Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Crazy Axeman of Failing TV Shows

I'm crying in my weeties really annoyed about some of the shows that have been cancelled lately. So yes, you guessed it, a rant is coming on!

1) Supernatural Bloodlines
Before it even started? Seriously? Okay, so I'm notreally that surprised and/or disappointed about this news. I actually haven't seen the Bloodlines episode, I skipped over it in favor of finding out what was happening with the whole kill-Abbadon and Metatron thing. So that might be a big fat clue in itself, because apparently this episode that was supposed to launch the spinoff series wasn't received all that well.
In this day and age, spinoffs are a tricky business, and fans aren't just going to accept any old thing because it has a franchise name attached to it. While The Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals, is going from strength to strength, we also saw the opposite end of the scale in epic suckiness of the Pretty Little Liars spinoff, Ravenswood. The Originals works because the fans got to know the cast through the Vampire Diaries first, and quite obviously there was a wealth of stories to be told about the original vampire family.
So, Supernatural creators and/or writers who will never read this; if you want your spinoff to actually work, its got to make sense and has to be familiar to the fans, it needs to feel like an organic procession. How do you do that when you've killed off every single person Sam and Dean have ever been close to? Well, that's a very good question. Maybe you could start with Jodie Mills and that almost-vampire chick she adopted. Maybe the almost vampire-chick could become a hunter. Maybe there's an entire secret town of hunters somewhere that even Sam and Dean didn't know about. Or how about going and finding that young group of hunters (was it earlier this season, or last season?) who were being conned into thinking they'd been killing the vampires that killed their families? How about going with something new and fresh, like the next generation of hunters who are coming up with cutting-edge tech that makes hunting easier, instead of relying on the old-school magic and charms?
I do hope there ends up being a Supernatural spinoff, but only if its not going to taint the legacy of the original series.

2) Revolution
Yeah, if you read this blog, (even just the previous blog post) then you'll know how I feel about this show. A massive waste of potential, and even though it had been struggling plot-wise for most of this season, I think NBC were a little short sighted in cancelling it. A lot of the time when a show gets cancelled, there is an outcry from fans, and we've seen in post-series movies made for Firefly and Farscape, that the fans can impact whether or not a series gets to close out properly when it gets cancelled unexpectedly. If any show of recent years has the potential to either be picked up by another network (long shot, but not totally impossible) or at least finish the hanging storylines with a movie, then Revolution is probably it. So I'm waiting to see what happens, even though the odds are probably nothing.

3) The Tomorrow People
Okay, I know a lot of people saw this coming, and yes, this show struggled to really define itself into something we could take seriously, but in the last half a dozen episodes, I think The Tomorrow People really found its feet. But by then it was too late. Maybe if this show hadn't been on the CW and had to stand up next to shows like Arrow, The 100, The Originals, and Reign, etc, then it might have survived. However, it had some tough cousins to race with, and just didn't quite make the cut. I will say that I'm peeved off that this show got cancelled while Beauty and the Beast, which was apparently also struggling, got renewed for another season. I've said it before, and will say it again, I stopped watching B&B in disgust because the storylines were getting too predictable and contrived, plus I'd lost interested in Cat and Vincent's relationship. I think The Tomorrow People would have only grown stronger if it'd been given a second chance, and unfortunately this show doesn't have the fan-drive like the one behind Revolution to ever get revived.

4) Intelligence
Ouch, this one really hurts. And its one I totally don't understand. I thought Intelligence was brilliant, the character portrayed by Josh Holloway great and the dynamic between him and his partner was the perfect balance to the other elements of the show. It had awesome potential for some edge-of-your-seat plots, drawing on a mix of military, futuristic technology and evolving character relationships. Unfortunately, after only thirteen episodes, this series will probably be quickly forgotten.

5) Almost Human
Another sci-fi bites the dust. I really like this futuristic cop drama. It was one of those shows where the tension was nicely balanced with some dry humor. It was also extra disappointing when we got to the end of this season and found out there's some big wall circling the city, keeping out whatever was on the other side. Its going to be one of those unanswered TV mysteries that will annoy me for the rest of forever. And like Intelligence, considering this show's extremely short run, it will quickly be forgotten.

