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Ships That Aren't Shipping 2015 - Part Three: Regina and Robin on Once Upon a Time.

Welcome to part three of Ships That Aren't Shipping But Totally Should be, 2015 style. If you missed it, the two ships before this were Bellamy and Clarke on The 100, and Oliver and Felicity on Arrow.
Last year, third place was taken by a couple on Once Upon a Time, but I was lamenting the fact that it was Emma and Hook who couldn't get their act together. Well, apparently in the end they could, because they are totally together and almost boringly domesticated. However, I have a feeling that the path Emma is walking down, flirting with the darkness and all that, may lead to some trouble in paradise.
But we're not here to talk about them, we're here to talk about my current favorite ship on the show, Outlaw Queen. (Seriously, who comes up with these shipper names? Between Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan, this show definitely has the coolest shipper names!)
I have really love Regina's character from very early on in this show. Even though she started out evil, it was the kind of evil with style you couldn't help but admire. However, when she started turning into a gray character-- raising the question of whether she was truly good or evil at heart--that was when I really became a fan. So for a long time now, I've wanted Regina to get her happy ending, especially once she aligned herself with the "heroes" and everything in her life became about doing what was best for her adopted son, Henry.
When Robin Hood was posed to be Regina's soul mate, I thought it was absolutely brilliant. But of course, these things are never straight forward. At first, Regina was resistant, and Robin was obviously wary of the Evil Queen. Although, now that I say that, I think he may have not known who she was when he met her. Anyway, these two just had that magical something we all want out of ships on these shows, and it was great to watch them fall for each other, even as they tried to overcome all the obstacles standing in their way.
And boy, have there been some serious obstacles, not the least of which was Robin's assumed-to-be-dead-wife, Marian, turning up at the end of last season. Every time it looked like Robin and Regina were finally going to get their chance, something else got in the way. Now, when Marian turned up, Regina could have easily gone totally dark side again, and don't get me wrong, she seemed to fight that side of herself a few times. But in the end, she was always making decisions that would make things better or easier for Robin, which often left her alone and hurting.
Meanwhile, Robin tried to fall back in with Marian, but he'd already gone and fallen in love with Regina, proven when Marian was cursed with a freezing spell and Robin's "true love kiss" failed to break it. Regina managed to save Marian from dying, but Robin's wife ended up in a kind of stasis. Regina promised to find a way to break the curse, and then it was painful weeks of Regina and Robin trying to resist their feelings for one another, while Robin struggled to remain true to a wife he no longer loved.
Unsurprisingly, he did finally give in to his feelings, and of course it wasn't long after this that Marian woke up. Things were okay for about five minutes, with Marian accepting Robin had moved on and wanting him to be happy. Except fate hadn't quite finished tormenting, with Marian's life in danger again, the only way to survive was in leaving the town and all its magic behind.
Robin didn't have a choice but to go with her and his son, leaving both him and Regina heartbroken again. And if that STILL wasn't enough, in the past few weeks it came out that Marian wasn't Marian at all, but actually Regina's wicked sister, Zalina, posing as Marian to destroy Regina's happiness. If that didn't leave people's mind spinning, the revelation that she was pregnant with Robin's child was like the final twist of the knife.
But Regina isn't anything if not single minded, and she was resolved to have her happy ending, including Robin, no matter what. She brought her pregnant sister and Robin back to Storybrooke and despite Zalina's insistence that she was going to continue interfering and all but using the baby as emotional blackmail on them all, Regina wasn't cowed, realizing that she herself was the only one standing in the way of her own happy ending.
However, since we're yet to be treated to the season finale, I have a feeling not all is said and done for Outlaw Queen. History has proven than any-and-everything can and will get in between these two, so I'm on the edge of my seat to see how this ship plays out for the rest of the season four and into season five.

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