Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Muse - Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake on The 100

Seems we are long overdue for a Monday Muse. I'm going for a home-grown muse today in Bob (or Robert) Morley playing Bellamy Blake on The 100.
When I started watching The 100, I thought Morley looked familiar, but didn't think too much about it. However, when I decided to do this Monday Muse post, the first thing I looked up was, only to find that he is Australian, and was on shows such as Neighbours and Home and Away; two popular TV soaps here in Australia where a lot of Aussie actors get their start. He also did a cameo on Sea Patrol, which was one of my favorite Aussie dramas when it was on a few years ago. Not only that, but his hometown is only about 40 minutes down the highway from where I live. 
But enough about that, we're here to talk about Bellamy!
I've been intrigued by the character of Bellamy ever since I started watching The 100. He is a perfect example of those grey characters I love so much (see also Hook from Once Upon a Time or Sebastian Monroe from Revolution as other examples). At first, from Clarke's point of view, Bellamy kind of comes across as an arrogant jerk. He emerges very quickly as one of the group leaders, being that little bit older (I think) and also having trained as security on board the ark before he jumped shipped.
It is revealed (in the first episode I think) that Bellamy is the only person on board the ark with a sibling (as its forbidden for couples to have more than one child to keep population growth under control), Over the course of the season, we find that Bellamy blames himself for his sister being imprisoned (for the crime of her existence, how unfair is that?) and after his mother is "vented" (I think is what they call it. Or was it spaced? Either way, it involves being sucked out of a hatch while still alive. And this is the punishment for many crimes on board the arc) Bellamy makes a deal to kill the chancellor of the ark in return for stowing away on the drop ship bound for earth -- where his sister is headed.
It is through this series of events, and others that unfold over the course of season one, that we see Bellamy emerging as a grey character. He will do anything for someone he loves, even if it blurs the lines of right and wrong, which is what us romance authors/readers love to see in a hero. Bellamy is constatnly struggling with his sense of identity, with doing the right thing for the right reason, or doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. And since he's only human, he's made his fair share of mistakes in his pursuit of what he thinks is best for himself or others.
Even though he risked everything for his sister, she isn't all that understanding or forgiving, and tends to make things even harder on him. Like siblings often do, they disagree over a lot of things, and sometimes Bellamy's protective instincts where his sister is concerned gets in the way of what is best for her, even if Bellamy doesn't agree.
As for other relationships on the show, Bellamy is a bit of a loner. He doesn't have any close friends or confidants, though he and Finn were starting to bond toward the end of season one. Now that he and Finn have been split from the main group and rejoined the adults, I think they will come to rely on and work together even more closely in order to find Clarke and the rest of the group.
And when it comes to Clarke, this is another interesting dynamic. There was obviously no romantic attraction scripted between the pair -- Finn came out as the love interest for Clarke from very early on. However, as these things often do, fans saw something in the interactions between Clarke and Bellamy. I must admit, the idea of a relationship between Clarke and Bellamy had crossed my own mind.
The shippers call it Bellarke (really, that was the best they could do?) and dedications are popping up all over the place, calling for Clarke and Bellamy's relationship to develop in season 2. However, the creators have come out and said there was never any planned romance for the pair, but in the same have admitted they can see the chemistry. Unfortunately, it was also said they weren't listening to outside voices saying the couple should be together. So, while they didn't confirm anything would ever develop between Clarke and Bellamy, they also didn't say it was impossible.
As for Bellamy's current situation, its going to be very interesting to see how that develops over the coming weeks. Bellamy had found a definite independence and fallen into a solidified leadership role at the end of last season, but now the adults have come to the ground and of course taken control of things. When Bellamy found that the traitor, Murphy, was still alive, Bellamy snapped and attacked him. Kane had him "arrested" -- whatever that means now that they are all on the ground and things are in shambled -- and basically told Bellamy, Finn and Murphy that they were acting like savages and had done a terrible job dealing with things since being on the ground. Of course, the adults had no idea what they'd been through, dealing with the grounders and all sorts of other things. I'm sure Bellamy isn't going to deal well with having the adults around again, trying to dictate how things should be, and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen to him, and how he and Finn will eventually track down or reunite with Clarke and the others. Whatever happens, Bellamy's journey, and season 2 of The 100 is set to be awesome.
And of course, because this is a Monday Muse, we'll finish with a gratuitous shirtless pic...

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