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Ships That aren't Shipping -- Part Seven: The Tomorrow People... Steven/Cara/John/Astrid

And we're back to ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be. I'm running out of ships to write about, but I was hoping to make it an even ten... I'm sure I can come up with some more couples to complain about. If you happen to miss it, we're up to part seven, and the couples that came before this were: Part One: Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution, Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time, Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Part Five: Wade and Zoe from Hart of Dixie and Part Six: Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars.
Today we're not talking about just one ship, we're talking about a whole confusion of ships that are pretty much in a mess. So forgive me if this post ends up making no sense whatsoever.

I'm confused... who likes who again?
So, if you don't know, The Tomorrow people is a new/old show. Apparently there was a version of this back in the 80s or something, that possibly didn't go so well. Unfortunately, it seems the remake isn't doing much better, and while I do enjoy this show, I've heard it probably isn't going to see a second season. The confusing mash of characters may have something to do with it. For those of you who have absolutely no clue, the show is based on a group of late teens/early 20-somethings, who are the next step in human evolution, though they call themselves a separate species, which I think is kind of dumb. Anyway, these people have what they call the three T's -- telekinesis, teleportaion and are also telepathic. However, some special people, like the main character Stephen, can also stop time.
So all these people are hiding out from this shadowy organization called Ultra, who basically hunt down the people with these abilities and either strip them of their power or force them to become Ultra agents... there is one other option, but that's death, and who wants to chose that? Oh, and a select few get sent off to a lab for studying.
In the beginning, Stephen didn't know what he was, but simply thought he had mental health issues. He only had one friend left, Astrid, and it turned out later that, unsurprisingly, she liked him more than just a friend. Stephen has never said exactly how he feels about Astrid, and I get the sense he is kind of leading her on a little. Anyway, Stephen kept hearing this voice in his head, and it turned out to be Cara, a powerful telepathic who he was connected to for some reason (which has never been explained and now kind of forgotten about). So Cara and John, the guy who leads the ragtag group of Tomorrow People decide they need to bring Stephen into the fold. Stephen is already half in love with Cara from hearing her in his head (weird) and is relieved to find she's not a figment of his imagination. John and Cara are an item, though Cara is awful flirty with Stephen, kind of leading him on like Stephen is leading on Astrid.
Cara and John start having some issues, and then randomly one night when John is off elsewhere, Cara decides to take Stephen out for a spin... and by that I mean they teleport to some fancy-schmancy hotel room and get naked.
Of course, Stephen thinks this means he and Cara are totally on. Cara pretty much tramples Stephen's hopes into the dust in zero-point-five seconds flat, and soon after, John inevitably finds out, resulting in John and Stephen getting their punch on. Cara turns up and tells them they're both idiots and she doesn't want either of them. And somehow they all continue co-existing like nothing happened.
The ships got pushed to the side for a while, until in the past few weeks, sparks started flying again.
Stephen realized that Astrid was in danger from Ultra because she knew the truth about him, which may have forced him to really consider how he felt about her. Stephen had to be elsewhere, and sent John to watch over Astrid, though Cara argued that such precautions weren't necessary (jealous much, Cara? Annoyed that the two guys you've been stringing along are focused on someone else for five minutes?).
Of course, Astrid did end up in danger, and John was forced to save her, which resulted in him getting
shot. Unable to teleport them out of the building they were in because of his injuries, he and Astrid had to hole up in a supply room, and Astrid had to remove the bullet from his side.
In the end, Cara rescued both of them. In the following episode, John then made it clear to Cara he still had feelings for her, which she kind of brushed off with the reasoning that because she was now the leader of the Tomorrow People (having recently ousted John from that position, but apparently he was cool with it... I know, what the hell, right?) she couldn't be with him and still make impartial judgements or some bull crap.
The episode ended with John defying orders to save Stephen (one would have thought Cara would be on board with that, but no, she would have left him to his fate, crazy bitch... and these two guys still want to win her over?), the result of which was Cara kicking John out of the hideout.
So, what did I get out of these episodes? Well, before I actually wanted Stephen to forget about Cara and realize what he had in Astrid, but then Astrid's scenes with John totally blew that out of the water. Hello chemistry! At the moment, John is in the wind, though I'm sure he'll still be checking in with Stephen since they two of them have become all buddy-buddy like. And what I'm really hoping for, is that he writers noticed the sparks Astrid and John had going and decide to do something with it, because what this show is really lacking is a good angsty love story line.
The whole Stephen/Cara/John thing is just not working. I really think it would be far more interesting to see a Stephen/Astrid/John story line, with Astrid and John falling for each other and Stephen acting as the concerned BFF who realizes too late his true feelings for the girl. Anyway, as I said earlier in this post, its looking unlikely that The Tomorrow People will be getting a second run at working these kinks out. If they do happen to luck out and make it to season two, I hope they can pick things up a notch. However, it unfortunately seems that whatever we get to the end of season one will be the entirety of this series.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Muse -- Josh Holloway as Gabriel Vaughn on Intelligence

