Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade Holiday Showcase!

It's nearly the holidays, and what better way to celebrate than by giving? Yeah, I'm totally going to rock that cliche.
So, in the spirit of giving, as part of the SFR Brigade Holiday Showcase, I'm sharing an exclusive sneak peek of Diffraction (coming out on Jan 2nd 2017) AND giving you the chance to find out where it all started by winning a copy of Atrophy. So, without further blabbing, I give you...

And now for some action...

The doc went to step back, but he shot a hand out and clamped his fingers around her upper arm. “Not so fast.”
She stilled beneath his grip and raised her eyes to meet his. For a long second they stared at each other, almost like enemies weighing up the advantage, but there was something far more dynamic and incandescent beneath the surface.
“You might want to think about removing your hand from me.”  
So the petite doctor had a pair, which for some reason he found way too intriguing. On first impression, he’d never have picked that, but of course, she worked for Major Captain Sherron, and he probably wasn’t the type of guy to surround himself with wilting violets, or however the saying went.
“And you might want to think about opening this door before the Imojenna breaks dock.”
Her expression hardened. “I told you, it’s too late. Let me go.”
He yanked her up against the door and grabbed her other arm, leaning in closer so that only the bars separated their faces. “Look at that, now I’ve got two hands on you. Open the door, before I start breaking bones.”
He squeezed her right bicep just to make sure she knew he meant business. Really, he couldn’t have hurt the woman—not with the way her voice was doing a number on his central nervous system and the way her green eyes were making his blood rush, heating him up in all the wrong places—but desperate times and all that shite. He had to get off this ship. There were things about him that he needed to keep to himself. Because if they got out, his life as he knew it would never be the same, wouldn’t be his own any longer.
She stared at him; a spark of something in her gaze, he told himself, was all in his recently scrambled mind. “Is this really how you want things to go down? Because I’m telling you, if you leave the Imojenna now, you’ll be vacuumed.”
“I’ll take my chances.”
She huffed a short sigh. “Fine. I’ll need at least one arm to release the door controls.”
This time it was his turn to stare hard at her for a long moment. That had kind of been too easy. Did she have some ulterior motive? A weapon hidden somewhere she’d go for as soon as he let her go?
“How about a compromise?”
Her brow lowered over an impatient look. “What kind of compromise?”
“I’m not prepared to let you go, in case you’ve got a weapon stashed somewhere in that petite package of yours. Instead, we’re going to tango.”
Her expression morphed into skeptical confusion. “Tango?”

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To win a copy of Atrophy, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post. I won't even make you think of a ridiculous answer to any mundane holiday related question. But if you really wanted to, you could tell me what's the one thing about the holidays you wish you could avoid. That's right, bah-humbug! I'll start off by saying parking lots (we call them car parks in Australia) and all the crazy people who stalk you for your spot when you leave the shops. 


Lea Kirk said...

Whoa. This tango is something I want to Whew. Great excerpt, Jess.

The one thing I'd love to avoid during the holidays is mailing packages. Ugh!

Have a great holiday season! :)

Aurora Springer said...

A tango between bars?
Enjoy the holidays!

Michelle Diener said...

Great covers, Jess!

Shari Elder said...

Great excerpt. Looks like a fun book. I want to avoid shopping all together. :(

Kaye Manro said...

Yes, I think avoiding crowds and shopping is top on my list. Great excerpt, Jess.

Kyndra Hatch said...

Great excerpt! I'm intrigued! And I love that title, and the cover. I don't like Christmas shopping. I never know what to get people and it's super deflating when a nephew opens my present and immediately puts it aside so he can open the next one and then plays with that one. Yea, bah humbug, indeed. LOL!

Greta said...

Oh boy. I HATE Christmas. Bloody stupid canned winter carols in the shops, crowds, acres of cheap nasty presents from China. How'm I doing?

Have a great one with whoever takes your fancy, Jess.

Carmen Webster Buxton said...

As with any holiday, there are relatives I would just as soon avoid, but they shall remain nameless. :)

Hopefully you will have a good holiday!

Pippa Jay said...

I wish my kids had a snooze button for Christmas morning (I'm a real Grinch if deprived of even a moment of sleep). :-P

Tess Rider said...

I wish I could get all our various families together at one place and time. Instead, we do a lot of running from place to place for a few days making sure we get to see everyone, which is stressful. Wishing you a stress free and happy holiday!

Veronica Scott said...

Enjoyed the excerpt, quite a dramatic moment! Happy Holidays!

Pauline B Jones said...

Very dramatic for sure! Fun!

Michelle Howard said...

wow! Your covers are giving me life :) Love them

Jess Anastasi said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and holiday wishes, glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Good luck to you all I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday next week.

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