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Supernatural Season 9 Finale -- It Always Ends Bloody

So THAT happened.
I've been meaning to write a post on the season 9 finale of Supernatural ever since I saw it, because holy hell, was that some ending. There I was, watching Sam all crying, and then drinking, and then summoning Crowley, thinking "how not surprising" and then BAM! Dean opens his eyes and clearly he's no longer human.
But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First off I have to say that season 9 of Supernatural was one of the best in a while (season 6 and 7? Yeah, let's just forget those two seasons happened... okay, they had their moments, like the possessed Impala trying to kill Dean, Castiel kissing Meg and blaming the pizza guy, Dean being a Vampire for like five minutes, the creepy awesomeness of soulless Sam, the episode where Jared and Jensen played Sam and Dean, who were playing Jared and Jensen (who then tried to play Sam and Dean) in an alternate reality, Dean fighting a fairy (("fight the fairies! You fight those fairies!")) Castiel playing twister, that whole Sam/Becky thing, and the awesomeness that was Death... but the rest, well, let's just leave it at the highlights)
A lot of stuff went down this season. One of the biggest? Gadreel killing Kevin. It was inevitable, really. Like I've said in a previous post, no one has a vortex of certain death around them like the Winchester brothers. Every single person who has ever gotten close to them has died (with the exception of Lisa and Ben, who had their memories totally squeegeed, so same difference). I wouldn't be surprised to see by the end of season 10 that either Castiel and/or Crowley have kicked it, completing the certain-death cycle. Okay, so technically Cas already died, but we all know in the Supernatural world, a person (or angel, demon, ghost... whatever) can easily die more than once. Death is definitely not the end in this world. More often than not, dead people at least make a cameo (ghost Bobby and ghost Kevin anyone?)
But Kevin's death wasn't the one that stuck with me. I'd say I was annoyed about it, but these days when someone gets killed off on Supernatural, I can't pretend like I'm surprised, only because the writers on Supernatural have proven time and time again that no one is sacred, and anyone can and will be killed at any time.
Which brings me to Tessa.
When the episode with Tessa started, I was all but bouncing in my seat -- Tessa and Dean have always had the most awesome story lines together, so I thought I was in for a treat. If you'd asked me, I would have said a long time ago that Tessa should have been brought in as a semi-regular character; one, because I've always believed Supernatural could do with a semi-permanent female character (they did pretty well with Ellen and Bella, and Jo to an extent ((not at first, at first I thought she was sucky-Jo, but later she got better)) and let's not forget Sheriff Mills), except what a surprise, they killed all the chicks (except for Sheriff Mills... its doubtful she'll survive season 10) and secondly, imagine all the things the boys could have done with a reaper helping them? Anyway, it was not to be.
So this episode popped up with Tessa, and I was all excited until it turned out she'd gone totally off the rails and had decided to go all suicide bomber on Castilel's behalf. Of course, there was an explanation, something about hearing the cries of the dead stuck in the veil because Metatron closed the gates of heaven... anyway, after a tense stand-off with Dean, Tessa shoves herself onto the first blade and that's the end of that reaper. I didn't flinch when Kevin died (though it hurt watching Dean's grief) but Tessa dying definitely struck hard. Funny that I was so attached to such a minor character.
The other major development in this season was Dean and the Mark of Cain.Nothing about the mark ever really got explained, except in the most generalized sense, but we could all see how it was twisting Dean into something a little scary... well, more scary than Dean already is. I understand, especially after that season finale, why the writers have left so much mystery surrounding the blade and the mark. With the things its done to Dean, obviously the story of the blade and mark, and most importantly, if there's anyway to reverse or fix the effects, is going to be a major plot for the final season.
What else did I like this season? Crowley's humanity and kind-of-but-not-really being a good guy. I already thought the ex-crossroads demon turned king of hell was kind of awesome. Ever since the boys first came across him, Crowley always came up with the best quips and nicknames for the boys, to the point that Moose has become an acceptable moniker for Sam. So Crowley with humanity, addicted to human blood (drunken slur: "you don't know what its like to be human!") and honestly, wanting to be in with the Winchester brothers, was just so perfect. Especially him road-tripping with Dean. Yeah, Crowley definitely has a thing for Dean, and now that he's apparently a demon, I can't begin to imagine how much Crowley is going to love and play off that.
So yep, season 9 had a lot going for it. But I'm left wondering how its all going to end. What could the writers possibly do to round out this epic gift to modern TV culture, giving it the ultimate finale it deserves? I want to be shocked and surprised, but in a good way. I have put some thought into how it could all end, and so far, I've come up with:

1) The most obvious ending would be everyone dying. And I mean everyone. Sam, Dean, Crowley, Castiel, Charlie (they'll have to bring her back from Oz to kill her), Kevin's Mom, Sheriff Mills... pretty much anyone who is anyway connected to the Winchester will have to die in some epic saving-the-world kind of thing. But in all seriousness, I'm kind of hoping the writers don't decide to kill them all, or any of them really. I feel like this ending will be much too expected, and probably even cliche. They've already saved the world I-don't-know-how-many times, and at this point, I'll be disappointed if the writers take the easy way out in killing Sam and Dean.

2) We get a flash-forward showing Sam and Dean as older men, hanging out at the batcave (or whatever their lair is called) answering phones, pretending to be the FBI, or NSA, or DOD, for a couple of younger hunters who've taken up the reins, while Sam and Dean have fallen into the type of role Bobby used to play. This would be a nice way to end things, but unlikely. For one, its too positive and almost-cheery for Supernatural. And second, since Dean has already become a demon, its currently not possible.

3) Dean accepts he's a demon and stays that way. Sam becomes an angel in some random mystic event (maybe he goes to help Castiel get his grace back, and gets hit up with a dose of grace himself, thus turning him into an angel... or something). They're both badass immortals, and Team Free Will can keep fighting the good fight for the rest of forever.

4) They solve the season's major plot, beat the bad guys and get into the Impala to drive off into the proverbial, or maybe a literal sunset, going off into the world, leaving us with the belief that Sam and Dean are still out there hunting things, and saving people, doing the family business. However this ending is totally cliched, and I will be pretty much pissed off if this is the ending we're given after 10 season, it would pretty much be the biggest cop out in the history of TV shows.

5)  Dean heads off the hell to help Crowley rule his kingdom, while Sam finally gets a girl he can stay with and settles down to a mini-van full of kids, complete with dog and picket fence... That better not happen. Seriously.

6) Sam wakes up and its all a dream. He's still in college studying his law degree, Jessica is alive, John is still alive, Dean is still a charming but sexist womanizer living life on the road. None of it ever happened... That SO better not happen. SERIOUSLY!

7) God comes back and fixes everything; gives Castiel his grace back, makes Dean human again, banishes Crowley and all demons back to hell. Sends all form of supernatural creature to purgatory, leaving Sam and Dean with the luxury of being able to do anything they want with the rest of their lives. This one would be kind of cool, but like option number 2, unlikely in the dark it-only-gets-worse world of Supernatural.

8) Sam and Dean somehow get sent back to the alternate reality where they're Jared and Jensen and this time they can't get back!

9) Sam and Dean go back in time (again) and do something that changes their history, thus altering everything that ever happened to them in some way they can't fix, but is kind of better because they managed to stop Dean from becoming a demon, but still defeat Abaddon and Metatron. I'd be annoyed about that one. I think Stargate SG1 did some kind of episode like that, which meant technically SG1 weren't the orginal SG1 team, or they were techincally different versions of themselves, or something. I don't remember specifics, I just remember being annoyed about it.

10) None of the options above, but something totally awesome that will cement this show as one of the greatest series in history.

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