Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cover Excitment

So here's my brand spanking new cover for the novella and Sanctuary spin-off, Savior. This book is one in an anthology of themed stories and also part of the Noble Romance Authors Timeless Desire blog tour I'll be a involved with in November.
I'm very happy with how this cover turned out, but then, I always am... lol. This novella will be coming out on the 3rd of October.
And right now I don't have anything else to say because I've been organizing promotional-related stuff all day and it has turned my brain to mush. That is the extremely un-glamorous side of being an author. Haven't done much writing to speak of in the past few days, so my Warlord book is coming along pretty slow at the moment. 
Sorry for the boringness of this post... just look at my new cover and don't worry about my rambling!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying To Get Motivated

I'm sitting here in front of my computer trying to put my head in gear to get some decent writing done. I've checked my email, I logged onto my local library website and reserved the last 2 books in Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series (I read the previous three in three days. Once you start, you just can't stop) and then I did some Internet stalking to see when book number 12 is coming out.
Last night I had another dream for an interesting plot idea and am trying to work out which series of books I should use it with. All week I've been chipping away at mainly my warlord book, but also done a few words here and there on various other projects.
But for some reason, right now I'm feeling decidedly uninspired. Need to find someway to get the creative side of my brain buzzing and then I might be able to get something done.
So, where do I go and what do I do to find inspiration?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where Did the Pantsing Go?

So apparently I've become a plotter in my old age. I used to be proud of my pantsing ways. As in, I did no plotting, but wrote whatever came to mind, like the saying 'fly by the seat of your pants. I wrote with no real direction in mind and still always managed to find myself with a complete, mostly coherent manuscript at the end. But then I started making notes to keep track of my Sanctuary series (I'm 20,000 words into writing the forth book) to keep straight what has to happen in the overall arcing story of the war between the angels and demons, whose book it had to happen in and why.
When I wrote Singularity, I started off pantsing it, but then the rest of the story came to me all at once so I had to write it down in point form so I wouldn't forget it. The same thing happened when I started writing Sinner, the fourth book. Maybe its more that in recent times, The story has come to me completely, in almost one hit, whereas before it used to come to me in bits and pieces. Maybe I've just gotten better at channeling whatever it is that provides my stories for me. Either way, I now seem to be doing some weird pantsing/planning combination. 
I gave the warlord book some more thought and realized I hadn't really overcome the issues keeping my characters apart. There had to be more to the story and sure enough it came to me as I wrote some notes. So I'm pleased that it will now most likely his the 50,000 word mark, which while isn't a long book, at least technically makes it book length in my mind. I'm up to 31,000 words at the minute, so hopefully I can get it finished in the next few weeks.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Novella No Longer

Okay, I suck at writing novellas. Really, I do. They're not easy! How do you cram an entire satisfactory story into so few words?
As some of you might know, earlier in the year I was writing a novella I'd titled Heart of the Warlord. I'm now re-working this. The old ending sucked. It was bad. Like, terrible. The conflict was pretty much non-existent. So I gave my characters some more hurdles and came up with an entirely different ending.
The result? I had to stop trying to force the story to be a novella. It wants to be a full length book. I can't fight anymore, the story will have its way. Its currently at about 28,000 words. The only problem now is, its going to land in no man's land of 40,000 to 50,000 words. Longer than a book, but shorter than most novels. I'm kind of hoping this won't matter to my publisher and am debating seeing where the word count ends up and then maybe going back to add in some more scenes earlier in the book, keep my characters apart a bit longer.
But I really want to be able to write novellas. So I'm going to come up with a different idea and try again in another few months once I get all the work I have on now out of the way. I will find a way to overcome my compulsion to write everything into novel-length!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Great Writing Challenge

Okay, truthfully it probably isn't as big as this magnificent title makes it sound, but it's still going to be a lot of fun.
My critique partner, Erin Grace, and I have decided to do a bit or role reversal. She is going to write something along the lines of a paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy kind of book and I am going to write a historical romance. This project will be a long term thing, because obviously we have to keep our contracted work a priority. But in my spare moments I'm going all the way back, circa early 2000's and reworking one of the first manuscripts I ever tried to write.
If you haven't been around this blog for say the past ten years, then you wouldn't know that my original intention was to be a historical romance author. I had an entire series of books planned, set in the 1780s and even went so far as to write the first 3. Obviously I moved on from these and never planned on going back because I had come to the conclusion that my voice wasn't suited to historicals. I was a bit depressed about this fact because I still thought the plots I'd come up with had merit. Plus the hero in the second book is one of my all time favorites, even to date.
My CP suggested that maybe now I have all these years of experience under my belt, I might actually be able to write them quite well. It could have been a case of being too inexperienced as a writer, as opposed to my voice not suiting historicals. So I'm going to rewrite the first book in the series from scratch and probably change quite a few scenes along the way. It will probably end up looking like an entirely different story. I'm still skeptical about whether or not I can pull it off, so we'll see what happens.
Meanwhile, I'm hoping my CP will write a story about vampires from space, just because it would be so much fun.
At the end of the challenge, whenever the manuscripts are finished, we're going to see who can get theirs published. But, I won't be getting much of the historicals done while I have so much other work on. Speaking of which, I should get back to working on the warlord novella.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome to Spring!

Here we are, officially three days into Spring. Since I devoted an entire post to how much I prefer the warm weather last time, I won't bother going into it again.
Okay, so where am I at with my work? I have edits coming up for both Singularity and the novella spin-off, Savior. The forth Sanctuary book, (working title) Sinner, is on the way, I've written about 20,000 words of that, so I'll be getting back into it soon. For the time being, however, I've decided I want to rework the warlord novella I wrote a few months back. So that's my aim for the next few weeks, then I'll finish Sinner and then I might see about finishing Ric and Madi's romantic suspense that's been languishing on my computer for the past six months. I have a lot of unfinished manuscripts it seems, so I should do something about that!

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