Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Muse - Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale on Teen Wolf

You know, sometimes I wonder if I'm too old to be enjoying shows about teenagers so much... But what the hell, good TV is good TV, and Teen Wolf is definitely on my good TV list. In fact, this show quickly became one of my favorites. Its one of those series that has the magic combination; a great cast, action/excitement, romance, the occasional creep factor, and moments of comedy that make you laugh out loud -- especially when Stiles and Derek get a scene together.
Which brings us to the topic of today's Monday Muse. If you're looking for mansipiration, or just needing a good drool, there are some fine specimens of manhood on TV at the moment, however, I have to say that Derek Hale/Tyler Hoechlin is a particularly spectacular example. Let's see an example, shall we, and take a moment to really appreciate.

So, now that we've gotten that out of our system, let's talk about character.
When Teen Wolf first started, Derek was the mysterious creepy guy always lurking in the background. At first, Scott thinks Derek was the one who bit and turned him, but then its revealed that someone else was responsible.
Derek and Scott's relationship is very tenuous at first. Scott doesn't trust him, and while Derek offer his help (more than once) it is obviously done in reluctance and for his own reason and benefit. Even when they come to an agreement about things, Scott's mistrust and Derek's secretiveness gets in the way of them working together all that well. However, over the seasons, Derek and Scott do eventually come to a place of respect and regard for each other. I still wouldn't say they're all buddy-buddy, but they've got each others backs and have definitely saved each others lives on more than one occasion.
And then there's the whole Derek and Stiles thing.
Admittedly, these two together are character-dynamic-gold. Because Derek is so serious and intense, while Stiles is the exact opposite in temperament, they play off each other perfectly.
Enter the Derek/Stiles slasher fans, or Sterek as it as been officially shipped. Some of it delves into places I don't want to know about, like the Supernatural Wincest phenomenon.
However, I have to say some of the lighter stuff is pretty entertaining, like this:

I won't deny Derek and Stiles have some sort of bromance going on, I just don't agree that its sexual in nature. On a side note, I spend waaaay to much time watching those crackvids on youtube, some of them aren't great, but the good ones are so freaking addictive.
Anyhoo, back to Derek. His character has always been one of the darker elements of Teen Wolf, from the revelation that almost his entire family were trapped and killed in a house fire set by hunters, to him investigating the death of his sister in season one. And just when it looked like he might get some happiness in a love interest, it turned out the new GF was the big-bad crazy of the season, who then tried to kill him and everyone else.

Not many men can pull off a brooding pout, but Derek has it down perfectly

This season, we're only a few episodes in and already poor Derek has been totally screwed with. It appears one of the arcing stories of the season will be Derek trying to find out what was done to him by Kate, the hunter turned werewolf who abducted him and then somehow aged him backwards to his teenage years so she could access the Hale family vault... confusing much?
Anyway, when Derek was restored to himself, the color of his eyes had changed. I can't remember what the colors signify, red is an alpha, and I do remember there was some storyline about how Derek used to have yellow eyes, but they turned blue. Something to do with innocence, or intention, or the soul. Anyway, Derek's have changed again, and now he needs to find out why. So, it probably to mean we're going to get some great Derek scenes, and for all the Sterek fans, my guess is there will be plenty of that too. I caught a promo the other week where Malia says to Derek "maybe we need to think like Stiles." To which Derek replies "like a hyperactive spaz?" Yeah, that about sums it up.
Season four is shaping up to be pretty awesome, especially where the Derek storyline in concerned. 

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