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Ships That Aren't Shipping 2015 - Part One: Oliver and Felicity on Arrow

Its been almost a year since I did my series of posts on Ships That Aren't Shipping, But Totally Should Be. I realized the other day that not much has changed for a lot of the couples I featured, while some of the couples have ceased to exist because of show cancellations. So I thought it was about time I did a revised round up and see what a year in TV land has brought us, beginning with Oliver and Felicity on Arrow.

As previously discussed at great length on this blog, the Olicity ship has well and truly set sail. In the year since I complained about Oliver sleeping with Isabelle Rochev and getting back with Sarah, a lot has happened. Like, too much to go over in one post. But we're here to focus on the developments shipping-wise.

Though Oliver spent some time with Sarah, it was never really going to work, and he continued to grow closer to Felicity, while Felicity quite obviously fell deeper in love with Oliver. There were lots of "awww" moments between them--when they had disagreements, or little heart-to-hearts, and there were even a couple of lingering hugs.
But the peak of the Olicity buildup came in the last episode, when Oliver sequestered Felicity away in the mansion, telling her that he needed her to be safe. When Felicity refused and questioned him about it, I assumed Oliver would give her some half-cocked explanation and run out before she could call him on it.
What happened next was one of the best TV shipping moments, and will probably be my favorite for a long time to come. Oliver told Felicity that Slade had threatened to kill the woman he loved. At that, I thought "aw, he's telling her without telling her" and I could have lived with that. Except when Felicity pushed him further, Oliver answered with "So, he took the wrong woman." I almost jumped off my chair in excitement, and when he said "I love you, Felicity" I swear my heart skipped a beat.
If only I could write this stuff into my books, its like emotional crack.
Anyway, so for a while I was all glowing because Oliver had manned up and told Felicity he loved her, even though a little niggle in the back of my mind told me it was probably too good to be true. And of course, I should have listened, because it apparently all turned out to be a setup to trap the bad guy Slade Wilson.
The episode ended with Felicity and Oliver having a conversation about how it had all been a ruse. But I refused to believe it. Diggle and Felicity, and probably Laurel and Sarah had all called Oliver on what a bad liar he was. And Oliver didn't agree or disagree about his declaration being a ruse. Considering the intensity of the moment, I just couldn't believe that Oliver had been pretending.
And I was right to believe! In the very first episode of season 3, us shippers were treated to Oliver asking Felicity on a date.
I'll try to contain my gushing and keep it short. But the scenes between Oliver and Felicity were so adorable and scrumptious, I just don't know how you could watch this show and not ship Olicity. So unfortunately the date was cut short by the restaurant getting blown up. Right away, I knew the touchy feeley good times were over. Oliver was shutting down faster than you could say "save Olicity!" and wasn't going to listen to anyone telling him that pushing Felicity away wasn't the answer.
I was a little disappointed, but not surprised. After all, the writers/creators weren't going to let us shippers get our happily-ever-after that easily. Still, at least they had the decency to end the episode with a highly anticipated kiss, even if it was followed by Felicity telling Oliver it was over.
In the episodes since, the Olicity ship has been all over the place. Felicity's interests, both personally and professionally have been divided by the introduction of Ray Palmer. And just when it looked like Oliver might come around to the idea of him and Felicity being together, he went to see her just in time to catch her and Ray sharing a kiss that amounted to nothing (thank god!).
The mid-season finale treated us to the torture of Oliver telling Felicity he loved her once again, and then bidding her good-bye as he went off the fight the head of the League of Assassins. Unsurprisingly, Oliver was at last beaten in a fight, and the episode ended with him stabbed through the middle and falling off a cliff.
Last night, the return of the second half of season 3 was as agonizing as expected, with Team Arrow dealing with the realization that after not hearing from him for several days, Oliver probably wasn't coming back. The knife was twisted when it was Malcom Merlyn who came to tell them that Oliver was dead.
Of course, we all know he's not, but it was heartbreaking to see Felicity trying to accept the death of the man she loves. Right now, I'm dying to know how the Olicity reunion is going to go down, and wondering how many weeks the writers are going to keep them apart and build the unbearable tension to the point of making the shippers crazy. Though I'm imaging emotional embraces and a passionate reunion kiss, knowing Oliver, and the way this Olicity ship works, the reunion between them is likely to be frustratingly reserved with hardly any PDA.
I'm also wondering what fallout is likely to happen from this huge emotional landmine. I can only think that Felicity will either decide she can't do this anymore, and refuse to stand by and wait for the day Oliver does actually die, or on the other hand decide that she isn't going to let Oliver get in the way of their relationship any longer and work harder at convincing him they should be together. Considering Felicity's reactions this week, I believe the former will be more likely, leaving Oliver heartbroken and pretty much lost without her.
Either way, the second half of Arrow season 3 is bound to be an emotional roller-coaster for us poor Olicity shippers.  

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