I'm interrupting my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be, to bring you another Monday Muse. This one is also doubling up as a new-tv-show-love post.
The concept behind Intelligence isn't really a new one; it's about a guy, Gabriel Vaughn, who has an advance chip in his head, and now his brain works like a computer, including being able to get remote access to all sorts of things like the internet, cell phones, and security systems. He works for the agency US Cyber Command, and gets teamed with a secret service agent, Riley Neal, who is supposed to protect him because he's an asset.
In some regards, it is a little bit like the series Chuck, being that the main character is an agent working with a computer in his brain, but the shows are also vastly different in tone and approach.
I was hooked on this show from episode one, though at first I found it hard to watch Josh Holloway in
this role. I wasn't even a Lost fan -- I watched the first few episodes of Lost, and then would catch a random episode every now and then if it looked interesting or if there was nothing else on TV. But I certainly wasn't addicted like a lot of fans were, and I know there were a lot of Sawyer fangirls out there. For diehard Lost fans, they may find it even harder to assimilate Holloway into this new, very different character. However, he does Gabriel very well, and by about the third episode I was pretty much thinking "Sawyer who?"
So yes, I was basically addicted to this show from the first episode. Gabriel is a very complex character, and I love complex characters. I also love it when complex characters get a possible love interest, and the low-burning chemistry between Gabriel and Riley was sparked from their first meeting, cemented when she had taken a bullet for him by the end of that first episode.
Gabriel was a Delta Force soldier, married to a CIA agent. His wife went on a deep cover mission, and apparently changed sides, participating in a terrorist attack and then presumed killed. However, Gabriel didn't believe that she'd really turned, or that she'd been killed, and part of the reason he volunteered for the chip was so that he could continue looking for her. 
I assumed this story line was going to carry on throughout the entire first series, but by the second episode, I was surprised to see the wife had come back into the picture and through a series of events seemed like she'd been killed for good this time. Of course, this is TV, so I wouldn't be at all shocked to see her resurface at some point in the future, when her reappearance would cause maximum emotional damage for Gabriel and Riley.
With his wife dead, Gabriel was no longer distracted by trying to find her, and settled more fully into the role he was meant to play when Cyber Command implanted the chip, plus it quite obviously leaves the way open for Gabriel and Riley to become closer, without his missing wife between them. 
Though I'm already imagining way too many scenarios in which Gabriel and Riley could end up together, I have a feeling this is totally going to turn into a Smulder situation -- That's right, Mulder and Scully all over again.
Through working in many highly emotional moments, Gabriel and Riley will pretty much become as close as two people can get without actually crossing the romantic line. I can see Riley especially, making sure things don't go there for professional reasons, the old adage of her judgement being compromised if she got involved with him.
This is all pure speculation, and I really hope Intelligence ends up being one of those shows that lasts, and I'm still blogging about it 5 years from now.
Gabriel makes a great hero, and I'm really looking forward to getting to know more about him as the series progresses onward. 


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Ships that aren't Shipping -- Part Six: Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars

Welcome to part six on my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be. If you want to catch up, or revisit the previous couples, there was also; Part One: Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution, Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time, Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Part Five: Wade and Zoe from Hart of Dixie.
But today we're here to talk about Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars. If you're not up to date on the show, then be advised there are spoilers about to explode all over the screen.

Slow Decline into Ruin.
Aria and Ezra are pretty much my favorite on screen couple of all time. So, I just don't know where or how to start on this one!
Its hard to believe that Pretty Little Liars is still going strong half way through its fourth season. I thought for sure that the show's premise would give it a short life span, but the writers have managed to keep the wheels turning and the fans tuning in week after week.
For a long time, I wouldn't ever miss an episode, if only to see what Aria and Ezra were up to. But now, I'm actually feeling betrayed by this show, and its something I've never felt before.
Around five episodes ago, because of the unfolding plot, I couldn't bring myself to watch it anymore. Just the other day, I cracked, because I got to the point where I couldn't stand not knowing any longer, so I did a quick catch up. But before I get any further into that, let's revisit their relationship from the beginning.
Aria and Ezra met and got together within the first couple of episodes of season one, and I was instantly hooked. Their relationship had everything; a sense of the forbidden, because in the beginning Ezra was her teacher and they were literally breaking the law by being together. But there wasn't anything sleazy or creepy about it. Ezra was genuinely a nice, sweet guy, who really cared for Aria and wanted what was best for her. 
On a sidebar, Aria and Ezra shared two of my favorite TV kisses -- one where Ezra was leaving his teaching position to go and work elsewhere, and the second was (I think) the first time they'd seen each other after Aria's parents found out and forbade them from having a relationship.