6) Camp
Another not so surprising cancellation I suppose, but apart from the fact that this show had 2 brilliant Australian actors in it, I thought the "dramedy" was cute and not like any other show on TV at the moment. Okay, so it wasn't surprising or groundbreaking, but the setting was a nice change from the usual comedy-drama series we see. Another show that people are already forgetting was even on TV.

7) Star-Crossed
Another CW show bites it. Okay, I'm not actually that disappointed about this show, it was kind of lame. I'm more disappointed in the wasted potential. This show is actually eerily similar to a book I was working on a few years ago, about an alien race coming to earth and then some years later, the teenagers dealing with what the world had become in the aftermath. Obviously I never did anything with that book, though its on my list of ideas to eventually go back to.
As for the actual TV show, the execution of what could have been a fantastic concept just didn't quite pull it off. Not naming names, but I think a few of the actors could have been better, and every time I looked at Emery, for some reason I saw Elena from the Vampire Diaries, which was kind of annoying. I didn't think the over all series plots were strong enough, and the writers didn't really capitalize on the forbidden element of Emery and Roman's relationship. 

8) Terra Nova
So this one isn't a recent cancellation, but one I was really disappointed in none the less. Why is it that anything remotely sci-fi seems to struggle? Another American-Australian mash up, I had heard that the expense of filming Terra Nova in remote parts of Australia was part of the reason it was cancelled. Still, this was another show that had potential to explore some really great storylines, but will be left in the "we'll never know" pile.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Revolution -- Post-Mortem Examination

Well, that's it, people. Revolution is done and dusted, with not a single satisfactory story resolution in sight.
This week's season and series finale was actually a minor improvement on previous weeks, in that some action did actually happen. The gang foiled the big bad mustard gas attack that had been building up in the past few weeks, except this didn't fix their problems because Ed Truman (possibly one of the worst TV bad guys in the history of TV bad guys, but that's a whole other can of worms) decided to finalize the patriot's plans of killing the president of Texas by shooting the guy and his personal guards himself. So the war with California that Miles and Monroe had been trying to avert looked to be going ahead anyway.
At that point, Monroe did a speech (one of the high points of the show... but then, anything featuring Monroe makes things more interesting) about how everything he'd done had all been for nothing because the war was going to wipe out half the continent anyway. Of course, Miles came up with yet another whacky plan; this time to kidnap the guy pretending to be the president of the USA.
Things got a bit hairy, and Miles told Monroe to take their prisoner and make a run for it. I was hoping for a second that either Miles or Monroe would suggest that Charlie should go with him, but no Charloe was forthcoming, and I think the writers missed another opportunity for those two to go off and be awesome together.
I understand why they did it though, because the next few acts of the show gave Monroe a chance to have the inevitable confrontation with Connor, where Monroe is forced to chose between his son and the trust Miles gifted him with. Monroe decided to go with doing the right thing, but Connor was left feeling betrayed, so Monroe locked him and his traveling buddy, Tom Neville in an old pumping station (or something) to make sure they couldn't interfere with his plans of meeting up with Miles.
We also got a look at the bromance from Miles' side, with Rachel's not-so-subtle opinion that Miles had done the wrong thing in trusting Monroe. Miles had been riding Monroe hard for weeks, so it was interesting to see him letting go a little and choosing to have faith in his old friend, made even better when Monroe actually came through for them. Rachel couldn't have been more shocked, while Charlie seemed relieved, as though she'd wanted to believe Monroe wouldn't screw them, but hadn't been all that sure.
Which brings us around to what little Charloe action there was in this final instalment. Charlie and Monroe had a few moments when they did the whole long-stare-silent-communication thing, but that was it. And finally, after how-many-months, Miles brought up the fact that Charlie had traveled alone with Monroe for all those weeks when she first brought him back to Willoughby.
I think the writers missed an opportunity to bring Charlie and Monroe's relationship, or journey, or whatever it is, full circle to round out the season. Their little association at the beginning of the year was a major storyline, and there's no doubt the things that did and didn't happen between them changed both of them, especially when Monroe busted into the bar to save Charlie from the guys that had drugged her.
"Aw hell, what do you mean the show is cancelled?"
I think an aknowledgement of this, either through a conversation or a significant moment between them was in order to really cement the shifting dynamics. 
Fans are rallying with a petition to get the show picked up by another network. I can see this show fitting in nicely at Syfy or CW, and now that Supernatural is about to finish, and the fact that the spin-off Supernatural: Bloodlines got cancelled before it even started, the CW are going to have a major gap to fill. What better way to do that than with another Eric Kripke powered project, that's already proven some levels of success?
Interestingly enough, whenever I check my blog stats, the posts I've written on Revolution, Monroe, and Charloe continue being the most popular week after week, topping out over Supernatural. This would suggest to me that Revolution is actually more popular than one (especially the TV execs) would assume. Some fans have argued that Revolution's ratings would have been better if NBC hadn't kept messing around with the timeslot. This might be partly true, but I do think Revolution kind of bombed out in the second half of this season with their storylines.
However, one thing that kept me returning to this show was the potential. There were hints of brilliance, plus the cast and characters had their moments. On the off chance that another network does pick up Revolution, then I think they're going to have some serious work in redeeming and proving themselves. If the writers and creators utilize the tools they've already got in the chemestriy between Monroe and Charlie, Miles and Monroe, and Charlie and Miles, and focus thier storylines while thinking even farther out of the box than they've already gone, the maybe Revolution could be the next Supernatural, going down in history as one of the all time great TV shows.
Unfortunately, as of this moment, Revolution is just another cult classic that bites the dust.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Muse -- Old Schoool Style: Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1

