Monday, August 8, 2016

Launch Into Exclusive Content

Happy book birthday to Quantum!
Yes, today is the day that Quantum will be set free into it's natural habitat, where it will hopefully live long and prosper... yes, I just mashed a Star Trek reference with a nature documentary.
Anyhoo, I'm very excited, because Quantum is a little more special than my other releases, because Quantum has something that they didn't.
Ah, now you're intrigued!
You see, there's this very special scene between Rian and Ella, with a rather large and startling revelation. But, silly me, I forgot to put it in the book. The only way to get this scene? Check the back of Quantum for instructions.
Need a copy right this minute? No problem, just follow these links:

Entangled Publishing


Book Depository

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