Sunday, September 7, 2014

True Blood Season 7 & Series Finale - A Whole Lot of "Meh"

Since I've blogged about the final season of True Blood a few times in the past weeks/months, I thought it only fair to write one last post on the closing of this series.
So, the title probably gives a pretty good indication of what I thought about this last ever episode. However, its not all black and white.
In terms of Bill and Sookie, Bill's death scene was predictably bloody and gruesome, with Sookie ending up covered in his blood after she staked him. At least with Bill dead, we won't ever have to listen to him call her "Sookeh" ever again. The Bill/Sookie shippers... what do they call that, Bookie? Sooill? Damn, now I have to google it... Hmm, can't find it. Maybe there isn't one because they would all suck. (ba-boom-ching)
Anyway, bad jokes aside, Maybe the Bill/Sookie shippers cried their way through the death scene, but I sure didn't, which is saying something because usually it doesn't take much for me to get the waterworks going when I'm watching a TV show or movie. I was like "just get it over with already so something else can happen!" The only really interesting thing about that scene was Sookie refusing to use the last of her fairy powers to kill him. I was glad she finally owned who she is and fully accepted it. So, it wasn't what Bill wanted for her, but whatever, he's gone!
Sookie went on to live her life, and the closing scene showed her happy and pregnant, dining outside her house with all of the important people in her life six or so years later. We didn't get to see the face of Sookie's man, obviously that didn't really matter. I did like this closing scene in terms of everyone getting their happily ever after. Jason was there with Bridget, the chick Hoyt had brought back as his girlfriend before re-meeting Jessica (side note, that whole Jessica/Hoyt wedding scene was so drawn out and boring... seriously, I felt like there was just so much wasted fluff in this episode.). Jason had a couple of kids with her and they looked happy, along with everyone else in Sookie's close circle of friends.
And now, for the only things that saved this episode from being a total loss: Eric and Pam.
Really, I don't think it would be a stretch to say Eric and Pam have pretty much carried this show for the past three years. The Sookie storylines have gotten steadily more boring, while the Eric and Pam storylines got more interesting. Seriously, those two deserve a spin off series. I mean, can you imagine how awesome that would be?

So this episode featured what was possibly one of the funniest Eric scenes to date. After killing the Japanese mafia who'd gone after Sookie, Eric stole their car and I was in hysterics watching him bob his head along to whatever techno music the dead mafia guys had been listening to. And just when I thought the show was going to end on the too-sweet scene of everyone happy and living the dream at Sookie's house, it flashed forward to a few years further down the track, to Eric doing informercials about the new True Blood, followed by them at the stock exchange, making lots of money I would presume.
So that was it. A little disappointing really. I was hoping True Blood would go out with a bang, but it seemed to be more about bringing things full circle and tying up loose ends. I'm sure there were some fans who were satisfied with this ending, but personally I was hoping for more.

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