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Ships That Aren't Shipping 2015 - Part Four: Skye and Ward from Agents of Shield

Part four of Ships That Aren't Shipping, But Totally Should Be 2015 style brings us to another of my favorite and more frustrating couples, or non-couples, on TV at the moment. If you need to catch up, before this came part three: Regina and Robin on Once Upon a Time, part two: Bellamy and Clarke on The 100 and part one: Felicity and Oliver on Arrow.

The Skyward ship is a particularly hard one to endure, especially this season with Ward being absent a lot of the time. But for some reason -- maybe because I enjoy a good "redemption" story and Ward is one of my favorite characters on the show -- I really want this ship to eventually work.
SO. Where to begin? Last years Shipping post on these two got put up before the Hydra crap hit the fan, splattering everything we thought we knew about the team and Ward into an unrecognizable mess. Yes, Skye and Ward finally revealed their feelings for one another and it was a shipping dream come true.
They were just so gorgeous together. It was all badass secret agent rainbows and butterflies... for about five seconds until it was revealed that Ward was actually a Hydra agent leaving probably 90% of the fandom yelling
"WTF?!?!" Joss Whedon sure does know how to screw with his fans. If someone had asked me to pick who I thought on the team could be a Hydra agent, Ward would have been the last person I suspected. He always seemed so good and honorable, almost uptight in his belief of being a Shield agent and doing the right thing. But that's the point, isn't it? That's where the brilliance comes into it. Having Ward revealed as the Hydra agent was heartbreaking and shocking.
Once the truth came out, Ward became an almost entirely different person, proving that he'd successfully fooled the team and us poor saps of fans. Words like psychotic have since been tossed around when discussing him, and I can certainly see their point. There is something awesomely badass about Ward's true nature, and its impossible to tell if he really is a sociopath, or just playing yet another role as a means to an end we can't see.
So when Skye found out the truth about Ward,
she was understandably shocked, heart broken and then royally pissed off. After Hydra pretty much destroyed Shield, the team managed to capture Ward and lock him up in the basement of their cool new base. At some point, Ward made a promise to Skye that he would never lie to her again, that his feelings for her had been the only thing he hadn't lied about, and also revealed that he knew her father and wanted to help reunite them. Despite Skye's apparent hatred of Ward (which I think was actually a lot of anger because despite everything, she still had feelings for him, even though he'd hurt her and betrayed them all. She probably didn't want to have feelings for him and hated it, hence her extreme hostility toward him) she agreed with Coulson's plan of having her talk to Ward to get information about Hydra out of him.
Despite explaining how Ward didn't actually see himself as a Hydra agent, as he was loyal to Garrett, his mentor, and not Hydra, and the fact that his older brother was definitely a sociopath who'd tortured him as a kid, with his parents also playing their part in a traumatic childhood, no one was willing to cut him any slack, especially since he almost killed Fitz. In the end, Coulson made the decision to hand Ward over to his sociopathic brother, and I'm still not sure whether Coulson or any of the rest of the team really believed Ward's story about his childhood. But in the end, we got this really great episode where Ward confronted his brother, which ended with the brother and parent in a murder-suicide type thing. What was never made clear was whether Ward had killed them all and orchestrated it, or simply pushed his brother into doing it. Either way, it was yet another question mark over Ward's sanity and morality.
I would have liked a bit more Ward action this season, even after he escaped Shield and was off doing his own thing for god-knows what reason. I'm sure Joss Whedon and the team are building something with Ward off to the side where we can't see and its going to whammy us when we least expect it.
Anyway, most fans have probably abandoned the Skyward ship, and I can understand why. Skye hasn't made any secret of the fact that she hates Ward, in an episode earlier in the season, she even shot him after he'd done as he promised and helped reunite her with her father. Given, her father turned out to have a few anger and control issues himself, but shooting Ward was kind of like the final nail in the coffin.
But I still refuse to give up hope!
Ward has a bit of a thing going on with Agent 33, a Shield agent who was captured by Hydra and brainwashed. He's helped her overcome the brainwashing and remember who she is, which on the outside seems all hero-like and altruistic, but I'm sure Ward's got his reasons for doing it, even while there's something sweet yet disturbing about their relationship.
HOWEVER. In the last few weeks, Coulson decided he needed Ward to help infiltrate Hydra once again to rescue some "powered people" and find Skye. Ward lit up like a Christmas tree every time someone mentioned Skye's name, and when he found out Skye was the reason behind the mission, he was pretty much falling over himself to help them. He may have told Agent 33 that he was over Skye, since she'd made her feelings clear by shooting him four times, but anyone with half a brain can see its just not true and Ward is still totally obsessed in love with her.That alone, will keep the embers of this ship glowing for me.
Ward also made it clear he regretted breaking up the band, and working with their close-knit team was one thing he really missed. However, no one was ready to even think about forgiving him, and once again he had to make an escape, leaving him on the outs. But just when we thought he'd be in the wind again, it turned out he'd really been helping Agent 33 get into Shield so she could get her revenge on Bobby, who'd done something to her in the past. Ward and this show are so unpredictable, I can't even begin to guess where this is going to lead next. But I really am hoping that at some point, Ward will rejoin the team and they'll all start getting back to a place of at least being able to work with him. Obviously they might never trust him again, but I really want Ward to be a permanent fixture once again. And maybe, just maybe, Skye will eventually understand where he was coming from so the Skyward ship can be revived.

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