There were a few times when Aria and Ezra had the "we can't be together" moments, but it was easy to see that their love was inevitable. They just kept gravitating back to one another. So at last they accepted what was clearly fate and started trying to work out how they could be together. For a time, Ezra took another job elsewhere, but there were still many issues stacked up against them. Aria's parents found out, and they had to deal with the expected fall out from that, but they stayed together and only seemed to get stronger.
That was, until season three, when it was revealed that Ezra had gotten his teenage sweetheart pregnant, and his parents had hidden the existence of the child from him. So his ex-girlfriend and their love child came into the picture, which slowly but surely drove a wedge between Aria and Ezra, as Ezra's perspectives and priorities changed. This time, they actually did break up, and while I was annoyed (especially when Aria flitted off and started kind of dating another guy, who was also really nice and hard to dislike) but I thought this was typical series drama they like to put between couples to keep things interesting.
What really ended up being interesting was the fact that Ezra's kid wasn't really his kid. The ex-girlfriend had cheated on him, and then passed the baby off as his and gotten a pay out from Ezra's parents (who are insanely rich). When the truth came out, the ex-girlfriend pretty much fled the scene, and it was at that point Ezra realized what he was really missing; Aria there for him in what was no doubt one of the darkest times of his life.
However, being Ezra, he wasn't about to barge back into her life and announce he'd made a mistake. He was more subtle about it, and once Aria knew his position, it was once again inevitable that they'd get back together.
That was until the writers decided to throw suspicion onto Ezra, pointing to the fact that he might be A.
Yes, the sociopathic, psychotic, mysterious figure that has been torturing the girls since episode one might be Ezra. And that was when I started feeling betrayed.
I shouldn't have been surprised. Just about every other secondary character had been cast in the A shadow at some point in the past three and a half season. Last season it was Toby, and that was taken to the extreme that for a while there, the audience was led to believe Toby was dead. I was disappointed in the destruction of Toby and Spencer's relationship, because I also really liked them as a couple.
So that fact that the writers were turning the tide toward Ezra shouldn't have been so shocking, but in a way it was.
Now I have a real problem with this, because in the episodes since this apparent revelation, Ezra has started acting almost like a totally different character, and that's what really annoys me. I don't like the creepy factor they've added into his recent actions, though I understand that they're using it as a tool to show us a different side of him. More annoyingly, now I am forced to go back and see every moment Aria and Ezra shared with a jaded eye, knowing that it all could have been a lie.
If there had of been clues from day one that this was a possibility, then I wouldn't be so upset about it. But I just feel like the writers are making this crap up as they go along (maybe they're not, maybe they really were planning it for a long time) But it almost seems like they've just said "we've got to keep this train rolling, who can we accuse of being A next?" And bam! -- went and wrote these recent episodes and totally changed who Ezra was.
However, all hope may not be lost. On last week's episode, when Aria found out that Ezra might be A, the creepy factor increased with Ezra chasing Aria through the woods at night (side note, do you know how much time these girls spend running through dark woods? One would have thought they'd know not to go near the woods at night any more). When he caught up with her, Ezra told Aria he'd been writing a true crime novel about Ally, and that was what he'd been hiding from her. I latched onto the reason like a life line, and I'm praying its the truth, and not Ezra, as A, trying to deflect suspicion. Of course, Ezra still admitted that he'd known who Aria was when he'd first met her, and was actually trying to get close to her and the other girls for the sake of his story, but hadn't ever lied about the fact that he'd fallen in love with her (awwww!) Anyway, Aria was still justifiably upset about it, and the preview for this week's episode shows Aria dealing with the fallout of finding out who Ezra really was all this time, and the true of the origins of their relationship. I'm really hoping that eventually Aria will forgive Ezra, and they'll slowly work their way back from here. I want Ezra to be Aria's hero, to be the one protecting her from A, the one she eventually turns to for help, not the evil psycho who has spent the better part of the last four years stalking and torturing these girls.

