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True Blood Season 7 - The Last Hour of Redemption

For those of you who either don't watch, or don't follow True Blood very closely, we're now four episodes into the show's seventh and final season.
I have to admit, I started watching this season not because I was excited to see the show return, but out of habit, and a vague interest in what the writers would do to end this popular, long-running series.
The last post I did on this blog, way back in 2012, I made the not-so-small claim that the season 5 finale of True Blood was the best TV cliffhanger I'd even seen in a series. Season 5 had a definite middle slump where I was totally board, but when the writers brought all the players together for the final episode, it resulted in an awesome hour of television.
However, you may or may not have noticed that I haven't written a single post on True Blood since then. And there is a very simple reason for this. After the breath-stealing excitement of the season 5 finale, it was like those writers decided to go on holidays for a season, leaving the scripts to be written by temp-staff, possibly a different group each week. Because season 6 of True Blood was an epic hole of suckiness. I'm sorry, I know that's harsh, but its the unfortunate truth.
Okay, okay, it wasn't all bad, but after where the season 5 finale left us, I thought we were in for something great in season 6, except the whole show kind of went even farther off the rails than it already had in season 5.
The season 6 opener was about the best episode until the end of the season; Bill came after everyone, and looked like he was going to kill Eric, so Sookie staked Bill in the back (YAY! Team Eric!) Unfortunately (or fortunately if you're a Bill/Sookie fan) Bill had become like this invincible god, so the staking didn't do anything. But the symbolism, people! The symbolism was important; read: Sookie can and will kill Bill to save Eric.
For the rest of season 6, there were some interesting Eric moments, plus whenever Pam is in a scene, you know its going to be good. I actually like Bill's character a bit more in season 6, and it was interesting to see him basically sacrificing himself at the end to save everyone, when in direct contrast, in the season 5 finale, he was the scary monster everyone was running away from.
The finale of season 6 left me more than a little unimpressed. After all the excitement, next thing we know, 6 months has gone by. Sookie is living with Alcide (which I was pretty unhappy about at first) and they're watching reports about the hepatitis-V infected vampires. The episode closed on a bunch of sick vampires surrounding a "mixer" Sam had organized as mayor so that healthy vampires could make an arrangement with healthy citizens of Bon Temps to protect them in return for being fed.
So yes, I had some definite "meh" going on when I tuned in to watch season 7 of True Blood.
But I sit here, four episodes in, ready and willing to admit that in those handful of episodes, the show has redeemed itself to the point where I am now on the edge of my seat, wanting to know what's going to happen next.
The first episode was about what I expected; blood, massacre, Alcide acting all protective and macho over Sookie, and Bill back to trying to be everyone's friend. Except holy hell! They killed off Tara. For a little while I refused to believe she was actually dead, I kept thinking maybe she just got taken by the infected vampires for some reason, because we didn't actually see her die, only heard about it from her mother. But no, it seems she really is gone, which is very unfortunate for Pam.
The second episode... wowsers. What can I say about an opening that featured Jason on Eric action? I am putting this down as one of the best kiss/romance/sex scenes between two characters I have ever seen on TV.
The chemistry the actors brought to the screen as those two characters was off-the-charts amazing, and who would have ever guessed that a love scene between Jason and Eric would work so well?  It even put my favorite Eric/Sookie scenes to shame. The fact that it was Jason having a vampire-blood induced dream after Eric healed him last season didn't detract from the scene at all.
Admittedly, it was about that time I realized the writers might not be pulling any punches for season 7. And why not go all out? Why not finish with the biggest, season-long bang they can put together?
And the hits have kept coming. Pam found Eric, and it turned out he's infected with hep-V (all Eric fans and Eric/Sookie shippers: "NOOOOOOOO!!!!") and to keep him from giving up, Pam tells him that Jason failed to kill Sarah Newlin, which lights the fires of vengeance in Eric, and gives him a reason to return to Bon Temps. The end of episode 3 saw Sookie asking Bill to help her in a risky plan to rescue some friends (and me bitching the whole time this season better not put Sookie and Bill back together or I'll be pissed about it forever!) which resulted in Alcide getting shot trying to save Sookie.
So that's three episodes in and two characters down... (well, almost 3 if you count the fact Eric is dying) this does not bode well for the rest of the characters in the remaining eight episodes.
The fourth episode was awesome for the Eric/Sookie shippers. He arrived back in Bon Temps, and went to Bill's house, only to find Sookie (and a few others) there, planning an offensive on how they were going to get their friends back from the hep-V infected vampires who'd taken them.
The reunion between Eric and Sookie was awesome and sweet. They have this easy affection between them that Sookie doesn't have with any other character. While Sookie is mourning Alcide, she obviously cares very deeply for Eric, and had said herself to Bill, before Alcide was killed, that she didn't love Alcide as much as he loved her (and dare I say, nowhere near as much as she loved Eric?)
As for Eric, it was easy to see in his expression and manner that he still loves Sookie, but the issue of the hep-V is obviously going to get in their way, as well as several other issues. Eric obviously wouldn't want to risk infecting Sookie.
It also looks like the whole Eric/Sookie/Bill love triangle is going to come back into play, as Bill quite obviously wants to fix things between him and Sookie.
I'm a realist, so I actually don't think Sookie will end up with either of them. She has said before that she loves both of them (although, the things Bill did to her hurt her very deeply, and she may never be able to forgive him) but her decision was that being with either of them would not be good for her.
However, the optimistic romantic in me hopes that this season will treat us to some serious Eric and Sookie moments, especially in light of Eric's limited time.
That being said, I can't believe that Eric will actually die. Yes, the writers have proven that no character is safe, they can and will pretty much kill anyone. But Eric is one of those larger-than-life characters who really does make his presence felt in any scene he's involved with.
And of course, my writer's brain has to come up with its own solution, and in this case, it's simple. Eric will come close to death, yes, but Sookie being stubborn like she is, and having already lost so many people she cares about, will refuse to give up on him. In fact, she'll decide to feed him, despite the fact she'll contract hep-V. The twist will come when Sookie's fairy blood heals Eric. Maybe not entirely, maybe they'll need to go get Andy's one remaining fairy daughter to get a more concentrated dose of fairy blood, but Eric will be totally cured, and Sookie will be immune to carrying the disease.
Eric and Sookie may not necessarily end up together, but I would be more than satisfied with this ending.
Of course, the more likely scenario is that everyone will be dead by the season's end.  
Whatever happens, I hope the writers continue to go all out, and make this last season of True Blood the best, and most memorable since the show started.

** Edit Add:
The thought occurred to me the other day that I wouldn't be surprised if the writers did something totally nuts like have Sookie find out she's pregnant with Alcide's baby... or, um cub-- puppy? Whatever kind of kid a werewolf has. Would love to Eric and Bill's reactions to that! Anyway, I'm just putting it out there, people. Anything could happen!

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