Sticking with my old school sci-fi theme and going back to 1997 with Michael Shanks as Doctor Daniel Jackson. This post is also going to kind of take us into how my love for sci-fi began.

In my early teenage years, I loved the X-files, and then moved on to being obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My Buffy obsession was probably understandable since she was the same age as me, and it was kind of like we grew up together.
James Spader in the original Stargate movie
It wasn't until my early twenties that I discovered Stargate SG1, thanks to my sister-in-law who was already addicted. She bought the series on DVD and I happened to catch a few episodes when I was over visiting, probably smack bang in the middle of season three, or something random like that. I realized that I'd seen the original movie before -- probably when it was on TV or something -- so even though I hadn't seen the show from the beginning, I understood the concept. And within a couple of episodes, I was totally hooked and knew I had to go back and watch it from the start. I heard people go on about Star Trek and Star Wars, but I'd never understood what was so good about science fiction. Well, Stargate totally blew me away, and opened up my eyes to a genre I'd never considered before.
It wasn't until years later, when I remembered that as a kid my parents used to let me watch this little show called SeaQuest that I realized my sci-fi foundations had been laid.
Anyway, back to Stargate. I've been thinking about doing a re-watch, now that I've just about finished with re-watching Farscape. But the prospect of doing Stargate all over again is a little daunting, with ten seasons and three movies to get through (if you include the original movie with James Spader that inspired the TV show), so this is no small commitment we're talking about!
Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson, season 1
Daniel Jackson ended up being a very interesting character, and out of all of the cast, I think he did the most growing and changing over the years.
To begin with, Daniel Jackson was the typical scientific geek. He didn't particularly agree with the military's stance on things, so working for them kind of went against his beliefs and created some interesting conflict with Jack O'Neil, the commanding officer of the SG1 team.
He also didn't have the first clue about weapons or conflict, and this carried through the first couple of seasons. So in one particular episode (I can't remember which, it was probably either the season 1 or season 2 finale) when Daniel had been injured and offered to take a gun and hold off the Goa'uld so the rest of the team could escape, this was no small thing, which Jack made a point of highlighting.
From this, we got a glimpse that deep down through all his sensitivity, Daniel had a core of steel, and when push really came to shove, was willing to do what was necessary.
However, the evolution of Daniel's character still didn't happen very quickly. The changes were so gradual that it was probably hard for the audience to even notice they were happening. However, if you watch Daniel in an episode from season 1 and then take an episode from season 10, you'll see two very different facets of his personality.
I guess the simplest way to put it is that they toughened Daniel up. He died (more than once, I think) and lost his wife, the woman he loved, and had countless more little things chip away at him until he eventually became more military than scientist. He learned how to use those weapons, how to fight in hand to hand combat, and became harder, both physically and mentally. In the first season or so, one wouldn't have necessarily thought "hotness" when considering Daniel Jackson. But by the later seasons, especially as hot geeks were starting to trend, there was pretty much no other way to describe him.
Undeniable hotness!
Daniel's relationship with Jack was also a point of interest. At first, the two didn't really get along --Daniel though Jack was just a hard-headed military guy who would rather fix a problem with his gun than listen to reason, and Jack thought Daniel was a naive, idealistic scientist who didn't understand the way things really worked.  
Over the years, the two helped each other see things from different perspectives, and they gained a unique understanding and friendship. I've mentioned it on this blog before, but I found it equal parts funny and annoying when people started speculating that there was an underlying gay sexual tension between Jack and Daniel.
