Saturday, April 25, 2015

Time To Let Go - Grey's Anatomy 11x21

Dear Grey's Anatomy,

I don't know how to say this, but I'm afraid its over. I can't see you anymore.
Its hard to let go, you've been there, a constant in my life for eleven years and honestly I didn't want things to end this way, but I just can't go on like this.
Like your characters, I was in my early twenties when it all started and grew up into my thirties with them, from working out where I fit in life, to handling the responsibilities of adulthood that you're just supposed to magically know after reaching a certain age, and growing into someone who mostly had a handle on things, I went through my own trials while I watched your characters go through theirs and felt like we had something in common.
It wasn't always easy. There were good times and bad times for both of us. I stuck it out through Izzy getting cancer and almost destroying Alex before abruptly leaving. I stayed strong when George got hit by a bus trying to save someone else and was so mangled the rest of his friends didn't even recognize him. My heart hurt for Christina and how things ended with Burke. I wanted to give up after the plane crash that killed Lexie and Mark, but I pushed on. I wondered how things would ever be the same after Christina left, but consoled myself with the fact that at least she wasn't dead, so there might be cameos.
But now, you've gone somewhere you can't come back from. Except not only did you destroy one of the very foundations and pillars of your entire show, you've darkened the place in my heart that believes in happily-ever-after. For everything Derek and Meredith have been through, was this really what they deserved?
A body can't beat without a heart, and though you may have failed to see it, Derek, and his relationship with Meredith were the heart of the show and without him, without them, I'm afraid there will be nothing left except a hollow cavity, haunted by the ghosts of those who've died.
So I'm leaving, before subjecting myself to watching as the rest of the characters realize they're now living in a McDreamy-less world where happy endings will never happen for anyone. Good luck with wherever you go from here and I hope you'll understand why I can't continue this journey with you, despite everything you meant to me.
With Sad Regret....


....Okay, while my letter might be a bit of a dramatized joke, the sentiment remains the same. I'm actually not going to be watching Grey's next week because I'm that heart broken over Derek's death and while we've lost a lot of characters over the years and I've stuck with it, I don't think I can watch a show without Derek. Its more to do with the fact that he and Meredith didn't get their happy ending. Their relationship was like old faithful, a constant I knew I could rely on when other TV ships were doing crazy stuff. Even when Meredith and Derek weren't together, or seeing other people, I always got the feeling that they were meant to be, so they'd eventually find their way back to each other. Very few people are truly, honestly meant to be together, a true example of fate, especially in TV land. To me, Derek and Meredith were a very rare breed of couple, and I always loved tuning into them, even when things were so hard recently.
Between Grey's Anatomy and Supernatural, these were the TV characters I grew through my twenties and into my thirties with. Now, Supernatural is down to their last few episodes and Grey's Anatomy really did a number on me. The worst thing about it is the fact that I've got to say goodbye to my twenties, they were like the last link to my previous decade self. Now I've got to find some protagonist living life in their thirties and we all know the older the protagonists gets, the less glamorous their life is. Its kind of a depressing reflection of life.
Clearly I need to write a sitcom about an author in her early thirties who is much too invested in TV show characters while she juggles a writing career and three kids. Can you imagine some of the situations she would face? Yeah, I think there's some comedy gold right there.

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