Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Countdown: Top Season Returns for 2014/2015 - #3 Chicago Fire

Welcome to the second installment of my countdown of which series I think made the best returns for the 2014/2015 viewing season. In the number four spot, we had Once Upon a Time. Taking up the number three position is Chicago Fire.

The final episode of Chicago Fire season two was a classic cliff hanger. The chief got married, Casey proposed to Dawson, but before anyone could really enjoy these moments, the team were called to a fire in an abandoned building. At first it seemed pretty typical, but then while every single member of the crew, except for the chief, were inside the building, communications went down and the chief couldn't contact them on the radio. Just when the audience was sufficiently creeped out by this fact-- kaboom! The building blew up, complete with fireballs exploding out of the windows. So to start back this season, we needed to know what happened to the crew. Maybe it was dumb, but I actually wasn't expecting that any of the characters would be killed. Seriously injured, yes, but not killed. So when it turned out that Shay had died, I was actually shocked. Killing off characters in the first episode of the season seems to be a theme this year.
The action hasn't stopped in the weeks following. We're seeing the type of episodes a show would usually pull out in the middle to end of the season to keep the audience engaged; from two fire trucks crashing into each other and causing a huge accident, to when Severide got involved in a gang shooting on the subway. It will be interesting to see how the writers keep this up for the rest of the season, and if we're seeing this level of action now, what on earth could they have planned for the end of the season? I also have to mention that I love the continuous cross-cameo appearances Chicago Fire and Chicago PD always do. I don't think there's ever been another two shows that have the luxury or plausibility to be able to work off each so closely.
There are a few interesting character arcs happening in the show at the moment, but I think the best one is easily Peter's. He's been looking into his family background, and also suffered an inner-ear injury from the explosion, meaning he couldn't be cleared for active duty as a firefighter any longer. He made the call to transfer from firefighter to paramedic, taking Dawson's role, as she has become the new candidate. This role swapping has been interesting, and I think will only become more interesting as the season continues on.
The other interesting arc is Severide and him dealing with the loss of Shay. For a while he really spiraled with drinking and staying out all night and the thing with Lindsay (a cop from Chicago PD) came to an end.
For like a second it seemed like he was going to stabilize, and there was even this tiny brief moment when he and the new girl paramedic Sylive seemed to connect. Except then Severide went off to Vegas and did the cliche get-married-to-a-chick-he-just-met thing. At first impressions, this new woman seems to be on the level, but it appears she might have similar skeletons in her past to Severide. While I'm hoping that she'll be the one to pull him out of the rock-bottom grief over losing Shay, I'm thinking its more likely she'll be the cause of many new problems.
Whatever the case, Chicago Fire has well and truly sucked me in for the year.

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Sonya said...

I've heard a lot of buzz about this show and have wanted to see it. But I missed the start of it.

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