Yes, in season 4 in particular (I think it was) the bromance between Daniel and Jack was probably at its peak, especially in the episode The Light, where Daniel is affected by an alien artefact, and almost jumps off a balcony. Jack talks him down and then rushes him back to the planet just in time to save him. This is actually also one of my favorite SG1 episodes, simply because of the awesome dynamics between the characters. But I don't think Jack and Daniel's regard for one another was ever anything but platonic, and I don't understand why two men can't have an openly affectionate and deep relationship, without it being construed as gay.
After losing his wife, I had always hoped the writers would bring another love interest in for Daniel, and over the years there were a couple of short attractions explored, but nothing with the permanence I really wanted to see. Until the writers brought in Vala, played by Claudia Black, which was a little weird for us Farscape fans, because Ben Browder had also joined the cast to replace Jack. Seeing those two on screen together as different characters was a little strange, especially since the lingering chemistry was plainly apparent in some of the scene they did together. And there weren't many, I think the writers were probably aware of this, and tried to limit their one-on-one interaction, lest it turn into Aeryn and Crichton all over again.
But back to Daniel and Vala. These two played so well off each other from the very beginning -- there was just something about the way they clashed, but were also obviously attracted to one another. And the writers got to explore the possibility of where Daniel and Vala's relationship could end up, when they did an episode where the team got trapped on a ship in deep space, in some kind of time vortex they couldn't escape. Through this, Daniel and Vala ended up together, and basically lived an entire life together. However, at the end of the episode, the team found a way to go back, like no time had passed at all, with none of them remembering what had happened, apart from Teal'c, who had to set off the device.
Gratuitous shirtless pic.
Of course, Teal'c being the type of person he is, never mentioned to Daniel and Vala what had happened between them during all that time, leaving their relationship to unfold once again, though given a different set of circumstances, their relationship may not have necessarily ended in the same way.
All in all, Daniel Jackson's story and character arc is an interesting one, and one of the things that always drew me to the show.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ships That Aren't Shipping -- Post Season Follow Up

Its been some weeks now since I did my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be, and some of these relationships have developed in the final weeks of each show wrapping up for the year. So let's take a quick glimpse at how things have changed:

1) Oliver and Felicity on Arrow.
Oh, my GOD! I only just watched the last episode of Arrow last night, and I still want to rave about it. But before I get to that; in the last few weeks since Sarah left the picture, things between Oliver and Felicity have been getting nicely back on track. These two have shared lingering touches, poignant moments and intense looks enough to satisfy any fan shipping these two. There were a couple of times I was thinking "just KISS her already!" Its been very frustrating, but the writers are doing such a good job of it, I can't be too annoyed. 
And that brings us to the season finale. Olicity fans everywhere were no doubt screaming, as out of the blue, Oliver admitted to Felicity that he loved her. I'll admit, I was totally shocked. The intensity of the scene was so well executed, that it actually made my heart skip a beat. Okay, so they didn't follow this admission with any kind of kiss; passionate or tender, which did leave me wondering. And apparently I was right to be suspicious. Toward the end, it was reveled Oliver and Felicity had faked the whole thing to draw out Slade. Okay, so the Olicity fans were taken to the highest of highs, only to be crushed. But there was a reason to rally at the very closing scene, when Oliver and Felicity talked about what they had done, and Felicity said he had been so convincing, he'd almost had her fooled, and that it was ridiculous to think they would ever actually be together, to which Oliver very unpersuasively agreed. When it comes to deep emotion, Oliver is such a bad liar, which is why we all know he wasn't faking when he voiced those feelings to Felicity. Plus earlier in the season, he had already admitted to her in a round about way that he cared for her, which was why they could never be together, because it was too dangerous.
Details aside, its going to be very interesting to see where the writers run with Oliver and Felicity next season. I can see them drawing this ship out for a long time to come...

