Sunday, November 8, 2015

NaNoWriMo Week One Down

Week one of Nano is already over, and despite starting a day late, I've really managed to get into the swing of things. And now for some boring numbers:

Sun 1st Nov - 0 words (hadn't suffered from brain snap and decided to do NaNo yet.)
Mon 2nd Nov - 4028 words (because I decided that morning that YES! I can do NaNo and finish Diffraction by the end of November. Awesome idea. Now to do two days of writing in one!)
Tue 3rd Nov - 2056
Wed 4th Nov - 2799
Thurs 5th Nov - 2285
Fri 6th Nov - 3018
Sat 7th Nov - 3708

Week One Total - 17,895 words.

Since I'm already well ahead of my weekly 14,000 word target, I'm thinking of taking today off and freshen up before diving back in tomorrow. Of course, now that the story if flowing, my brain is full of ideas and my characters are insisting I get it all down on the page, I might find myself sneaking in a few hundred here or there today if I get a quiet few minutes.
But for now, I'm going to make a cup of tea, fold the week's worth of laundry that accumulated and ignore my characters trying to get my attention for a while. My fingers need a break!
Week one of NaNo, its easy to come strongly out of the gate, so I wouldn't be surprised to find I don't write anywhere near to my week one total for the rest of the month. But I do want to get Diffraction finished, so I can take my self-imposed, month-long "holiday" from writing like I usually do in December.

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