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The 100 3x11 "Nevermore" - Some Thoughts While Watching

My blog has been sadly lacking content or regularity lately, due to a lot of other commitments and a looming deadline. And its been so long since I've done anything TV-related.
Considering I was so excited about seeing this week's episode of The 100, being that the Bellarke reunion was finally about to happen, I decided to write down some thoughts throughout the episode, something similar to tweeting commentary, I suppose.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not totally blind when it comes to the Bellarke ship. Since Clarke walked away from Camp Jaha/Arkadia at the end of last season, the whole Clexa ship development of this season pretty much sank Bellarke... until Lexa's death in the past few weeks.
Now I'm not saying I want or am expecting Clarke and Bellamy to jump at each other within minutes of reuniting, but just a few meaningful Bellarke moments is all I need to keep me going, simply because they do have such great chemistry. I also think after all that's happened and all they've been through, at the end of the day, they ground each other. They don't need to be together romantically for me to be satisfied, they just need to be in the same place at the same time.
But onward to my thoughts as this pivotal episode unfolded...
(Minor language and obvious spoiler warning!)

1) Am so ready for a Bellarke reunion, but predicting it will be frustratingly understated.

2)a *Previously on the hundred* STILL can't believe they killed off Lincoln :*(
2)b Creepy red-dress Alie needs to get what's coming to her.

3) Until Jasper said something, I'd actually forgotten that he hated Clarke for killing Maya.

4) Bellamy - "What can I do to make this right?"
     Octavia - "Bring Lincoln back."
Ouch. Bellamy, its going to be a long, hard road to get back to Octavia.

5) OMG this is it, Bellamy and Clarke are going to be in the same screen shot... aaaaand... Of course.
Meaningful Staring.

6) This show is so good at exploiting plot tension, even when they're retelling us stuff we already know. 

7) So awesome to see the band back together -- Monty, Jasper, Octavia, Bellamy, Clarke, Nathan... and Nathan's boyfriend whose name I can never remember.

8) Ping! Light bulb moment. Clarke knows where to get a wrist band.

9) *Bellamy to Clarke* - "I'll go with you."
YES! The Bellarke adventures begin.

10) Ouch. The blows keep coming for Bellamy. Niylah's father killed in the Pike Massacre Bellamy took part in.

11) Bellamy is clearly not "fine" like he says, Clarke! Don't fall for that!

12) *Raven dislocates her shoulder to escape* - That is some freaky shit right there. Now we're getting to Walking Dead levels of barbarity. Also, Alie is now officially scarier than the Cylons.

13) Good thinking, Jasper, talking directly to Alie. He always was the smartest one.

14) Clarke always knows when and how to play her cards. Bargaining Raven's life for the AI chip is good
stalling strategy. Also, Bellamy classic WTF face.

15) *Jasper to Bellamy about Clarke* - "Guess she thinks Raven is worth saving."
Oh, burn!

16)a Bellamy giving Jasper a pep talk right now is all kinds of hypocritical.
16)b And Jasper totally called him on it. Although, what is this? Hate on Bellamy night? Guess he did kind of dig his own hole.
16)c Just have to say that I love the development of Jasper's character. Its sad what brought him to this, but really liking the darker and stronger elements to his personality now.

17) Watch out, Clarke, Alie is trying to psyche you out!

18) Just when I thought it couldn't get any freakier, Raven bit a chunk out of Clarke's arm. Def channeling the Walking Dead now! Also, EEEEWWWW!!!

19) DAMMIT CLARKE! You gave away the plan! Grrrr!

20) *At the drop ship* - This is not going to end well for Monty and Octavia.

21) *Monty to Octavia* - "You're one of the hundred.*
Good call! Monty is awesome.

22) FINALLY! Bellarke one-on-one moment. Now for some angst... Wait? That's it? Where's my angst dammit?!

23) *Back at the drop ship* Oh crap... where the hell is Octavia?

24) OMG Monty! Your mom is a cylon now! RUUUUUN!

25) Oh man... the Octavia/Monty's mom fight is only going to end one way. Someone is going to die and I have a feeling it won't be Octavia.

26) Monty, you should have let Octavia kill her. Would have been easier to hate Octavia than hate yourself.

27) Matricide... how much darker can this show get?

28) Sinclair is such an underutilized character. He's so great, I'd love to see them do more with him.

29) *Raven hating on Jasper* - Oh man, this hurts. Can't imagine what Jasper is feeling right now. Why the hell is Bellamy just sitting there? Shut her the hell up already!

30) Bellamy. Poor, sweet, unsuspecting Bellamy. You're about to get verbally bitch slapped.

31) Love that Bellamy saying sorry to Niylah is an echo of Clarke saying sorry to Jasper earlier. Really
great balance/symbiosis.

32) OMG now they have to get the rover battery? AH! The tension! Also, why the hell didn't they just use it in the first place instead of going all the way to the drop ship? Are they going to use both?

33) You shoot that drone, Bellamy! Shoot it good!

34) Nope, apparently they're only going to use the rover battery. Okay writers, let's just gloss over the fact they didn't need to go all the way to the drop ship after all. Maybe no one will notice.


36) Oh no. Poor Monty. Realization suckage.

37) Oh damn, I just got the worst feeling that Clarke is going to split and go off on some quest to find Luna. Bellamy DO NOT let her walk away again!

38) YES! The original team is finally back together and going to kick Alie's creepy artificial ass.

I can't even imagine what the writers have in store for us in the coming weeks.
Right now, my wild guess is that Clarke will decide to take the Grounder's commander chip herself to get the answers they need to stop Alie. Either she'll find a way to become a Night Blood (and thus inadvertently the next Heda of the Grounders) or she'll decide to take the chip even knowing it will kill her because she's not a Night Blood. And she'll justify the self-sacrifice by needing to make things right for what she did at Mount Weather. But this will also impact Bellamy's guilt over Mount Weather and the grounder massacre. Either way, I'm sure there's a lot of dark angst coming our way!

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