Sunday, July 6, 2014


There are other things I should possibly be working on, but the 3rd Atrophy book, currently titled Diffraction, has been calling me, so I gave in yesterday and decided to get stuck into the opening chapters. I know I probably won't get too far into the manuscript at this stage -- its looking like the first round of edits on Escape Velocity will be turning up at some point next week. And possibly I should actually be finishing the 3rd novella to Escape Velocity, especially since I've already written three-quarters of it. But I decided to go with the muse on this one. Atrophy is easily my favorite world out of all the books I've created, and slipping into it is so easy and comfortable, plus there's never a dull moment when Rian is around.
And since I'm in a sharing kind of mood, I've uploaded a snippet from Diffraction and the 3rd novella in the Escape Velocity series onto my WIP excerpts page. So if you want a peek at what I'm currently working on, head over there. Otherwise, I'm getting back into it!

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