Thursday, December 11, 2014

Countdown: Top Season Returns of 2014/2015 - #1 Arrow

And after a bit of a delay, we're back with the countdown of shows that I think made the best return for the 2014/2015 season. I know, I'm a bit slow with this considering the viewing season is now almost half over already, with most shows airing their mid-winter finale. Still, I think the shows I've mentioned have continued to impress right into the middle of the series, and hopefully will continue into the second half when they return in 2015. At number four we had Once Upon a Time. The number three spot was Chicago Fire. And Agents of SHIELD came in at number two.
If you've read this blog recently, its probably not surprising to find I've awarded Arrow the number one spot...

Yes, I have already posted about how awesome I thought the first episode in season three of Arrow was. The subsequent episodes have only made this show more epic. They killed Sarah, and now
Laurel is secretly training (as much as Laurel sometimes annoys me, I have to respect her resolve to become tougher) while Felicity has gone to work at Queen Consolidated under Ray Palmer as I predicted... but who couldn't see that coming?
We got an awesome Felicity-centered episode (anything featuring Felicity is awesome) however, Oliver is just asking for it, really. Someone punch that guy in the face, maybe it'll knock some sense into him. Seriously. At the end of the Felicity episode, he gave her one of his speeches, something along the lines of no matter what happened to Felicity in the past, he was glad for it, because it had made her the woman she is today. He finished by pointedly saying "and you know how I feel about her." Sure, why not twist the knife, Oliver? Felicity ignored the comment and told him she had to go. What else was she going to do?
Maybe run straight into the conveniently positioned arms of her new boss, Ray Palmer.
Again, who didn't see that coming. After wooing Felicity with an expensive dress, even more expensive jewelry and then taking her out to a "work" dinner (actually, it really was a work dinner) it was easy to see what would happen by the end of the episode. Oliver was displaying an unsurprising jealousy over Felicity's new closeness to Ray, though it seemed he was happy to show it to everyone else, but around Felicity, stayed as stoic as ever. I have to say, it was a little cliche, but I did enjoy how the writers maneuvered the characters in this episode -- Diggle was in Oliver's ear about his true feelings for Felicity and the fact that he was hurting her by denying her the chance to be with him (or something along those lines), so toward the end of the episode, it seemed Oliver had finally decided to open himself up to the possibility of being with her, except when he went to see her at his old QC offices, what did he find? Ray and Felicity kissing.
The look on his face said it all, before he went back to the Arrow cave (newly monikered in recent episodes) only to come face to face with the fern Felicity had bought to brighten the place up. In that moment, he snapped, letting the fury and hurt out. Unfortunately, in the aftermath, you could all but see his resolve strengthening that nothing would ever happen between them, especially if Felicity was moving on. Which she totally isn't. I think Ray and the kiss were just a distraction. And with the little clues being left, it seems more and more likely that Ray will turn out to be a bad guy. I think it will be a case of Ray had always meant to use Felicity when he came to town with his nefarious plan, but hadn't expected to care for her, or some such thing like that.
Meanwhile, I will try to contain my geeky excitement when I state that the Arrow-Flash crossover was easily THE BEST crossover any show has done ever. I don't have words to describe how awesome that was. I really loved that it showcased the differences in the Arrow-Flash teams, but highlighted that they do what they do for the same reasons, even if their methods are a little different. I could go on, but maybe I'll save that for another day and another post.
Lastly I have to say that tonight's mid season finally, with Oliver facing the leader of the League of Assassins, after they presumably find out he was the one who killed Sarah, looks amazing. I'm sure it'll end in some cliff-hanger where we don't know if Oliver is dead or alive (of course they're not going to kill him!) but I'm hoping it doesn't. I'm hoping we get some smallish resolution so we're not spending the next few weeks counting down the days until the mid-season break is over.
All I can say in finishing is that if the first half of Arrow season 3 has been this awesome, I can't wait to see what they do in the second half.

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