Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Muse - David Ramsey as John Diggle on Arrow

I got season one of Arrow on DVD way back at Christmas time, and since 90% of my favorite shows are in hiatus, now seemed like as good a time as any to start re-watching this series.
I find it amazing when you go back and watch something for the second time around, how much you miss during the first viewing, how many clues to future happenings are left, and how many things appear in a different light once you've got a bigger picture to work with. So for today's Monday Muse, I'm talking about John Diggle, Oliver's kind-of-but-not-really sidekick.
Diggle started out as a hired bodyguard to protect Oliver after he was abducted in the first or second episode.
Of course, the last thing Oliver wanted was a nanny, so he continuously gave Diggle the slip. You could see this frustrated Diggle, but also gave him a challenge. Diggle did his best to keep up with and/or find Oliver whenever he escaped, but obviously he was no match for The Hood/Vigilante/Arrow.
However, Diggle did manage to impress Oliver with his skills, and was obviously very perceptive, confronting Oliver with the fact that he thought there was more to the playboy billionaire than everybody else saw.
When Diggle eventually got himself between Oliver and a target, getting shot with a poison bullet, Oliver made the decision to bring Diggle in on the operation. At first, Diggle didn't want to know about it, but after giving it some thought, changed his mind.
However, Diggle joined on the condition that he would be Oliver's partner, not his sidekick, which is fair enough if you ask me!
I really like the balance that Diggle brought to the team, with the addition of Felicity soon after rounding things out very nicely. Diggle works as Oliver's voice of reason, giving a balance to the guy who literally was walking the edge for a while there.
However, interestingly enough, when it came to Diggle getting revenge for the death of his brother, some role reversal happened, with Diggle being the revenge-driven impulsive one, while Oliver tried to reason with him.
Diggle's story lines have been interesting in their own right, totally aside from Oliver's story arc. There's still some mystery as to exactly who John Diggle is, what he's done and what he might be capable of. I'm hoping the writers will continue exploring this in depth, and wouldn't be surprised to find Diggle has some darker aspects to his past/personality than one might necessarily expect.
And of course, because this is a Monday Muse, we'll finish on this note:


Kez said...

Not a bad note to finish on ;P

I like the character of Diggle - they've written him well. I've only watched Season 1 as yet.

Jess Anastasi said...

Hey Kez,
you're in for a real treat then, because season two is awesome, and I've heard season three is going to be epic. I'm counting down the days to October when it starts back! :)

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