Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

So without any preparation whatsoever, I randomly decided on Monday (the day after it officially started) that I was going to do NaNo this year to get the second half of Diffraction finished. My aim is 2000 words a day, or a total of 60,000 words for the month. I've made a good start, writing just over 7000 words in the past two days alone. I'm hoping to get down at least another 3000 words today, to make it an even 10,000 for the past three days.
Knowing the way I operate, there's a very good chance I'll have given up by this time next week, but at least I'll probably be 10k or more into the book than I was before!
While 10,000 words in three days might seem crazy to some people, I'm actually loving it right now. For one, being back in the Atrophy universe with Rian and the rest of the Imojenna's crew is just too much fun. And secondly, in the last few months, I've done very little writing and a whole lot of editing in order to get Damage Control and Atrophy out before the end of the year. And thirdly, I am eager to get Diffraction squared away so I can move on to writing the second book in my romantic suspense, Australian Defense and Intelligence series.
My aim is also to have that book entirely written by early next year before I get too heavily into editing Quantum and Diffraction for their 2016 releases.
I think the real challenge for NaNo is not letting the internet distract me. I've been pretty good in the last few days of strictly checking my two email accounts, blog and facebook only once a day. When I'm on twitter, I've been tweeting but not reading my feed. And most importantly, I'm managing to keep myself away from goodreads and off my Amazon author page, even though I could easily check sales or new reviews coming in. I'm feeling really good about my disciplined and less-usage of the internet in favor of writing, so we'll see how that plays out for the rest of the month.
And now I'm off to start my 3000 words for the day!

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