I don't care if its fake, I'll watch it over and over and over...

2) Charlie and Monroe on Revolution.
There's not much to say about these two, not that I expected much. I didn't think the writers were just suddenly going to get them together, but they could have at least given them a few scenes, for crying out loud. The total lack of Charloe action (especially compared to what we got at the start of the year) has been just one in a number of disappointments where this show is concerned. While other TV shows are ending with awesome, heart-pounding action Revolution has just kind of puttered to an end. This week there were a couple of saving scenes; where Rachel slapped Pracilla, aka the Nano, and then when Tom Neville decided he was going to try the whole killing-Charlie thing again. Miles stepped in front of Tom's gun, and then Monroe put his gun to the side of Tom's head and told him to stand down, or he'd drop him right there. Tom muttered something about "anything for your boy Miles" (not an exact quote) and as he started to pull the trigger, Monroe managed to grab him and send the bullet astray. Except Tom and everyone else standing there had all totally missed the point. Monroe hadn't done it for Miles, he'd done it for Charlie, and once everyone else was distracted elsewhere, Monroe and Charlie shared one of those long, intense Charloe looks that all the fans hope for every week, the ones where they both know what the other is thinking without words. I'd like to say I'm hopeful for the future of Charloe, but the unfortunate suckiness of the second half of this season doesn't bode well for being renewed for season 3. Plus, even if Revolution did happen to scrape in for another year, apparently the writers don't know how to use a good thing when they've got it, so Charloe is likely going to disappear into TV oblivion.
UPDATE: I have just found out that Revolution has been cancelled, though apparently fans are rallying in the hope that another network will pick it up. As sad as it is to say, I don't like their chances.

3) Emma and Hook on Once Upon a Time
Ah, the Captain Swan ship, this baby has definitely sailed! The entire season finale of OUAT was so rich with Emma and Hook scenes, its impossible to define them all. Hook was the ultimate hero in this final installment. He was there for Emma in every way that counted; emotionally when she was upset or feeling lost, and physically when a few bad guys needed dealing with.
In the end, when they'd gotten through everything together, the final piece of the puzzle feel into place when Hook admitted to Emma that he'd traded the Jolly Rodger (and everyone knows how much that damn ship means to him) so he could get back to her in New York. For Emma, and for all the fans who ship these two, I'm pretty sure that was just as good, if not better than Hook telling her he loved her. I absolutely cannot wait to see how things develop next season, though I have a feeling that since Emma accidentally ruined Regina's relationship, in much the same way her mother did all those years ago, then Regina will be out to make sure Emma is far from happy, which probably means that Hook and Emma will both end up suffering in who-knows-what ways. At least we won't be bored!

4) Skye and Ward from Agents of SHIELD
Now, some people might argue that the Skyeward ship is totally ruined, beyond all hope and redemption. But I actually think we're in for some juicy stuff! Ward and Skye pretty much got themselves together, about a nano second before it was revealed that Ward was actually working for the bad guys. So now Skye pretty much hates his guts, but Ward has stated several times that his feelings for her were not fabricated. In fact, they were probably about the only truth about Ward we got to see. At the end of the season, the bad guy in  Garrett has been bested, and now Ward is a prisoner of they newly emerging SHIELD under Coulson as director. The team plan on using him to find out all they can about Hydra, and also want to get some payback for the way he betrayed them.
While Skye might hate Ward now, when put to the test, she wasn't able to let him die, so that's got to give us some hope. I'm thinking that as the writers work to redeem Ward through the next season, Skye's feelings for him are going to start re-emerging, and she'll slowly learn to trust him again, though I'm sure she'll fight this development every step of the way. I can't wait to see what kind of ways the writers are going to torture Ward and us fans into season 2.

