Thursday, June 15, 2017

Win Copies of Escape Velocity and Damage Control!

With the release of Cover Fire only days away, now is your chance to win the first two books in the series! Just click here to enter the rafflecopter giveaway

So, what's the word about Cover Fire? Here's a snippet of what a few readers are saying: 

5 Stars - "Seb puts his life on the line for Jenna and she is prepared to do the same. Their interactions are witty but passionate and loving. The plot is strong and convincing. The team spirit of the stick jockeys is exemplary. This novel is full of suspense. It had me guessing and on the edge of my seat most of the time. It's so well constructed that it's like watching a movie." - Brigitte via Goodreads

5 Stars - "Plenty of mystery, thrills/spills and romance and a great paced story. I really love Sci Fi romance and this series has been amazing so far." - Nikki Brooks via Goodreads

5 Stars - "Sci-Fi Romances are not books I read a lot of, but when I read the blurb of this story, there was no way I was going to miss out on reading it and I've got to say that this book was everything I'd hoped for and more. Seriously, this story was absolutely riveting, fast-paced and the way this story started had me enjoying this couple immediately." - Book Magic Reviews

5 Stars - "I'm not typically a sci-fi type reader, but I loved this book! It took me two days to read because I devoured every single word, every nuance, every detail between Agent Jenna Maxwell and Sub-Lt. Seb Rayne. Hot! ... The book is really a must read whether you're a sci-fi fan or not, I guarantee you'll love it." - Ayekah via Goodreads

4 Stars - "There’s such a strong visual element in Jess Anastasi’s writing that reading every book of hers is akin to watching a novelisation of a fast-paced tv episode that’s a combination of a space opera and a summer blockbuster. And it rings every bell that I have and for most part, the action, intrigue and romance make me a happy camper by the end of it." - Disir via Goodreads

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