Sunday, November 2, 2014

Book vs TV Series -- The 100

Ever since I started watching The 100 last year and found out it had been adapted to TV from a book, I had thought about getting the book to read so I could find out what happens, or if the book is anything like the TV series.
When it comes to TV shows or movies made from books, I can go either way. Sometimes I've read the book before the screen version comes out (like Hunger Games or Divergent), sometimes I've already watched the movie/series and decided I liked it enough to see what the book version is like (which I did with True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse series), and sometimes, even though I might love the TV series, it doesn't make me want to run out and read the books and I'm happy enough with only the screen version (The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars).
In the case of The 100, it was the Bellamy/Clarke ship (I refuse to call it Bellarke!) that finally did it for me. Quite by accident, I came across a review of the book online, and even though the review was less than glowing, considering it was one star and sarcastically pointed out many of the book's faults in comical fashion, it made me want to read the book. (So one star reviews aren't always bad! I think if I got a one star review by this particular reader/reviewer, it wouldn't be so bad because I'd probably be laughing at it too much) Anyway, so I got The 100 and the second book, Day 21, yesterday, but unfortunately I won't be getting straight into them as I have some other "work related" reading to do first.
From what I can gather from online reviews, there are a couple of very obvious differences between the book and the TV series. First of all, I haven't seen any reviews that mention Finn or Raven, so have to assume they were characters brought in for the show, while a couple of other characters, Glass and Luke, are in the book but absent from the TV series. Second of all, Wells isn't killed off in the book like he was early on in the TV series, and is actually one side of a love triangle between him, Clarke and Bellamy. And that brings us to the best difference -- Bellamy and Clarke. I can understand why the show's writers decided to kill off Wells and create Finn as the love interest for Clarke. But I'm not sure why the TV show creators have steered away from the Bellamy/Clarke romance and don't look to be taking things there any time soon, no matter how loud the Bellarke shippers get.
So as season two of The 100 continues on, I'll be reading the books in the coming weeks. In most cases, I don't usually compare books to screen adaptations too much, because the two are different medium and need to be handled in different ways, and when different people are working with the same concept, obviously different visions will eventuate.
And while the Bellamy/Clarke ship isn't playing out on the screen, I'll be getting my romance fix from the books.

*22/01/15 Update: Read my final verdict here

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