Thursday, May 4, 2017

Just Finished Watching... Shadowhunters S1 & S2A

I know, I know. Shadowhunters? REALLY? Don't I have anything better to do with my time?
This show seems to be either loved or seriously canned. I'm guessing most of the fan base would be a younger demographic (teens and twenties) and a lot of those would be fans of the books. However, I also know fans of the books who hate both the movie and the TV series.
Either way, season 2B will be airing come June, and in my experience, a TV series only gets a season 2B (like Teen Wolf began doing after starting as a limited episode series and becoming super popular) if they're doing really well. So obviously the team that produces Shadowhunters is doing something right.
Oh, and as usual, spoilers ahead if you're not up to date on this series.

So. This show. Where to begin?
Well, I suppose with the obvious in saying that I haven't read any of the books, and didn't see the movie, so I was coming into this series with a clean slate -- no preconceived ideas about what it could or should be.
I'll admit, this show started off rough. And when I say rough, that's a polite way of me saying it was seriously not great. I found the dialogue awkward at times, occasionally found myself lost as to what was happening (if I'd read the books, I would have known what was going on obviously) and a lot of the acting was a little... I'm not sure. Maybe stiff?
I had trouble with Clary. Simon was annoying as anything (getting turned into a vampire was pretty much the best thing that could have happened to him, though it didn't completely fix the annoying factor) and Isabelle was a little over-blown.
The only ones I didn't have much of a problem with were Alec and Magnus. In fact, they were probably what kept me watching.
I'd heard and seen bits and pieces of the Malec ship floating around places like Tumblr, so I knew it was a good one, probably a ship I could get on board with, which after the episode where Magnus first saw Alec and said "who is that?" I totally did.
The scene where Alec left the alter of his wedding to kiss Magnus? Yes, while I'll admit it was a little cliche, it was also epic and I loved every second of it.
By the end of season 1, I was invested enough in the Clary/Jace ship (what do they call that, Clace or something?) that when the big reveal of them being siblings happened, I was suitably shocked and grossed out over their kissing, but also sad because I felt that, especially for Jace, he was way past the point where he would be able to get over the feelings he had for her very easily.
How could a person who'd been falling in love and obviously very attracted to someone ever only see them as a sibling after?
This was definitely highlighted later, when Jace got locked up in the City of Bones and was dreaming of Clary. When he woke up, he admitted to Hodge (a Shadowhunter locked in the next cell) that he couldn't stop thinking about her in THAT way, and his own disgust in the fact that he wanted his sister.
I have to hand it to the author and TV writers, this created some really great tension, and I think it was around this point that the series had finally settled -- the writing had improved and lines delivered more naturally, the actors appeared more comfortable in their roles, and the production quality was definitely up. It's not very unusual for this to happen -- a series starting off rough before becoming really great. I think exactly the same thing happened with Killjoys.
Anyway, going into season 2, I was definitely hooked, and watched it way too fast. Sometimes that's the problem with Netflix and doing the binge watch. You don't take the time to really let events of one episode sink in before you're watching a second and third.
Season 2 only got better and better, especially toward the end when everything was coming to a head with the soul sword.
The twists that came out in the end -- that Jace had angel blood, not demon blood, and wasn't actually Clary's brother after all were handled really well. I was a bit on the fence over Simon and Clary getting together, so it looks like I'm #TeamJace.
The thread about Isabelle getting addicted to vampire venom was just great, though I found it annoying that the guy (whose name I can't remember, the one who was in charge of the institute) who got her addicted in the first place never faced any real consequences, even after Alec found out. Of course, the revelation happened in the midst of all the shit going down with Valentine (Clary's father and the big bad of the series) so they can probably be forgiven for this oversight. But I'm hoping the writers address this as they get into season 2B.
The other plot thread that really hooked me was they mystery around the vampire Raphael.
In trying to help Isabelle with her addiction to vampire venom, the pair started falling for each other. During the last 2 episodes, Raphael told both Alec and Magnus that he had feelings for Isabelle, that he hadn't felt that way about somebody in a long time.
However, when Isabelle tried to kiss him, he shied away and told her he wasn't like that, and wasn't interested in sex. It seemed he was about to confide the reason for this to Isabelle, when they were interrupted (I think by Alec storming in).
Later in the final episode, when Raphael finds Isabelle after the fighting has finished, he tries to talk to her, but she tells him they made a mistake (or something to that effect) and she didn't want anything to do with him anymore.
Obviously being that Isabelle puts so much worth in her sexuality, when Raphael didn't want to be physical with her, she took that as a personal insult, not realizing that his reasonings were all about him and had nothing to do with her. Now I really want to find out what secret Raphael has (I'm guessing it's got something to do with the hints we've gotten about Raphael's strict catholic upbringing... I think it was catholic... before he became a vampire. I would even hazard a guess to say he's a virgin, despite how old he is) and beyond this, I really want Raphael and Isabelle to end up together... but in a healthy way. Not in an addicted-to-vampire-venom way.
And the final icing on the cake for season 2? Jace finding out that he wasn't Clary's brother after all (talk about mind screw!), and when he went to tell her, finding her happy in that moment with Simon and deciding not to say anything.
Oh, which reminds me. Also loved the scene where they rescued Simon from Valentine. It had seemed like Clary had turned herself over, and let Simon drink from her because he'd lost so much blood. But it turned out to be Jace using the shape shifting rune. Definitely didn't see that one coming! Which I mention, because in the end, Simon found he could go out into the sunshine. My guess is it's because he drank Jace's angel blood. Now, whether this is permanent or temporary, we'll have to wait and see.
Suffice to say, by the end of season 2, Shadowhunters had a lot of great elements working for it. Are there better shows out there? Probably. But this has firmly won a place in my guilty pleasures watch list, and if the quality keeps up, then it'll probably stay there for a good long time.


