Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Teaser Tuesday at the Scifi Romance Group

As the title of this post suggests, the Scifi Romance Group is having a Teaser Tuesday, so I've decided to join in the fun and post an except of Cover Fire (Valiant Knox #3 and a current work-in-progress).

Valiant Knox
In Orbit around Ilari, Brannon System
Sub-Lieutenant Sebastian Rayne stared at the Command Intelligence agent and her handler, the crazy frigging people.
"You want me to drop you where?"
The CI handler's expression tightened, making the guy looked like he'd got a whiff of something he didn't like. "These coordinates, as I've just given you—"
"Yeah, I can read the coordinates, buddy. But, you do realize they're in the heart of enemy-held territory? Like, I'm talking so far up the proverbial ass—"
"We realize that," the agent interrupted. "They told us you were the best pilot in the Brannon System. So, can you drop me there, or not?"
Well now, stroke his ego and then throw down a challenge? This chick had player written all over her.
He rocked back on his heels, hooking his thumbs through his belt holster.
"I don't know. What's in it for me?" He shot her a weighted look full of smarmy innuendo. However, he was just playing her tit for tat. The woman had all artificial looks — straw blonde hair, perfect plastic features and too much makeup. The usual CI agent killer-babe, who used her face and body to charm the unsuspecting enemy… and then slit the poor bastard's throat before he'd even finished getting his rocks off.
 Yeah, there was something too fake about her, all except for those eyes. Those silvery-jade eyes had an expressive openness to them that didn't belong in the face of a consummate fraud.
"Nothing," the agent replied. "There's nothing in it for you except the challenge of taking on a high-risk assignment. But, from what I've heard about you, that should be enough."
Damn, she had it right there. Even now, the idea of getting so far into the heart of territory held by the CSS — Christ's Sunday Soldiers — had anticipation pulsing through him with the steady, excited thudding of his heart. In his mind's eye, he could see possible routes and the problems he was likely to run up against. It would be one heck of a ride and had all the hallmarks of a suicide mission.
"Fine, when do we leave?"
The CI handler looked relieved, while the agent simply nodded.
"We leave now. Commander Yang has already cleared an armed personnel carrier for our use."
Seb glanced over at Commander Yang, who gave a single nod in confirmation. Had they all been so sure he'd take on this crazy assignment? When had he become so damn predictable?
 He tapped a foot while the agent had a quick, quiet conversation with her handler, before she walked over to join him.
"By the way, Sub-Lieutenant." The agent paused in front of him and that intense jade gaze of hers seemed to be sizing him up. "We're short on time, so not only do I need you to get me there in one piece, I need you to do it fast."
He shot her a grin. "Then you've definitely come to the right place. When it comes to ships and jets, crazy and fast is the only way I do things."
As he saluted Commander Yang, Seb caught the faintly exasperated expression that crossed the CO's face. Yeah, his reputation of being a cowboy had been well earned since he'd received his wings and joined the fighter pilot squadron nine years back. But someone in the squad had to fill the role of crazy-sonuvabitch, otherwise who else would they give whacky, fun-filled assignments-of-death to?
The agent nodded to her handler and then walked out of the wardroom, and Seb fell into step beside her. "I assume we're launching from port level alpha?"
She shook her head, lips pressed into a thin line. "No, the personnel carrier Commander Yang organized for us is on port level charlie, bay foxtrot ten."
"So we're launching from the boondocks, huh?" He made a face, though she didn't see it, the way she was avoiding looking at him. What, she didn't like dealing with the grunt? Well, too bad. If he had to fly her into the stinking armpit of Ilari that the CSS called home, then she could damn well put up with his commentary the entire way. "I guess that means you don't want anyone to see me flying you off to your super-secret CI business."
She cut him an unimpressed look, sprinkled with a hint of annoyance. "Yes. And I'm sure I don't need to tell you exactly how classified this is, so don't go blabbing your mouth to any of your stick jockey buddies tonight when you're having after-shift beers."
He sent her a faintly mocking salute. "Yes ma'am."


Aurora Springer said...

Intriguing start

Greta said...

Nice. You've done a great job of creating a character.

E J Frost said...

Very intriguing! Looking forward to seeing more.

Jess Anastasi said...

Thanks, everyone! The first book in this series, Escape Velocity, is coming out with Entangled Publishing on the 2nd of Feb. This is the 3rd book I'm working on at the moment. The second will be out later in the year, and then this one will be sometime after it :)
Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed my teaser!

Melisse Aires said...

Exciting start and I smell trouble ahead!

Veronica Scott said...

I really the the character's 'voice' and the drama of the situation. Best wishes on the books!

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