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Ships that aren't Shipping -- Part Five: Zoe and Wade on Hart of Dixie

 And here we are, back with my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be. If you need to catch up, there was also: Part One: Oliver and Felicity from Arrow, Part Two: Charlie and Monroe from Revolution, Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time, and Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Today my non-shipping rant is about Zoe and Wade on Hart of Dixie, but my heart is divided on the subject...

The good, the bad, and the plain confusing.
I have a love/hate relationship with Hart of Dixie at the moment. I absolutely loved this show when it started, and for a while I couldn't decide whether I wanted Zoe to end up with George or Wade. George was engaged, but the sparks between them were obvious. Wade was the guy from the wrong side of the tracks, and for a while I just didn't think they'd suit. But then it started to become obvious that Wade was actually one of those tough guys with a big mushy heart, especially when it came to Zoe. When they got together, I was more than ready for it to happen, and I'm sure there were a lot of fans cheering them on. Though, interestingly enough, it was at the same point that George left his fiancé at the altar to be with Zoe. Unfortunately for George, Zoe picked Wade, though since I was totally team Wade, I wasn't too upset about it.
Season two dealt with the usual suspects when it came to relationships, and for a while there, I really thought these two crazy kids would make it. Except then Wade seemed to get cold feet when he realized exactly how serious things were getting, and in typical bad-boy fashion, went all self-destructive on the relationship.
This left the way open for Zoe to turn to George for comfort, but in the process, she inevitably destroyed George's new, perfectly healthy relationship (deja vu anyone?). Zoe and Wade find their way back together one night, and following a series of events (including Zoe deciding she's going back to New York) Wade realizes he loves her, and will do anything to get her back again. The season ended with Wade, in a nutshell, telling Zoe he loved her and that he'd wait for her.
Which brings us to season three, and when my love/hate relationship with this show began. A fair bit of time has passed (I think it was 6 months or a year, but don't quote me on that) and Zoe is living it up in New York, in a seemingly healthy relationship with author/novelist Joel, as though life in Bluebell, Alabama had never happened. Joel is the total antithesis to Wade. Joel is totally geeky, totally sweet and more importantly, totally clueless when it comes to Zoe and Bluebell. Of course, circumstances force Zoe to return to Bluebell, and its just meant to be a trip to tie up lose ends. But when she gets there, she realizes how much she missed everything and everyone. Joel follows her there, and it was at that point I thought they were going to get rid of Joel and resume the Zoe/Wade angst. I didn't want to like Joel, but it was just so damn hard not to. Despite the fact that Joel obviously didn't fit into the southern lifestyle, he decided to stay with Zoe. And, a lot like Zoe, slowly found himself adjusting and then coming to love every quirky thing about Bluebell. Wade and Joel become unlikely friends, and then Wade found himself a new relationship in Zoe's cousin. On the surface, everything looks just fine and dandy, all happy families and relationships.
Except the writers keep throwing out these little Zoe/Wade (what do the shippers call that... Zade? Wadoe?) crumbs. For a start, the two always seem to be turning to one another for help, given any crazy antics that need resolving, and then there was an episode not long ago where Wade was... I can't remember -- I don't think he was drunk. Maybe he was. He was under the influence of something, anyway, and some kind of festival was going on in town. Anyway, Zoe found Wade in a haystack maze and he just up and kissed her.  And then neither of them mentioned it ever again, as though it had never happened.
Furthermore, just last week, Wade's drunk father turned up to Zoe's birthday party to meet Wade's new girlfriend. Crazy Earl was upset to find out Wade and Zoe weren't together any more. Of course, Zoe helped Wade get his father out of the party without causing a scene, and the two of them had yet another moment.
Its halfway through season three, and I am now afraid for Joel's safety. He's a great character, he and Zoe are really kind of perfect for each other, balancing out each other's personalities. I've really come to love the guy, despite him standing in the way of Zoe and Wade. And that is the unfortunate truth. I have a terrible feeling the writers are going to kill Joel off — and that might actually be the kinder option, because the other option is serious heartbreak when Zoe either breaks up with him, or worse, cheats on him with Wade. All I know for sure is that before the end of this season, at some point I'm going to need a box of tissues, its inevitable -- something bad is going to happen to poor Joel, and he totally doesn't deserve it... Which makes it damn hard to look on the bright side of YAY! Zoe and Wade action.

