Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 - Year of Super Zoom

I'm not the sort of person to make serious new year's resolutions, but every January I like to reassess where I am, where I plan to go, and make some notes on my project planner board about what I want to work on this year.
This year I decided that as well as the usual project planner, I wanted to make a vision board for my aims and intentions. It won't be the first time, I did a vision board about 6 years ago, and had it up in the dining room of my old house, because back then, one half of the kitchen table was my desk and office. However, while that vision board had some good stuff on it, I think now that maybe it wasn't focused enough.
Hence why I am making 2016 the year of super zoom. I'm going to divide my vision board into separate sections for career, family, finances, recognition of what I already have, plus "wants" or desires. Instead of vague notions about these areas of my life, I'm going to have very specific ideas for where I'm at now, and where I would like to be in a year from now. Hopefully, with a more focused aim, this year I will see some of these goals realized.
At least these days I have an actual study/office to display my vision board. Now if I can just get the kids to leave it alone...

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