Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Behind the Scenes Work Update

Once again, the blog and my social media went dark through the end of July. Seriously, the weeks are flying by at the moment! But I didn't go quiet because I was sitting on a beach somewhere or off doing other things. No, I have been hard at work!
I completed several rounds of edits on Damage Control (Valiant Knox series #2), due out on the 27th of October. After that, I did some revisions on a romantic suspense, currently titled Hard Defense (Australian Defense and Intelligence series #1) which my agent is about to send out.
Right on top of that I got edits for Atrophy, due out on the 7th of December. I've done an initial round of changes, and sent them back to my editor. There will probably be one or two more rounds back and forth before we get the story locked in and move on to copy edits.
I have to admit, I am so excited about working on Atrophy. While I love writing, and I love all my series for different reason and in different ways, Atrophy is like the pinnacle of my creativity, I suppose you could say.
I'm not really sure what it is about this story that sets itself apart for me, but the concept, and the characters -- especially the central character, Rian Sherron -- are nothing short of epic. While I'm waiting for the next round of edits to come in, I'll be making some minor alterations to Quantum (Atrophy #2) to reflect the changes I made in Atrophy. After that, I'm going to get back into writing Diffraction (Atrophy #) with a view to finish the book. While I'm in that head space and feeling inspired, I might as well go with it!
August is probably going to be another quiet blogging month. Besides all these edits and books to work on, I have the Bendigo Writers Festival on this weekend, and the Romance Writers of Australia conference two weeks later. Hopefully come September, things will quieten down a little, and I'll be back to my usual blog programming. I've got blog posts in mind I'd love to write, including some great books I've read recently and one about a new ship I'm going all fan-girl over on TV.
So I may be quiet, but its only because I'm working hard to get my next few books out.
And for anyone attending the Bendigo Writers Festival, copies of Escape Velocity will be available at the festival bookstore. I may get a chance to sign some copies after my Saturday session, but if you see me wandering around over the weekend, don't be shy about coming up and asking!

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Kez said...

You have been busy! Looking forward to seeing you at RWA conference!

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