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Ships that aren't Shipping -- Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

And here we are with part four on my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be. If you happen to miss it, before this came Part One: Oliver and Felicity on Arrow, Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution, and Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time.
Today we're on to Skye and Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now, I've heard some unfortunate rumors that a second season of S.H.I.E.L.D. may not be forthcoming. But I just can't believe it. This show premiered with astronomical ratings, I have to assume that those ratings have been slipping ever since? But surely Joss Whedon can't be that unlucky, to have yet another show prematurely cancelled. Surely the TV exec can take the lessons learned from Firefly? People are slow to catch on to Joss Whedon's particular brand of awesomeness. I think this show needs another season to really catapult it into the top rating shows on TV at the moment. If it gets cancelled, I will pretty much be inconsolable.
But anyway, enough on that. we're here to talk ships...

When hook ups go bad.
If you haven't been watching this show WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? For the love of god and Joss Whedon, go right now and find some way to catch up. Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, Agents of Shield is a previously untapped level of awesome. Its got all the Joss Whedon hallmarks (including geekiness abounding), but with an extra helping of epic coolness on top.
Almost since the beginning of this series, I'd been a Skye and Ward fan. There wasn't heaps going on with them, the chemistry between them certainly wasn't sparking off the screen like it does with some of the characters mentioned about, but there always seemed to be a low-level vibe between them that I found intriguing. Well, all of this came crashing to a sudden halt a few weeks ago, when Ward found out Skye had been keeping something from him, and totally shut her out. This was quickly followed up with something I didn't see coming -- after a particularly bad day at the office, Ward and Melinda May hooked up, and then continued hooking up for some kind of emotionless, blowing-off-steam deal... 'cos we all know how well that works.
Anyway, fast forward a few weeks later, and despite claiming it would be a no-strings-attached straight forward kinda thing, the whole situation is starting to look rather messy. Ward seems to be going a bit mushy about Melinda, but this week we were practically bludgeoned to death with the blunt object of Melinda's apparent feelings for Coulson. And possibly, Coulson may reciprocate, although the two of them are old friends, so its a little hard to tell.
Cue Ward walking in on a cozy let-me-patch-up-your-wounds scene between Coulson and Melinda, so the jealousy could start wafting. However, before Ward could spend too much time stewing over that, the three of them had to rush off to save Skye, Fitz and Simmons, who'd gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle.
The episode ended with Skye getting shot and nearly dying... I'm telling you, there's never a dull moment on that plane.
Ward is obviously upset about Skye, but this didn't get me waving my Skyward flag. You see, I don't think even Ward can admit to himself how much he actually likes Skye, I mean in that way. I think he almost views her in a little sister type role, and quite obviously he's recently been distracted by his non-relationship relationship with Melinda. I really think its going to be one of those situations where one day down the track, something is going to happen and Ward's feelings for Skye are going to slap him up side the head. He will literally have a moment of "oh my god, I'm in love with Skye!"
As for Skye, I think she could really care for Ward if she let herself, but she's wary of him, partly because of her upbringing in the orphanage/foster system, and partly because of the way Ward shut her out when she wouldn't share the secret she'd been keeping from him. He still doesn't know the truth, about why she joined S.H.I.E.L.D and her true parentage -- another thing that's due to smack him in the face any time now.
One thing is for certain, I will never be bored watching this show!
It will be interesting to see if Whedon does do anything with this relationship, or if it will be something just pushed to the back of all the other crazy stuff going on. I think it would be interesting to see the shifting dynamics if the relationship was put out there, especially considering there's technically a no fraternization rule, and the added complication of Ward's fling with Melinda May. I'm also dying to find out how Ward is going to react when/if he finds out Skye was once considered an 083 -- an object of unknown origin. Never mind Ward, I'm going crazy over here wondering what that means. Is she actually from another plant? Or maybe she wasn't actually born, but was grown in a lab? Does she have secret super powers even she doesn't know about? With (I think) less than ten episodes to go in this season, I'm hoping some of these questions will be answered, although some may be carried over for season two. However, with the outlook for a second season looking grim, just like Firefly, we may be left forever wondering what could have been. 

