Sunday, November 30, 2014

Countdown: Top Season Returns of 2014/2015 - #2 Agents of SHIELD

Welcome back to my countdown of shows I think made the best comeback for the 2014/2015 viewing season. At number four we had Once Upon a Time. I the number three spot was Chicago Fire. And today, second place goes to Agents of SHIELD...

After the epic last few episodes of Shield season one, I had been dying to find out where it would all pick up -- Ward's betrayal both of the team and Skye personally, Fitz telling Simmons he loved her and then almost dying, the mystery of the drug Coulson and Skye had both taken, Skye's origins -- to name a few of the prominent threads. And there were plenty of other things going on as well.
This season started off with an entirely different feel. Really, what else were they going to do after literally destroying everything at the end of last season?
From the start, we were quickly introduced to a handful of new characters. At first, I did miss the old "team" on the bus solving mysteries, and the show was definitely lacking the smushy-feel-good-team thing they had going on last year. However, I quickly came to love these new characters and the new dynamics that had opened up. I'm especially interested in Lance Hunter... no, the accent has nothing to do with it! Okay, maybe a little. I think a Monday Muse post featuring him will definitely be on the cards once I get a bit more information about his character.
Anyhoo, while there are many interesting things going on, like Coulson possibly going crazy and doing that weird alien sketching on the walls until they got the answers about the fact it was a map, what I really want is to start seeing Ward redeeming himself. And while he has made a start by keeping his promise that he would never be untruthful with Skye, he's still kind of in creepy-evil-Ward mode, so we need him to work that out of his system. In the previous weeks, Ward finally decided to escape when he found out SHIELD were handing him over to his brother, who just happens to be a senator. Senator Ward told Coulson all about how evil Agent Ward was, while Agent Ward told Skye all about how evil Senator Ward was. Who you gonna believe? I'm going to go with Agent Ward on this one, even though his motivations are still very murky.
After escaping, Ward left Coulson a present in the form of some top ranking Hydra agents, and then rang Skye up to tell her he'd be sending some more gifts their way. Still creepy, but it seems he's trying to do the right thing in his own twisted way. And that was all well and good until this week when it appeared he staged a murder-suicide of his parents and brother, only to then return to Hydra.

I'm still hanging onto the hope that he can and will redeem himself, but if he did in fact kill his parents and brother, he's obviously got a long way to go. I'm also rather worried about his motivations and what he's going to do within the ranks of Hydra, it might all end up going sideways.
I cannot wait and am literally counting down the days to the next episode to find out about Coulson's alien-city-map thing and what move Ward will make next. Of course, there are plenty of other questions to be answered, like the whole thing with Skye's father, the issues Fitz is having and the whole thing with Lance and his ex-wife working together.

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