Monday, October 26, 2015

Release Day Monday Muse - Leigh Alphin from Damage Control

Okay, so I know this is kind of cheating. For a start, I've never done a book character as a Monday Muse before. And second, you would think that since its my book and my character, writing a Monday Muse post (or any post for that matter) about him would be waaaay too easy. In reality, I think the opposite is true. I actually find it much harder to write about my own characters than those I see on TV and the movies, because I've got no perspective. Can't see the forest for the trees kind of thing. I believe the way I see my characters isn't the way other people see them.
But that's possibly a study in character and perception for another day. Today, we're here to celebrate the release of Damage Control and muse it up over Captain Leigh Alphin.
So, Leigh is the CAFF (Captain of the Fighter Force) on board the battleship Valiant Knox and his friends call him Alpha. He's somewhat of a legend, both for his skills as a fighter pilot, and the fact he's a total hard ass when it comes to his squadron and training the new recruits. He's locked down, straight-up, always calm and in control.
Leigh is pretty set in his ways and has been for a long time. But when Mia bursts into his life, he's not prepared for the things she makes him feel, especially considering he is her commanding officer and she's about fifteen years younger than him. Of course he fights it, tries to keep things locked down like he always has, but with a mole in his squadron and needing Mia's skills to find the traitor, Leigh's walls are slowly but surely worn down, until he can't resist the temptation of her any longer.
From a personal point of view, out of all the books I've written, Leigh has definitely earned himself a spot as one of my most favorite heroes. But in the same light, he wasn't always easy to work with... though, the best ones never are! It was intersting to see him battle what he knew was right and the standards he'd always lived by as they came into direct conflict with the things he felt for Mia. I love a forbidden relationship story, so I had a lot of fun writing Leigh and Mia's book in coming up with ways to throw them into each others path and overcome the factors keeping them apart so they could get their happily ever after.
Damage Control is out today, and so far the reviews on Goodreads are raving. If you like a military alpha male, action, suspense and a forbidden love affair, then check it out! Otherwise, muse it up over the eye-candy on the front cover.

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