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Monday Muse -- Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski on Chuck

I'm interrupting my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be, to bring you a Monday muse...
This one is probably a bit dated, but still a good way to start the week. I was late coming to the party on Chuck, I didn't discover it until after it was all said and done. In a way it was good -- I bought all 5 seasons on DVD and got to watch them uninterrupted without waiting weeks and months and years for new episodes to air.
Its a pity this show only got four and a half seasons (the last season was only twelve or thirteen episodes long) but I could see after season three, the writers were starting to lose the story. I mean, yeah, there was only so far they could go with the original idea of the Intersect computer being downloaded into Chuck's brain, and they'd pretty much done it all. They needed to reinvent the show, while still keeping it famailiar to the fans. Only a handful of shows have been able to do this successfully (Supernatural, for one) but unfortunately for Chuck, it didn't work, and the show got cancelled, much to the disappointment of all the diehard fans out there.
This was one of those shows that really did have everything; drama, perfectly delivered comedy by an awesome supporting cast of secondary and tertiary characters, the epic romance between Chuck and Sarah, plus all of the kick ass spy action week after week.
Also, I think Chuck had one of the best fight scenes I've ever seen in a TV series, where Chuck had to fight another agent they'd previously been working with, Daniel Shaw, when he went bad. I'm not going to try and recount it, because I know I wouldn't be able to do it justice, but if you want to watch it, check out the youtube clip. If you didn't watch the show, you'll probably watch the scene and think "what the hell?" To explain just a bit, the Intersect was failing, leaving Chuck debilitated whenever he had to use it. Shaw also had the same version of the Intersect, except he had stolen a watch made by Chuck's father (who was part of the original Intersect program) that helped mitigate the effects.

Anyway, the casting for this show was brilliantly done, not only for the chemistry between Chuck and Sarah, but for the way the rest of the characters gelled and worked off each other so seamlessly week after week. 
Ever since I watched this show, I've been wanting to create a hero like Chuck for one of my books. Sure, he started off totally geeky, had that relationship that went really wrong and then made all the right moves to scare off girl after girl until his sister thought he would die a lonely bachelor, but along came the right girl, and then everything changed.
When the Intersect was first downloaded into Chuck's mind, all he wanted was to get rid of it. But the original Intersect had been destroyed, leaving the only copy in Chuck's brain. The government needed Chuck to keep all the information in his mind until they could build a new server (or something) to put it all back on. Of course, the two agents who were assigned to watch over Chuck, Sarah and Casey (who was played by Adam Baldwin, who also played Jayne on Firefly... he was awesome in both series!) occasionally needed to access the information Chuck had stored in his mind, and inevitably he ended up tagging along on some dangerous missions. He always got told "stay in the car" but it never quite worked out that way, which only made it more entertaining. Eventually Casey and Sarah realized Chuck would have to be trained, and besides, he'd actually shown to have potential as an agent.
With Sarah's support, Chuck started coming into his own, turning from a geek, to-- well, still a geek, but a sweet, kind, totally sexy geek who could kick the ass of any bad guy who got in his way.
In my opinion, to date, Chuck and Sarah had some of the sweetest, funniest and most romantic scenes any TV couple has ever shared.
I'm sure I wasn't the only fan who was a little disappointed with the ending, with Sarah losing her memory, and the two of them having to start all over again. We all knew Chuck would move heaven and earth for that girl, so the fans were left with the hope that Sarah could fall in love with him all over again. Still, as things often go in TV land, it was an abrupt ending, which probably left us with more questions than answers.
This is easily one of my all time favorite TV shows, and just writing this post makes me want to go get the DVDs out and watch it all over again! Its not often that a TV show like this comes along, and I think it'll be a long time before we get to see one like it again. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ships That aren't Shipping -- Part Three: Emma and Hook from Once Upon a Time

Welcome to the third installment on my series of posts about ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be. 
If you missed it, there had previously been: Part One -- Felicity and Oliver from Arrow and Part Two -- Charlie and Monroe from Revolution. 
Today we're visiting the relationship between Emma and Hook on Once Upon a Time...

