Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good News

I checked my email this morning to find I've already got a bite - one of the agents I queried a couple of days ago has asked to see a partial of my manuscript. So I'll be sending that off as soon as I get the chance, which unfortunately won't be today as I already have a few other things I need to get done. Still, exciting news. You're probably thinking its dumb that I still get excited when an agent requests a partial. How many times have I been here, done that? But still, it makes me excited because this could be the one. I've come this far, I'm more than half way down the road by getting these requests, I'm not going to keep getting rejected forever. Eventually someone will say "yes, we would like to offer you representation." And this time it could be the answer I get.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yes, I've Moved Again

Sorry for those of you who've already followed me half way around the Internet while I try to find myself. I guess I had a knee-jerk reaction to some weirdo calling me up in the middle of the night a year ago now and figured wiping myself from the Internet was a good answer to the problem. Anyway, I think I'd rather just remain me and publish under my own name, so I should be prepared for any unfortunate unpleasantness that comes along with that.
Back to writing stuff, I sent off four query letters/proposals on Sunday, so we'll see what comes of that. Also, the grand re-write is going well so far, even though I've only written 4000 words. Its going to be slow going because I honestly don't have as much time for writing as I once did, but I'll get there eventually.
I'm off to park myself in front of the TV since the new season of NCIS is starting her in oz tonight. I have exactly 8 minutes until that happens, so I'd better get snacks and make myself comfy. I can't wait, the cliff-hanger from last season has been driving me nuts!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Sucker for Punishment

I have to question my motives, really, I do. As you might know, I've been working on my old historical romance manuscript with my crit partner through Romance Writers Australia. Though things have been going along quite well (evidence of which is supported by the great rejection I got from The Agent a few weeks ago) but I've been having some issues with the manuscript. I don't like the prologue and several other scenes, and had not been able to stop thinking about The Agent's statement that she wasn't riveted by the execution, despite saying I'm a talented writer.
From fellow writers I've had either one of two responses upon discussion of the rejection. The first being that the execution is something I can work on and I'm closer than ever to getting an agent/publishing contract. The second has been that this type of rejection is similar to the old "just didn't love your voice/wasn't passionate about it" rejection which I can't do anything about because my voice obviously isn't so changeable. Instead, I just need to plod on and submit to some other agents.
When taking all of this into consideration, I of course came to a decision which means a tone more work for myself. Yes, I am going to query another handful of agents, but in the meantime, I've decided on the grand re-write. This isn't the first time I've considered doing it to this particular manuscript. Maybe I should have saved myself a lot of time and trouble and just done the re-write in the first place. One of the major issues I think stems from the fact that this manuscript is practically the first thing I wrote, seven years ago now. Obviously over the ensuing years my voice have evolved and refined, I know a lot more now than I did then, so I really think the manuscript is coming from a place where I just can't fix it anymore.
So I started the grand re-write last night, sent a smaple (as I always spell it for some reason, duh) sample to my CP to see what she thinks about the whole thing and we'll go from there. Despite my dislike of the project as it is, it would be a whole lot easier if the next agent I query sends me a big fat "YES" email.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Is That It?

This isn't going to be a very long post, I just dropped by to say that yesterday I wrote an entire paragraph, and it wasn't terribly riveting. So I've made a slow start. I also came to the realization in the shower this morning that if I'm going to ever get anywhere, I need to do some re-organizing of my life and set some actual structured writing/editing times. And possibly disconnect my laptop from the Internet at said times...
Writing a blog certainly isn't helping me increase the word count on that single paragraph, but at least it seems to be waking my brain up a little.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gone and Back Again

Its been three months, I'm really good at forgetting this thing for long periods of time. In my defense, I've had some family stuff going on, which although is behind me now, still in some part means I'm really busy and don't have any where near as much time for writing and blogging and twittering as I once used to. Gone are the days when I had no one to answer to and could spend all day writing if I wanted to. Damn, I wasted so much time!
Right, well in writing-related stuff I heard back from The Agent and while the news wasn't what I was hoping, in that she didn't offer me representation, she did tell me she thought I was a talented writer and a few other good things about my manuscript. She did say she wasn't riveted by the execution. What the heck does that even mean? So I really couldn't be too upset about such a positive rejection. I've sent the first 3 chapters into the Romance Writer's Australia STALI comp and also entered the High Five with a category romance I've been working on in secret, aimed at the Silhouette Romantic Suspense line. So we'll see what comes of that. And when I get back into the swing of things, I have several other agents I plan on querying. I'm also battling the part of me that's wanting to return and work on my SOAP stuff. Seriously, I don't have enough time to spread myself so thin and worry that if I don't concentrate on one thing at a time (or maybe 2 at the most) then I'll never get published. Which is something negative I refuse to dwell on because I will get published at some point, I just have to keep working along like I have been.

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