Thursday, August 7, 2014

True Blood 7x07 ...And I'm Out

Yep, that's right. This week's episode of True Blood went to the one place I didn't want to know about. After the sweet Eric/Sookie reunion a few weeks back, I'm sure more than a few Eric/Sookie shippers thought their dreams of the pair getting back together were well within reach, despite the foreshadowing of Bill and Sookie growing closer once again.
The first nail in the coffin came last week, when Sookie was waiting for test results to determine whether or not she was hep-V positive and had accidentally infected Bill. She was talking to Jason about the men she'd loved; recently Alcide, and the fact that Bill as her first would always be special. However, her relationship with Eric was annoyingly glossed over and even taken down a peg by her line of "I even loved Eric in my own way." (not an exact quote)
What the hell, people? So she went from loving Eric as much as she loved Bill, which was why she decided not to be with either of them, to the throw away line of "loving Eric in her own way"? What does that even mean?!
The next bad sign for the Eric/Sookie shippers came in the fact that once again, Eric had gone off with Pam to do awesome stuff like pretend to be Republicans (I won't repeat the term Pam used, but it was hilarious) and fighting off ninjas so Eric could get his revenge on Sarah Newlin, while Sookie stayed back in Bon Temps.
Sookie was understandably upset by the fact that she was the one to infect Bill, and it seems his infection is spreading faster than the usual strain because of the fact that Sookie is half-fae.
I knew we were in trouble when night fell and Sookie went running out of the house in a little white dress, reminiscent of the first night she and Bill had been together. Still, I didn't want to believe it, and kept telling myself that no, they weren't going to get back together, right up until they kissed.
Now usually the sex scenes on True Blood are done quite well, I'd say almost artistically in some cases. The kiss that started them off was pretty good, yet the actual consummation scene between Sookie and Bill had to easily be the worst love scene on True Blood out of all 7 seasons. And that's saying something, because who could forget the freaky vampire sex-tape thing Jason watched in the first couple of episodes of season 1?
There was barely any chemistry, the whole thing seemed very forced to the point where I ended up skipping past it. Maybe some of that came down to the fact that I really didn't want to see these two together, but I still think there was something about it that wasn't working. A quick search of the Internet reveals I'm not the only fan who found the scene less than appealing. My favorite had to be over at Shallow Graves blog: "Bill flops himself all over Sookie, and its gross. The end."
The preview for the coming last few episodes (what are we down to, 3 left?) showed some interesting scenes to come, but absolutely no Eric/Sookie interaction, which I am feeling totally ripped off about. Like I said in my previous post about this final season of True Blood, I don't actually expect Sookie to end up with either Eric or Bill (at this point, I'm hoping that once Bill is cured, or dies, or whatever, Sookie will brush off their night as a moment of weakness or some such thing) but I was at least hoping for a bit more dedicated Eric/Sookie screen time in these final hours.
I'm holding out one last sliver of hope that something, anything will happen between Eric and Sookie before the end, but things aren't looking promising.

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