Monday, September 28, 2015

Damage Control Available for Pre Order! (And New Escape Velocity Cover!)

So much for posting more often! Time has continued slipping by, putting me well behind on the blog front, as well as a number of other things. I should have had this post up a week ago, but its been hard to find the time.
But I'm here now with the exciting news that Damage Control (Valiant Knox #2) is now available for pre order, until its October 26 release! YAY!
And now for the exciting stuff...

In space, you can't hide from temptation...

Nick-named Captain Hardass by the new recruits, Captain Leigh Alphin is captain of the Fighter Force of the battleship Valiant Knox. He's honorable, straightforward, and hard as nails - except for the soft spot he has for a young woman he rescued off a transport that was under attack. Now that she's one of his new recruits, it's imperative he stop thinking about her in that way.
Especially now that the Knox has been secretly infiltrated by the enemy.
Mia Wolf's new commander is icy, no-BS, and completely gorgeous. His glances send heat searing through her. Neither of them can afford to make this mistake, yet desire takes hold, consuming them. For the first time, Leigh's iron sense of honor falters as his heart fights for love… and against an enemy trying to destroy everything they hold dear.

Find it at Amazon.

And while we're talking about the Valiant Knox, Escape Velocity has a shiny new cover, to match up with Damage Control:

Rebuilding his life. And rediscovering love...

Ilari, Brannon System, 2436
At first, Dr. Sacha Dalton is simply curious about the prisoner of war admitted to her med-lab...until she sees who it is. For Commander Kai Yang--the commander of the battleship Valiant Knox--has long been thought dead. Killed in action. But after almost a year and half, he's returned home. Returned to her.
Kai is recovering from his ordeal and under the watchful care of Sacha, his childhood friend and the widow of his best friend. Only now, their friendship has grown and deepened into something far deeper, and far more complicated. Yet as Kai's body recovers, his psyche remains broken. How could he ever be the man he was, and the man Sacha deserves? But an intergalactic war has a way of forcing a man to be the hero he was always meant to be...

 Find it at Amazon.

And it's all happening, because I'm very excited to announce that Atrophy will also be available for pre order in the coming weeks, until its release on Dec 7. Stay tuned, because hopefully I'll be able to reveal the Atrophy cover very soon!

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