Sunday, June 15, 2014

Work Status Update - The Dark Depths of Revisions

Whoops, and there goes two weeks without a blog post!
I'm deep into revisions on a romantic suspense manuscript at the moment, and have been for weeks now. This manuscript has been shopped by my agent to some publishers, and recently we discussed the possibility of making changes after some editor feedback. The undertaking was a little daunting, I'll admit that, because some of the changes I decided on were major structural elements, which meant ripping apart scenes and chapters at the seams and putting them back together with a different baseline, and in some cases it meant deleting entire scenes and chapters, to replace them with brand new ones.
I'm now into a second round of revisions where I'm looking at improving my heroine's character, as a final tightening of the story. The end result is actually going to look like an almost entirely new book.
This has been an interesting experience and learning curve for me, as this is the first time I've ever put so much work into fixing something already completed. Because I'm a fast writer, my default setting when things need major changes is to entirely re-write the book. This might seem mind-boggling to other writers, but to me, its the easier option because I really hate editing and revision that much. So yes, to stick something out, to go over it I-don't-know-how many times, to change, and tweak, and poke, and prod, and reshape this book into something else has been quite an eye-opening experience, and maybe made me a better author... at least I hope it has!
In other news, I've found myself a new home! I won't announce the details until everything is signed, sealed and delivered, but I have been contracted to a new publishing house -- they're taking my military sci-fi novellas, Escape Velocity and Damage Control to begin with. If all goes well, they'll also take the next 2 in the series Cover Fire and Battle Scars. If there will be any more beyond that is anyone's guess, though I do have a whole bunch of awesome titles and possible story lines in mind for the crew of the Valiant Knox.
And the biggest news? This publishing house had also offered to take my baby. That's right, Atrophy had FINALLY found a home. That's not quite as official, the contract for Atrophy will be coming later, once we've started getting my novellas out. But nonetheless, barring any unforeseen problems, Rian and the crew of the Imojenna will hopefully be out in the world sometime in the next 18 months, followed by the second book, Quantum sometime after that.
I'm so happy that all of my sci-fi, especially Atrophy, has found its place, and I'm even more glad its with this particular publisher. I'd had my eye on them since not long after signing with Noble, and know many authors who publish quite happily with them. I'm feeling humbled that my name and books will soon be joining this publisher's list.
As for now, I should get back to those revisions... this romantic suspense isn't going to fix itself!


Tez Miller said...

Many congratulations, lass :-)

Now we play the waiting game, until you're allowed to tell us the name of this fabulous home...

Kez said...

Huge congrats!! Can't wait to hear more :)

Jess Anastasi said...

Thanks Tez and Kez, I'll be able to share hopefully today or tomorrow :) I just like to make sure the deal is totally sealed before making the official announcement. ;)

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