Yes, mystical memory loss may be a small relationship problem. 
 I really love this show. I love the relationships and the character dynamics and the spin on fairy tales... its just all so good, sometimes cheesy, but its cheesy goodness that I can't get enough of. So I've been really missing it while its taking a mid-season break, especially considering the cliffhanger they left us with; Emma and Henry have their memories changed and erased to believe they always lived together and never went to Storybrooke. The first half of this season had been building a kind of love triangle between Hook, Emma and Neal/Bae. For a while it seemed Neal/Bae had the advantage, being Henry's biological father and all, but quite frankly, Hook is one charming bastard, and there was always some definite chemistry between him and Emma from the very first episode they shared. Lucky for the Emma/Hook fans (what do they call that? Hemma? Emook? Neither sounds very appealing!) the couple shared a very intense kiss, with Emma vowing it would never happen again. Of course, I'm sure many people's response to that was something along the lines of "yeah right." 
While Hook was doing his best to charm Emma, he also took the attitude of not forcing the issue with her. If she wanted to be with Neal, he was pretty much going to step back and let that be her choice, because he cared for her so much, that her happiness was the most important thing to him. If that's not romantic, I don't know what the hell is! It made me want their relationship to work all the more. 
But let's get back to that cliffhanger, shall we? Storybrooke was destroyed, and everyone was going to return to the land where they came from, except for Emma and Henry, who are technically of this world (though, since Emma wasn't born here, even though she was the one to break the curse... well, anyway, we'll just go with it. I think they did have an explanation for that, but I can't remember.) So, some amount of time goes by, six months, a year, I'm not sure now. But Emma and Henry are living a happy life, and then one morning, there's a knock on the door. Emma answers it to find Hook. Of course she doesn't remember him and the look on her face is something along the lines of "what the HELL?" I mean, you'd think the same thing if a pirate turned up on your doorstep... albeit an totally hot one. 
But anyway, Hook tells Emma that her family is in trouble and she needs to help them, and that it was incredibly hard for him to even get back to this world to find her. But of course, love drove him, and then he announces (I think he did anyway) that he was going to give her the kiss of true love to break the spell... except it doesn't work and she punches him before slamming the door in his face. I can't wait to see what happens when this show returns, I'm sure its going to be great because Once Upon a Time never fails to impress. And I'm choosing to believe that the kiss of true love didn't work because technically Emma isn't under a curse, or some small technicality like that. Anyway, Hook and Emma's relationship is just getting started (I hope) and I'm sure its going to be more than a little entertaining when Hook is attempting to fix things.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ships that aren't Shipping -- Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution

Welcome back to Part Two of my series of posts on ships that aren't shipping, but totally should be.
I started off with Part One -- Felicity and Oliver on Arrow.
Today's rant post features Charlie and Monroe from Revolution, or Charloe, as the fans are want to call it. Now, this is one of those relationships that people either love or hate. The lovers can see the obvious chemistry and want more, more, MORE RIGHT NOW! While the haters think its totally creepy given that Monroe is supposedly something like twenty-five years older than Charlie (obviously old enough to be her father) and his previous occupation involved being the dictator of a republic that spanned over half a dozen former US states, in which time he may have held Charlie's mother prisoner for years on end and other generally naughty, naughty things. But he's still redeemable, right. Right? A lot of the haters also think Charlie should end up with baby-Bass, aka Connor, but really, that's just asking for things to get messy...

They did WHAT?
I'm not sure what's going on with Revolution. For the first half of this season I was like "yeah baby, this stuff is awesome!" I liked where things were going, I liked how the characters had evolved. Most of all, I liked the sudden development of something between Sebastian Monroe and Charlie Matheson. Except then things got a little crazy, and now I'm just confused. Do I like what's happening now? I really can't decide. The last few episodes have been unexpected to say the least, and I'm worried that the writers/creators are just randomly doing anything they can to get the ratings up, so they're pulling stuff in from all over the place. This show is on hiatus for the Olympics at the moment, and after the last episode, I can't say I'm all that upset about it.
You see, things used to be simple. Charlie hated Monroe for (indirectly) being responsible for her brother and father getting killed (plus a couple of other characters along the way, but, you know, this is war and all that stuff.) And Monroe is at first portrayed as this psycho dictator type guy who randomly kills puppies and small children. Okay, not really puppies, but unfortunately some children may have died. Anyway, so in the first part of season two, Charlie's only purpose in life is to track down and kill Monroe. Well, she succeeds in the tracking him down part, but the killing... not so much. Somehow it all ended with them tied up in the bottom of an empty pool, and between snarky comments, the spark was more than obvious. Enter the Charloe fans. Unlike Olicity on Arrow, the Charloe relationship hasn't exactly become cannon yet, but a few weeks ago, it seemed the show's creators and/or the NBC were embracing the Charloe movement, with NBC telling fans to take up the Charloe hashtag (#Charloe) to show their support.
So the Charloe fans had been given hope that something, anything, would happen between these two, other than all the time they spend kicking butt and taking down their enemies. And it was all well and good, until a few episodes ago when Monroe's son, Connor, came into the picture.
It didn't take much to imagine that Charlie + Mini-Monroe = disaster for the Charloe fans. However, for the first few episodes featuring Connor, he and Charlie didn't share any screen time, until this past week. Right from the first scene, Connor was trying to chat Charlie up, but she was all like "and I'm supposed to take you seriously?" She was totally dismissive of him, to the point where it seemed like she barely had any respect for him. Fast forward to three-quarters of the episode later, to see Charlie and Connor lying naked under a blanket together in a field. What the hell, people? Connor was all moon-eyed over it, but Charlie had the whole "whatever" thing down. And then she came out with two totally stupid lines. One: "you were cute and I was bored." Followed by the oh-so-positive attitude of "we're all going to die anyway."
For ages I was annoyed that Charlie hadn't been getting any decent dialogue, but if this is the stuff she's going to start spouting off, then I'd rather not hear it. The only way I can see her getting back from this is if her current actions are actually a PTSD kind of fallout from everything she's been through, and it will get worse before it gets better, in which case I would love to see both Miles and Monroe (especially Monroe), help pull her out of it.
However, at this point, I'm not so confident that its the direction the writers are taking things... But I'm begging the powers-that-be; please don't turn Charlie into a character I can't stand!
And I will end this post by saying MORE CHARLOE!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ships that aren't Shipping - Part One: Oliver and Felicty on Arrow.

