone down. The scene where Scott confronts Stiles about it was perfectly executed. The pouring rain, the confusion, the struggle with an overload of emotions from both sides, Stiles asking Scott "just tell me what I can do to make this better."  This scene just highlight yet again what an awesome actor Dylan O'Brien is.

I managed to get through the scene without crying, but later, when the jeep broke down again and Stiles threw the incriminating wrench at the windscreen, that was when I finally cracked and shed a few tears. Yeah, that was kind of heartbreaking. And the jeep getting towed away was like a symbol of everything going wrong and falling apart.
But enough of the angst... actually, not enough of the angst, coz that's half of what we love about this show! We'll get to more angst in a minute.

The other thing that's got me really sucked in this season is the Marrish ship in Lydia and the cop,
Jordan Parrish. The writers are doing a really good job at torturing the fans with it. In the opening episode, Parrish gets injured and hallucinates that Lydia finds him, ending with an almost kiss. And then they're spending lots of time together while Lydia tries to work out what Parrish is. That whole Parrish mystery was dragged out very nicely, and I can't wait to see what becomes of it into season 5B.
And then we had the ep where Parrish is teaching Lydia how to fight, and they have a very definite moment of tension when he's got her in his arms. Some people have pointed out the issues of the age difference, and the fact that Parrish is a cop and she's a high school student. It pretty much couldn't be more technically wrong. But as someone in a relationship with an age gap, and knowing many, many other couples with similar or bigger age gaps, I don't actually see this as a problem. Okay, for propriety's sake, maybe they need to wait until Lydia turns 18 before taking the relationship anywhere. But I just think, if they were both 10 or 15 years older, no one would bat an eye at the 6 year (?? that's a guess on my part) age gap. So I'm very definitely shipping these two, and since I'm a fan of the forbidden romance, the fact that some people argue they probably shouldn't be together makes me want to see it happen even more.

But the ships in this show aren't so clean cut and clear. There are still a lot of people shipping Lydia and Stiles, and I know their little shipper hearts would have been pitter-pattering in the episode where the gang decided they needed to go to Eiken House, the local insane asylum, and Stiles insisted on going in with Lydia. While Malia and Stiles seem to be growing apart, it could be seen that Stiles is turning back to something comfortable and familiar in Lydia. I have seen rumors that there will be more fuel added to the Stydia ship when Stiles is the one to go in and get Lydia out of Eiken house in season 5B.

Meanwhile, talking about ships, am I the only one REALLY hoping that Scott's mum and Stiles' dad
would get together? Apparently there are a few around, but they're few and far between. I couldn't even find a shipper name for them. I think it could make some awesome cast moments if Scott and Stiles were staring down the barrel of potentially becoming step-brothers.
However, with the current tension between Scott and Stiles, at this point, the far-fetched prospect might come off as bad news, rather than good.

There were several hints over the season that things were not all-good with Stiles, and Theo calling Stiles on his Void-side in the final episode really packed a punch. And then Stiles literally packed a punch, laying Theo out with a ferocity we've never seen in Stiles before. While full Void-Stiles was bad-ass, I don't necessarily want to see him return to that in season 5B (nor do I think he will) but for Stiles to still be struggling with a darkness inside him will only make him and his story arc that much better going into the second half of season 5.

So the end of season 5A saw Kira leave, the pack broken up, and as a final nail in the coffin, Scott killed.
Luckily, his mom arrived in time to re-start his heart, bringing Scott literally roaring back to life. The creators have done an excellent job at both tying up a number of loose ends, and leaving enough suspense than any Teen Wolf fan will be marking off the days in the calendar and lamenting how far away the January return is.

Newsflash! I've just done some googling of Teen Wolf Season 5B and found rumors that Dylan O'Brien might be leaving the show by the end of this season. If they kill Stiles off, I can see myself being inconsolable for days. Part of me is devastated by this exit because honestly, without Stiles, the show just won't be the same. But another part of me is totally fine with it, because as I've already said multiple times, Dylan O'Brien is an awesome actor and I have absolutely no doubt we'll see him in plenty more movies and TV shows in the coming years. So, the prospects for season 5B only get more interesting!

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