Friday, October 9, 2015

Just finished Watching... Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

It was only a few months ago I got around to watching Maze Runner. Like when I wanted to see The Duff because I'm a Robbie Amell fan, I mostly wanted to watch Maze Runner because I'm a huge Dylan O'Brien fan. Seriously, that kid can act, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing him in some very awesome movies and TV shows for a long time to come. He reminds me a little of Heath Ledger (I mean in terms of that raw, natural, talent.) Needless to say, I hope he doesn't go down the same dark path that Heath Ledger did. I still get sad when I think of Heath Ledger, partly because he was my age, and a lot because of all the acting we'll never get to see him do.

Anyway, totally got off topic there! So I only saw Maze runner a few months ago, and while you think I might have gotten my fill of teenage dystopian movies from The Hunger Games and Divergent, Maze Runner looked different enough that I was excited to see it. I can now say that out of all the teenage dystopian franchises, Maze Runner is definitely my favorite. I don't want to say its because of the lack of angsty romance or love triangle, but that is one very distinct difference this movie has that sets its apart from the others.  However, the "love interest" concept is not totally missing. Thomas obviously cares for Teresa, and may have had feelings for her before his memory was wiped. But this isn't a major thread of the movie, and is hinted at very subtly, given just enough substance to intrigue, but not enough that it detracted from anything else going on.
Once I'd seen Maze Runner, I knew I had to see Scorch Trials at the cinema. And I'm not sorry I did!
Seeing it on the big screen made those action packed sequences and chair-gripping suspense scenes so much better. And damn it, but they left me perched on the edge of my seat, needing and wanting to know what happens so badly that I immediately went to my nearest bookstore and brought the entire series of books, prequel included. And that is not an exaggeration. I literally left the cinema and drove to the books store. My hubby was not overly impressed. Except after asking me if I REALLY needed to get ALL the books, he told me I have to tell him what happens after I'm finished... he's not much of a reader.
Anyway, because books tend to have slight (or sometimes huge) variations on the movie adaptations, I'm starting from the very beginning of the first book, instead of jumping in at the third book like I was tempted to do. But I'm also seriously craving a Maze Runner re-watch, so there's a very good chance I'll be off to a DVD or department store tomorrow to buy the Maze Runner DVD.
All in all, the Scorch Trials were an excellent follow on to an awesome movie, and it really hurts to know I'm going to have to wait another year before the Death Cure movie comes out.
The only bad thing I can say about this whole thing is that I wish it had been made into a TV series (starring Dylan O'Brien... except then I guess he wouldn't be on Teen Wold any more and that would be a HUGE problem) so that we could have enjoyed this world and these characters week after week for years to come.

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