Friday, May 8, 2015

Just Finished Reading... Outback Dreams by Rachel Johns

Outback Dreams is the first in a trilogy set in the (fictional?) town of Bunyip Bay in Western Australia. I actually read the series out of order, beginning with the second book, Outback Blaze, last year. It was the first rural romance I'd ever read, because I'm not a huge fan of contemporary romances. However, with the rising popularity of Australian outback romances, I decided I wanted to give one a go. At the time I was dong a book club kind of thing with some friends and when it was my turn to pick a book, I went with Outback Blaze, followed by Outback Ghost as soon as it came out. Though I hadn't read the first book, this is type of series where you can pick up any book and not feel like you're missing out on anything by not having read the previous ones. But I still planned to go back and read the first, so I finally got around to that last week.
Like the other two books in the series, Outback Dreams was a really great story, the characters were easy to love and you were drawn in, wanting them to get their happy ending.
Outback Dreams featured two characters who'd known each other since they were kids. The friends-to-lovers trope was handled just beautifully, and the evolution of their relationship came across as natural and believable. As with the other two books, I just loved reading this book, and devoured it much to quick. And now, because I've had such a wonderful experience reading Rachel Johns' rural romance, I'm interested in branching out and trying some others. I think Rachel Johns is one of those authors who weaves such a fabulous story that you get sucked in and don't want to put the book down until all is said and done. She could probably write anything and I'd enjoy reading it!
If you've never read an Australian Outback romance and have been thinking about trying, I would highly recommend Rachel Johns Outback trilogy as a good way to start. Also, how could you not love these covers?

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