Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just Finished Reading... Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach

So I've been totally slack with my reading habits this year, especially in the last six months. However, I have a new resolve to start making more time to read so I'm not so caught up in my own work all the time, plus its good too see what else is out there.
To that end, I finally got my hands on a book I'd been meaning to read for ages - Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach (also writing as Rachel Aaron). There's an interview in the back of this book, and the author says that she'd had the idea for her Paradox series in the back of her mind, but a few years ago, went looking for an action packed space romance, but when she couldn't find any that were exactly what she was after, decided to write one herself. The reason I mention this is because that was one of the reasons I decided to write Atrophy.
Anyway, I'm not a big fan of books written in the first person. That's not to say I won't read them, but they've got to have a really awesome hook to get me in, otherwise, it bothers me. About three pages into this book, I stopped noticing it was even written in first person. Good writing is good writing, people, so if a book can grab you, it won't matter about those little things that otherwise might stop you from reading on.
This writing in this book is awesome, which, when added to great characters and an exciting story, makes for a five star read, if I was the type of reader to give out marks.
The main female character, Devi, is exactly the kind of brave, confident kick-ass heroine I aspire to write, but haven't got a handle on yet. This book shows it can be done, and can be done well. So its probably not surprising to admit that I wasn't even half way through this book when I immediately went and ordered the following two (in paperback, because I'm old fashioned that way) and now I'm sitting here day after day, waiting for them to arrive so I can find out what happens to Devi.
As for the romance, it was good, but there probably wasn't as much as I usually enjoy in my sci-fi romance (however, I know in my own books, sometimes I go over board with the romance and don't have as much sci-fi, which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea). The romance between Devi and Rupert was handled quite well, and Rupert is a whole mystery unto himself that I can't wait to find out more about. 
All in all, this was an awesome book, and I certainly hope Rachel Bach continues writing sci-fi romance -- if not this series, then maybe something else, because she certainly has a talent for it!

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