Sunday, October 4, 2015

Just Finished Watching... The Duff


I wanted to see this movie when it was on at the cinemas, but as I find myself so short on time these days, going to the movies is definitely something that sadly doesn't happen very often any longer. And I'll admit, my desire to see this movie was partly fueled by being a fan of Robbie Amell. I loved the Tomorrow People and was totally depressed that it was cancelled. However, I've been hanging off rumor that his character, Firestorm, was going to get its own spin off from the uber-successful Arrow/The Flash franchise. In the meantime, I have to console myself with his occasional appearance on The Flash and watching The Duff... He's a good actor. Okay, okay, those dark good looks don't hurt either.

Anyway, I also have to admit that despite being a decade or so out of high school myself, I'm still a sucker for a good high school based movie if it's got a really good concept, which I  think The Duff did.
I really liked that the traditional roles/conventions of high school were somewhat different to other teen movies of the past. Though the entire movie was about a girl discovering that she was the "duff" out of her friends (designated ugly fat friend) it was interesting that the social zones of the teens weren't so classically cut out, or black and white. What I mean is that the pretty popular girls were friendly and not the "queen bees." There was one super pretty bitchy girl, destined to be a reality TV star according to herself, but instead of leading the school, mostly everyone kind of steered clear of her. Also, the school's football captain wasn't afraid to be seen talking to the "average" girl, though this might have been a slight exception to the rule as they were neighbors and grew up together.
I also liked that the entire movie wasn't building up to that perfect kiss at the end. The two main characters shared an unexpected kiss midway through the movie, which muddied the waters of their feelings very nicely. This was the ultimate teen friends-to-lovers and average-girl-gets-the-guy story, and it was done quite well. It pretty much had everything from the cringe moments when you're sinking in your seat and saying 'oh no, don't do that!" To laugh out loud quirky humor, and of course the moments that make you go "awwww!"
Maybe it's not the most brilliant or intellectual, or high-brow movie ever made, and those aren't the sorts of movies I like to watch anyway. This is the sort of movie I like to watch.
For its genre, it was pretty awesome, and will easily go down as one of my favorite high school teen movies, and no doubt it'll be one of those ones I can easily pull out and re-watch many times over.

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