Thursday, July 27, 2017

Back In Action... Almost

Ah, my poor neglected blog. How I have thought fondly of the in these past weeks of solitude--
Sorry, I totally went off into a daydream where I was sitting in a cottage in the 1800s writing a letter with a quill.
Anyhoo, it is true that I have regularly thought of posting in the past weeks, but I had 2 book deadlines, one on top of the other. The 4th and final book in my Valiant Knox series was handed to my editor on the 1st of June (or maybe a week or so past the deadline date, if we're being honest!) and then I had to get straight into writing the 4th book in the Atrophy series, which is due on the 1st of August. I've been chained to my computer, typing my fingers to the bone. I now have 5 days left until the Aug 1str deadline, and around 17k words left to write. So I might not quite make it, but once again, I'll probably only go a week or so over.
Release wise, the 4th Valiant Knox book, War Games, will be out in November, while the 4th Atrophy book, titled Entropy, will be out in January (at this stage, subject to change!)
Otherwise, I have some very exciting projects happening in the background, none of which I can tell you about until the contracts are signed and the ink is dry. As soon as they're confirmed (which could still be weeks or maybe months... hopefully not months, waiting is hard!) I'll be sharing the news on all the usual social media hang outs and here on my blog.
In the meantime, I really need to get back to writing!

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