5) Wade and Zoe from Hart of Dixie
The writers on Hart of Dixie brought us full circle, with this season ending in symmetry with last season. Last year, Wade drove half way across the country to tell Zoe that he loved her, but she left anyway. When she eventually came back, she brought Joel with her, which totally threw Wade. But he didn't stay down for long, as he connected with Zoe's cousin Vivian. Despite Zoe and Wade's history, the four of them all kind of became friends and things were going quite smoothly, until Joel took a movie deal and left for L.A. Soon after, Vivian returned to her husband, and the couple of episodes where Wade realized he was losing her were quite interesting, as Zoe did her best to help him, only to get the blame once everything imploded.
This season it was Zoe putting herself out there in the final episode as she faced the prospect of Wade leaving. Of course, after everything that had happened this season, they weren't just going to fall back into each other's arms, and even though Wade decided not to leave Bluebell after all, he told Zoe he just didn't think they would work together, and she vowed to prove him wrong. I also liked that the writers brought both Joel and Vivian into the last episode to entirely wrap up those two relationships, and really pave the way for Zoe and Wade to move forward. It was a nice way to finish an entertaining season, and I can't wait to see what obstacles Zoe and Wade will have to get around next year before the do finally get back together.

a look at what's to come in season 5

6)  Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars
We're actually only a few weeks away from Pretty Little Liars returning to our screens, and after the season finale, I'm actually feeling a little better about Aria and Ezra's relationship, even though it was totally destroyed. In the last few episodes of the season, Ezra decides he's going to prove himself to Aria, and starts trying to help the girls, beginning with the fact that he thinks A might actually be Ally's mom. Aria is reluctant to trust him, but it was easy to see she wanted to. The girls came up with a plan to trap A, and in the final moments of the show, Ezra turns up and puts himself in the middle of the confrontation, announcing he knows who A is, only to get shot. There's no better way to prove to someone how much you love them like taking a bullet, and Aria's panic in that moment show her true feelings for him, despite everything that had happpened between them. I think almost losing Ezra will force Aria to realize how much she really does still love him, and that she needs to find a way to forgive him. I doubt this will be an easy or simple road, though, and I have no doubt that going into season 5, we'll get to see lots and lots of Aria and Ezra angst.

7) The Tomorrow People Stephen/Cara/John/Astrid
First off I have to say that I loved the whole Stephan and Hillary thing, though there was no hint of that when I wrote the original post. It kind of came out of nowhere, but it worked so well. I wasn't all that surprised when it turned out Hillary had been spying on Stephan for the Founder, because her feelings for Stephan were so obviously real. But I was devastated when she blew herself up in attempt to kill the Founder as a way of trying to redeem herself for betraying him. 
John and Astrid? Totally called it. Considering the sparks from the first scenes they had together, I suppose it wasn't all that hard to guess. For a few minutes there, it looked like John and Cara were going to get back together, which I was really annoyed about. But then Astrid kept turning up, and when Jon lost his powers, Astrid was the one he turned to. The more time they spent together, the more their attraction grew. The moments they shared in the last two episodes were really great, and I'm so annoyed that The Tomorrow people got cancelled, while Beauty and the Beast (which I have stopped watching out of sheer disgust) got renewed for a third season. I thought the tomorrow people really rallied in the last half dozen episodes, but I suppose by then it was too late. There was a lot of potential wasted here, and this is going to be one of those cancelled shows that I'll always be so annoyed about.

8) Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries.
And the angst continues. I seriously could not believe how the writers ended this season of the Vampire Diaries. I'm actually kind of getting sick of the Damon and Elena drama. They spent half of this season not together over some stupid reason along the lines of they're not good together, or bad things happen when they're together, or some crap like that. Everyone else could see that they were better off together, but no, they had to be martyrs together... or martyrs apart anyway.
So in the last episode they were finally ready to concede that they should be together after all, except the 'other side' where dead supernatural creatures go was falling apart, and half of everyone they knew had been killed, including Stephan, so they needed to fix that, by getting themselves killed and going to the other side to bring everyone back. Of course, everyone made it, including Alaric (I'm really glad they've brought his character back!) but of course Damon was one second too late and got stuck on the other side. He and Elena had an emotional goodbye scene, not that Elena could see him, and then at the last second, he and Bonnie got sucked into the light.
I'm not stupid enough to believe that Damon is actually gone for good. Oh no, the writers wouldn't release us from the torture that is Damon and Elena's relationship so easily. Elena will spend half of next season trying to find a way to bring him back, while everyone tells her to let him go. It will be interesting to see how the writers fix the whole Damon being dead situation, and there are actually rumors online that in the meantime, Elena is going to turn to Alaric, which I'm actually very intrigued about. Despite my definite love/hate when it comes to this show, I won't miss an episode when it starts back later in the year. 

9) Sam and Andy on Rookie Blue
Not much to report on this show, since it hasn't started back yet. But from a preview of season 5, it seems there is definitely going to be some love triangle action between Sam, Andy and Nick. With an entire 22 episode arc to run, it'll be interesting to see where Sam and Andy take us over the next few months.

10) Elijah and Hayley on The Originals.
At last! Elijah and Hayley finally kissed, all be it very briefly.It seemed Elijah was still resisting their relationship, despite everything that had happened between them, and the fact that he'd announced to Klaus he wouldn't deny himself any longer and would take what he wanted.
As for the season finale... Oh my god, I spent the entire episode clutching a box of tissues. Hayley died, and Elijah was broken. It was devastating. He and Klaus couldn't get to the baby, and things were looking dire. But then Hayley came back, and the intensity of Elijah's reaction was perfect. They found the baby, and fought to get her from the witches, until at the last minute, Marcel, who'd actually come for Klaus, saved the day. But then things still didn't look ay brighter. Klaus, Hayley and Elijah realized the baby would never be safe, so thy pretended that she died and sent her off with Rebekah. Hayley is now a hybrid, and after Elijah admitted to Klaus how deeply he cared for Hayley when he thought she was gone, well, I can't wait to see where season 2 of The Originals takes us. This show is sitting near the top of my list at the moment, and after everything the writers gave us in season 1, I don't think I'll be disappointed when it returns.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Agents of SHIELD 1x22 Season Finale - A New Level of Awesome

Well, the season finale of SHIELD has cemented this show into one of my all time favorites -- not surprising since I love almost everything Joss Whedon does. Okay, I might have been a bit biased at the beginning because of that fact alone, but if you've watched the last few episodes of SHIELD, you can't tell me they weren't just a little bit awesome... or A LOT awesome!
Okay, so some people might have been a tad upset to discover Ward was really Hydra, but I absolutely love it! Ward isn't a bad guy, but he's turned out to be one of those gray characters I adore. He's a good guy who picked the wrong path and got a bit lost in the darkness.
We got definite glimpses of that this week when he made the confession to Raina that he couldn't get Skye back because she thought he was a monster. Raina asked the question; was Ward really a monster, or was he simply what Garrett made him into?
The cracks really started to show when Ward admitted that he didn't care about Hydra, and actually wanted out now that Garrett had achieved his ends. Ward had only been going along with it to help Garrett, because he felt he owed Garrett his life. In these moments, we got to see Ward starting to realize how lost he'd gotten, especially when he begged Garrett to give him some orders, something to do, some way to make sense of everything. I think by that stage, when Ward also realized Garrett had gone totally crazy, Ward knew things were about to entirely fall apart, but admitting that would also mean he'd have to face the fact that maybe everything he'd done since joining SHIELD had been wrong, and in the end for nothing.
This episode had so many fantastic moments smushed into it. I could go on about Agent Fury turning up at the right moment to save FitzSimmons, or the little scene between Fury, Coulson and Garrett that had me laughing out loud. But the final showdown between Ward, Skye, and May was so great -- with Skye needling Ward about being weak and blindly following Garrett, before throwing out the line that she hoped Garrett ordered Ward to walk into traffic.
Not long after this, May gave her opinion by smashing Ward in the face, spurring them into a vicious fight. At the end, when Ward realized he was going to lose, his expression said he wanted to reason with her, but May chopped him in the throat, so he couldn't speak.
After, when May brought him to front Coulson and the others, the remorse was already written all over his face... of course, its easy to be sorry when you've been beaten. I absolutely cannot wait to see how the writers slowly reform Ward over season two, and I don't imagine its going to be a straightforward or easy path. The team have threatened him with all sorts of torture, and as mean as I am, I'm actually hoping they totally break him down. And I literally mean break him. In some ways, I think it could be the only way Ward can successfully come out of the darkness... plus I'll admit, I like seeing a grown man cry for all the right reasons!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Revolution 2x19 $#!& Happens -- An Unfortunately Apt Title

