Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Year, New... I Don't Know

2017? That happened, huh? I kind of didn't notice.

Yep, this is me, going all bah-humbug about the New Year. Usually, I'm all sparkly and optimistic and excited about what the new year is going to bring. This year? Not so much.
Okay, so it's not all doom and gloom. It's not like I think bad stuff is going to happen or 2017 will be worse than any other year. I'm just busy. Really, freaking busy. Like, have to write 4 books this year busy.
Kinda brought that on myself though, didn't I?

 ...Who am I kidding? The new year ROCKS!
Oh man, I have so many exciting projects in the pipeline this year. I mean, maybe I need like two of myself to get everything done, but truthfully, I can't wait to get all my new books out and see how things have played out by this time next year. I know the year is going to go fast (last year seemed to fly by in a flash) and I'm sure before I know it, I'll be sitting here saying I didn't notice it'd ticked over to 2018.
Bring it on, 2017. I know shit is going to happen -- some good shit and some bad shit. But whatever happens, I'm here and I'm doing this thing, and that's something to be grateful for.

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