Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When You Like The Other Guy Better Version 2.1 - Reign

For all the time I spend on this blog talking about shows like Arrow, The 100, Once Upon a Time, etc, etc, Reign is one of those shows I really love, but kind of gets lost in the background. Sure, its historical content is wildly inaccurate at best, but damned if it isn't entertaining. And I know its not exactly high-brow entertainment, its like a historical spin on Gossip Girl.
Last time I did one of these When You Like The Other Guy Better posts, it featured Mary and Bash (Sebastian) on Reign. Now, almost a year later, I find myself with the same conundrum, only the hero has changed. Maybe I should have called this post When You Like The Other Other Guy Better.
The other other guy in question is Louis Conde, Francis's cousin and a prince in his own right of a small neighboring country, Navarre. However, he is the younger son, with an older brother to inherit the crown. Conde is introduced early in the season as he assists Francis who is trying to keep Lola and their newborn son safe from the plague. Lola and Francis had one night together in Paris while Mary was engaged to Bash, and the pregnancy, plus the fact that Lola is one of Mary's ladies made things between Mary and Francis complicated, just when they were starting to look better again.
Conde comes to the court (I can't remember why) and ends up playing diplomat for relations between the two counties. Through a series of circumstances, he and Mary get to know one another better, and eventually he starts turning into her knight in shining armor, almost literally in the episode when he helps her track down and kill the man who raped her.
Now, because of the rape, and the part Francis played in making bad decisions while being blackmailed by someone else (which I won't go into because that is a whole other thing. This show is so twisty and soap-opera like, no wonder I can't stop watching it!) which inadvertently led to the castle being attacked by Protestants and Mary corned in her bedchamber, she ends up associating Francis with the whole thing and wants to live separately from him.
A while ago, Mary found out that Conde was in love with her, and they kind of danced around the issue, but then Conde got fed up with being led around by Mary (rightful so) until Mary was eventually forced to face the fact that she had feelings for him. And even though Francis was making all this noise about fixing things with Mary, there was no deny that a deep bond was forming between him and Lola whenever he spent time with her and his son.
This past episode, Mary tried to take Francis into her bed for the sake of conceiving an heir, but couldn't go through with it. The two of them argued, with Francis demanding to know if she loved Conde, and then forbidding her from being with him. After, Mary had a new resolve that she wouldn't do things for other people any more, she was going to live her life in whatever manner she saw fit. This culminated in her declaring her feelings to Conde and then asking him to return to Scotland with her.
But, because things are never straight forward and this is one of the twistiest show on TV at the moment, the episode ended with Conde's older brother, the king of Navarre, telling him that Queen Elizabeth, recently having come into her rule in England, had expressed interest in being courted by Conde.
Now as rumor would have it, Queen Elizabeth will be joining the cast in season 3, which I'm really looking forward to. Its going to be interesting to see how they convincingly move her into the storyline, since she obviously can't just go hang out in French court while she has her own country to run. It makes me wonder if some of the cast (Mary and a few others) might not make the move back to Scotland as has been mentioned previously.
But back to Mary and Conde. And on a side note, this guy has the brooding stare down to a fine art. Meanwhile, I'm sure our handsome prince is not going to tell Mary about Elizabeth considering him for a match, for fear of hurting her. However, she will find out, probably in some way that will definitely hurt, and then she and Conde will have the expected falling out. As much as I love Mary and Conde as a couple, I'm under no illusions that they'll last considering Mary is married to Francis and one would assume, will eventually find her way back to him. But, I may be wrong. Either way, I'm tuning in week after week to see what happens next.

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