I don't know what's going on in TV land at the moment, but apparently Happily Ever After, or even just Happy for Five Minutes is really not the "in" thing to do. I was watching one particular show last night, and yelling "no, no, NO!" at the screen as the hero inevitably got with the wrong person again, and it was the last straw. So here I am, ready with a list to complain about ships that are not shipping, but totally should be. I'll be putting these in a series of posts over the coming days, because apparently my ranting cannot be contained to a single blog post alone.
So, as the title suggests, here to start us off are Oliver and Felicity in Arrow.

Man-ho much?
I hate to say anything bad about Arrow, Oliver, or the hotness that is Stephen Amell, but the writers/creators of this show have literally had Oliver sleep with every female character he's crossed paths with for the past season and a half, except for the ones related to him... and Felicity.
Apparently Felicity's addition to the show was a total accident. She starred in a number of episodes in season one, when Oliver had nowhere else to get certain information. Her character worked so well, was received so excitedly by fans, and let's face it, considering the obvious chemistry with Oliver, it led the writers/creators to make the awesome and very smart decision that she needed to become a permanent fixture. Now Oliver and Felicity's relationship is cannon, and there are legions of Olicity fans just waiting for these two to get it on already. And the writers have been kind, dropping crumbs of Olicity action week after week, including one episode where Oliver all but admitted to Felicity that he had feelings for her, but couldn't be with her for her own protection/good. Yes, the old "I love you, which is why we can never be together" line.
I was happy enough going along with this, but that same episode where Oliver admitted in not-so-many-words that he cared for her, was also the same episode in which he slept with the woman who took control of half of Queen Consolidated's holdings, Isabel Rochev, played by the very talented Summer Glau. I was kind of annoyed about it, but shrugged it off. Oliver is a man, and before those five years on the island, he was a serious party boy -- he's not going to pass up the opportunity to be with a beautiful woman. Weeks went by, and the Olicity crumbs continued to fall, despite Felicity momentarily being distracted by fellow geek Barry Allen. All was right in Olicity land... until this week's episode, when Sarah Lance (aka the Canary) came back. Quite obviously Oliver and Sarah have history, after all, she was on the yacht with him when it went down. But I still didn't see it coming. Even at the end, when they were standing a few steps away from each other, and I got a hint of what might be to come, I refused to believe it until they got lips on one another. And then I was yelling at the screen (as you do). But it didn't stop them from tearing at each others clothes just before the credits rolled. *Sigh* Seriously, I don't want to go there. Why repeat doomed history? Why take another step in the opposite direction of getting Oliver and Felicity together? Its just so damned frustrating!
So, okay Arrow writers, you got me again. But how many other women can Oliver justifiably sleep with before he starts looking like a man-ho, back to his old party boy ways of seducing anything in a skirt? Okay, that might be a little harsh. But come on, just how much is Felicity supposed to take before cracks start appearing in that gorgeous heart of hers? I'll be very interested to see where this week's episode take this latest love interruption.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Work Status Update

Nothing terribly interesting going on today. I started working back on Quantum today (the second book to Atrophy, my sci-fi romance series), since I've got Atrophy out with a publisher and things are looking positive. (If you want to read an excerpt, check out my WIP excepts page... which I will be updating soonish)
I'm not spilling the beans on the who-what-when-where of the publisher yet, but I'm hoping that in the coming week/months, I'll have some exciting announcements to make contract-wise.
In the meantime, my wonderful agent is still shopping my romantic suspense, so hopefully we'll get some movement on that this coming year as well. I'm ready for some big contracts and to get stuck into some serious work.
In the meantime, I'm going to continue writing Quantum and munching on my snack of choice for today -- a box of good old fashioned Cheezles.

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