Caribou Reviews said...

Hey lovey!

Thank you again for the contest I won! Reading the Atrophy series now!

I'm a total Netflix Nerd (especially since we o ly have that and Crunchy Roll in Canada.)

Make sure to check out Wynonna Earp (yes. SPN kinda stole the colt idea from the comic. SPN's creator is a heavy comicbook nerd. doesn't bug ne though!). Its got a fair share of corn like SH. From Dusk Til Dawn is great, too! Also the 100. They might be quick favourites of yours as well. I love great tv but bad tv can be great, too, when done right!

Love love love Magnus Bane in both movie and tv format. He is sassy and sexy as hell. The chemestry is perfect on screen with Alec. Wayyy more fluid than the hetero couples. xD

I was reading Clockwork Angel, the Manga. Magnus is in it! I didn't get through the second one but I didn't know Magnus is a happily pan/bi characyer. Ireally need to get the series! I enjoyed the first movie of Shadow Hunters and wished their was more. The new Clarry is adorable but hed acting and scream is just so bad but I can't stop watching. She is like Sailor Moon in person. Convincingly innocent and cute but irritating. I hope she matures as a character (and an actress) just as much as my girl, Usagi.

Currently guilty pleasures:
Shadow Hunters
From Dusk Til Dawn (the series)
Wynonna Earp
The 100
Waiting for the new Resident Evil CGI to come out!

❤ Manga Moose

Jess Anastasi said...

Hope you're enjoying the Atrophy books! ;)
Man, I have so many TV shows. iZombie and Wyonna Earp are both on my to-watch list, so I'll have to make sure they moves up to the top! LOL on Sailor Moon, I hadn't thought of that, but I totally see it now. God, I love Sailor Moon when I was a teenager. I really need to watch that again.

Some of the shows I'm all over at the moment:
The 100 (damn you, Bellarke!)
Agents of Shield
Shannara Chronicles (best love triangle ever)
Pretty Little Liars
Famous in Love
The Originals
Still Star Crossed...

I'm a sucker for most CW shows clearly!
I just got Cassandra Clare's Lady Midnight to read... looks pretty good! The only graphic novels I've ever read were the Firefly/Serenity ones, but this is something I may have to look into as I love Magnus!

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