I had hope. Really, I did. Despite the rocky ratings, despite the rumblings of cancellation, I had hope that Revolution would finish strong and scrape in for a last minute renewal. There's a saying among authors, that you're only as good as your last book. Well, when it comes to the ratings machine, the same could probably be said about TV shows; you're only as good as your last episode. In which case, Revolution is in its death throes.
I hate to say it, because I had such high hopes for this series, but this week's episode was like a waste of TV screening time. And for me to say that, then it must be serious. When it comes to my favorite TV shows, if I don't think there was much point to an episode, I won't necessarily think its a bad thing, but can see where it's probably building up to something better.
We're in the climax period of the year, when most shows aren't pulling any punches. Take The Tomorrow People, for example. This is another show that's looking like it'll be cancelled, but I'm also hoping for a last minute reprieve for these guys. I can see why the ratings were probably a bit patchy earlier in the year, but I think in the last five or so episodes, this show really hit its stride. The knocks have just kept getting harder, and a few of the plot twists I didn't see coming. Next week's season finale looks great, so if this show doesn't get renewed, I think its going to be a sad waste of potential.
And then we've got Revolution -- still puttering along. Okay, the last episode was pretty good, with Miles and Monroe trying to save the president of Texas, even though they're mortal enemies, and then Charlie having to face down and kill Jason. So I mistakenly thought we'd be in for some more dramatic excitement this week, with Charlie now having to face Tom Neville, and Miles and Monroe getting up to who knows what badassery.
Except nothing happened. Charlie and Tom had the stand-off and Charlie told him to kill her. Eh. Totally not surprising, we already knew Ms. Sunshine Pants had a death wish. Miles got stabbed, and then fell into a basement, and got trapped, which forced some introspection of his demons. Eh. Not that bad, but not the type of storyline to be playing with at this end of the season. Monroe and Rachel had the inevitable confrontation, where some more of their history was revealed. Eh. Do we really care right now?
If the writers wanted to put these story lines out there, it should have been done earlier in the season, and not waste the last few precious episodes where the stakes should be building higher and higher.
And you know what else I can't understand? The two characters who have the best chemistry out of the whole cast basically aren't getting any screen time together. Any time Charlie and Monroe are interacting, the show lights up like a bonfire. If Revolution wanted to survive, they should have become more organic. Sure, maybe the whole Charloe thing hadn't been part of the original plan, but I think they should have used what worked and seen where it could take them. I'm not necessarily saying I wanted to see Charlie and Monroe get together, because that wouldn't work right now either, but there's no denying the tension and intrigue they bring to the table. So put those damn characters together and let unfold what may. Heck, even Charlie and Miles have better energy than a lot of the other characters together, which is basically what carried the entire first season.
I was actually left stunned by the total nothingness of this episode. Seriously, I was waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen, and then it just ended. And I was sitting there saying "what the hell was that?" Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover it.
So yeah, I don't hold out much hope of Revolution surviving any longer, especially if this is what they give us when ratings are already failing and the end of the season is near. As for the season finale? At this point, I don't see it being much of a climax.

Incident Report IBC-726A-39

FORMAL INCIDENT REPORT SECTION ONE Incident Date:___ 25 th August 2436 __ Incident Time:___ 22 :30 hours approx ___ Incident...