Saturday, February 6, 2016

Top That: Rewarding Start to 2016

So I have been very slack in compiling some good news in regards to my books the past few weeks... one book in particular: Atrophy.
I always felt and hoped that Atrophy was different from anything else I'd ever written, and hope this is just the beginning of many milestones.
Onward! Atrophy closed out the year by making several lists on Goodreads. The two most notable I'm going to mention today are "Best New Sci-Fi Novels You've Never Heard About" where Atrophy is currently sitting at number 5, and "Best 2015 Sci-Fi Romances" where Atrophy is currently sitting at number 4. Damage Control also made the best new sci-fi list, hovering around 10 at the moment.
These made me excited enough, but earlier in the week, when the annual Sci-Fi Romance Galaxy Awards were announced, I was blown away to find out Atrophy had won an award in round 2, given the title of the "Keep Me Up All Nighter."The judge's final comment was "I knew I would buy the rest of the series, should there be more books. No doubt at all. These are the best new characters of 2015 for me."
I had checked out the Galaxy Awards in previous years and discovered some great new sci-fi romance authors, but it never even occurred to me that any of my books might make the list this year.
Finally, while I entered Atrophy into the Aurealis Awards myself (which is the biggest speculative fiction award in Australia), I also found out a few weeks ago that it had been nominated for a Ditmar Award, which is the biggest science-fiction award in Australia. I'm up against some really big-name authors who are like pillars of the Australian speculative fiction/science fiction world, but its still great to be in the running and see my name sitting there next to theirs. Both awards are announced in March, and even without winning, it would be a thrill just to get shortlisted!
So Atrophy has made a great start to 2016, and with Quantum and Diffraction coming out later in the year, I'm excited to see what the next twelve months have in store!

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