Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Work Status Update

Just a quick check in because as usual, I am busy, busy!
I'm currently working on making Damage Control a little longer, as of now its up around the 76,000 word mark, and I think it'll be about 80,000 words when I'm done.
I'm also working on a romantic suspense, off which I managed to delete 10,000 words about two weeks ago. Half a bottle of red wine later, my words were not back and I was simply missing 10,000 words and slightly hung over. When I'm done with the changes to Damage Control, I'll be re-writing those 10,000 words and then working towards finishing that romantic suspense. I've also got a New Adult sci-fi in the works, and am playing around with the 3rd Atrophy book, Diffraction in my spare time (HA! what spare time??)
Its just ticked over to Autumn (Fall) here in Australia, so on the weekend I got out all my knitting needles, crochet hooks and yarn I've got stashed away in various places around the house. I've got a couple of baby blankets to crochet, so that keeps me entertained in the evenings while I'm watching TV.
I've just started reading Anja's Star by Lyn Brittan and it seems really good so far. My only complaint it that it seems rather short (I know, its a novella) and things are happening really fast. I think it could have been a really awesome book if it had been fleshed out to a full length novel, but I will reserve full judgement until I've finished.
So, that's where I'm at and right now, I have other life-stuff to go do!

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