Friday, September 26, 2014

New Season of Arrow -- Counting Down the Hours

So the last episode of Arrow season two totally slayed me, mainly because of the Oliver "I love you" moment. Sadly, I can't tell you how many times I've watched that clip, and it still makes my heart skip a beat (read all of my gushing about it in the Ships That Aren't Shipping Post-Season Follow Up).
Yes, they tried to fob us off by doing the whole psyche! it so wasn't real thing at the very end of the episode. But there was something in the intensity of the way Oliver said it that even the revelation it had apparently all been to trap Slade couldn't make me believe that Oliver was lying.
So I've been all shipped up and ready to see some serious Olicity action going into season three, and when I saw the promo for the first episode a few weeks ago, I was that pathetic person screaming at my screen. Because of THIS people!!

If only it weren't so blurry. Let's try another one....

Hmm, not much better. How about we just watch the promo?


Yes, its pretty safe to say I'm all over this ship. 
Seriously, though. I thought they would drag things out just a little bit longer, and the skeptical part of me says this "date" and "kiss" are all some part of an elaborate ruse to flush out a bad guy. Or, if its not all part of some weird mission, then about five minutes after they get together, Oliver will decide that Felicity is in too much danger by being with him, and since he loves her so much, he doesn't want to see her get hurt, therefore the best thing he can do is break up with her. I just cannot believe this ship will sail smoothly and they'll suddenly be in this blissful, domesticated superhero relationship. 
Two weeks to go until episode one of season three lights up our screens... how many more times can I watch the promo while I'm waiting?

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