Monday, July 11, 2016

Just Finished Watching... Red Dawn (2012)

I'll admit, I'm not much of a movie buff. Very occasionally I'll go to the cinema and catch a blockbuster, but it happens very rarely these days in my busy life. I will be making an exception when the new Star Trek movie comes out in just under two weeks.
But I do have Netflix (the much smaller Aussie version anyway. Maybe in like ten years our content will be closer to the US) and while I got it for the TV shows, I decided that I really should start watching a movie every now and then.
SO. Last night I picked Red Dawn. It was staring Chris Hemsworth. Need I say more?
Maybe its also worth mentioning that Thor is joined by Peeta from Hunger Games and Bobbi from Agents of Shield to create this kick-ass team.
Seriously though, the premise sounded interesting: "A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers."
I have since seen online that a lot of reviews bagged this movie, and I have to admit, that summed it up pretty well. "North Korean paratroopers descend on an American small town. U.S. military resistance collapses. Korean armored vehicles roll down the streets unopposed except for a band of heavily armed bros in hoodies."
However, most of these bad reviews pick at the fact that North Korea invading the US is completely ridiculous, enough so that viewers can't even suspend belief long enough to enjoy this movie.
For me, not having seen the 1984 version with Patrick Swayze, I had nothing to compere it to, and wasn't looking for any deep and meaningful commentary on the state of the world's military tensions. I just wanted to watch a movie where Chris Hemsworth walks around with a huge-ass gun generally looking hot.
And hoping to god he took his shirt off at some stage (side-note: he did not remove his shirt, much to my disappointment, though he did lift it up a little at one stage to get some stitches).
Anyhoo, if you can leave all reality of the might and invincibility of America's military at the door, then this movie isn't half bad.
Don't get me wrong, there were a few gaping plot holes, like if the town was so heavily guarded and locked down, how on earth did the teens keep managing to get in and out of town for supplies and an increasing stockpile of weapons without getting caught? And how were they able to just brazenly walk around and plant bombs everywhere without anyone noticing? Anyhow, maybe leave your logic at the door with reality and not think about anything much beyond how blue Chris Hemsworth eyes are. Seriously, what is up with that?
Ahem. Anyway, this movie is unapologetically violent and brutal to its cast of main characters, so its really not for the faint of heart (despite it apparently having a PG13 rating in the US. Sheesh, I wouldn't be letting my 13 year old watch this!). One thing this film definitely got right was the suspense. Almost right from the word go, it amps up the tension and leaves you (or at least me) clutching a cushion for the next hour and a half, waiting for the moment everyone is going to die. Because you just get that sense that there's no way they can all survive this, especially when they start actively attacking the invading forces.
Characters are killed off left, right and center, and usually just when you think they're safe or are actually going to get away with whatever suicidal plan they've come up with next.
Without giving away any spoilers, I guessed the outcome for Chris Hemsworth's character about half way through the movie, but the ending was rolled out fairly well, so even though it all finished pretty much how I guessed, the method managed to surprise me.
Oh, and one other great surprise in this movie: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Ever since seeing him in Grey's anatomy (Denny, my heart still hurts over that) and as John Winchester (that time I was possibly more attracted to the hot guy's dad more than the hot guy [but it was Dean Winchester, who, let's face it, is the embodiment of every sexy bad boy hero out there. And since John got killed off, I didn't need to agonize over it anymore] ) I have been a huge Jeffrey Dean Morgan fan. I mean really, the guy pretty much turns every scene to gold.
So, I enjoyed this for the fact that it was a fast action and suspense movie. But its really not anything more than that, so if you can't get over the impossibility of the premise or can't ignore the plot holes, or can't stomach intense, continuous violence, then it definitely isn't for everyone. 

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Patricia Preston said...

I love Chris Hemsworth! I saw this movie years ago, but at the time I didn't know who Jeffery Dean Morgan was. Since then, I became a fangirl of Supernatural. Have every season on DVD. That is the one thing I buy on Black Friday on Amazon is the last season of Supernatural. Anyway, I love Sam and Dean both. Great hero material. I love Dean's comic aspect. And Jeffery is now a regular on Walking Dead! I love Walking Dead but I was just sick when I found out that he was gonna be Negan. I'm gonna have to close my eyes when he uses Lucille on people. That'll be bad. Also if you haven't seen Chris in the The Heart of the Ocean, that's a pretty good movie. I also saw the first Red Dawn and it was a good movie.

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