Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Orphan Black - New Obsession

So I have a new favorite TV show. I'd heard this show mentioned here and there, but hadn't been overly interested in watching it. In actual fact, I thought I'd watched the pilot already, and hadn't been all that impressed. However, I think there may have been a show somewhat similar to this a few years back, and that was the pilot I watched -- obviously that other show didn't go anywhere, I can't even remember what it was called... it might have had Sarah Michelle Geller in it.
Anyway, someone on my Facebook feed put up a picture of two of the main characters of Orphan Black, Sarah and Paul, with a short post about how they'd watched the pilot episode and it had been really good. The picture reminded me of John and Aeryn from Farscape, and if you read this blog regularly, then you'll know I just did a Farscape re-watch to relive the awesomeness that was John and Aeryn's relationship. So this one particular picture made me decide that I would go and check out the pilot, and if it happened to be that show I already tried to watch once before, then I'd give it a second chance.
Not far into the pilot it became plainly apparent that I hadn't seen any of this show before, and I was quickly hooked by the plot of these women who look the same, and Sarah stepping into the shoes of her body-double Beth, partly to find out why they looked the same, and partly just to steal some stuff because she wanted to run away and make a new life with her daughter.
However, this quickly becomes more complicated than Sarah expected, as when she makes herself up to look like Beth so she can clean out the woman's bank account, before she can get home again, she gets picked up by the cops and quickly learns that Beth was actually a detective. From there things spiral, ending with Sarah getting caught by Beth's boyfriend when he comes home from a work trip early.
Okay, so you're currently impersonating someone else, and their boyfriend walks in on you unexpectedly. What do you do? Maybe pretend to be sick, or suddenly have to rush out somewhere? No, apparently the best course of action is to have sexy-hot-sex on the kitchen counter.
Yeah, I was pretty blown away by that, and all in the first episode, too! So I rushed through the next few eps, and it was all going all fabulously. I was loving all these different characters coming out of the woodwork (the actress who plays all these clones is amazing, by the way; each personality is done so well, you would swear they were being played by different people.) and was hooked by the mystery of where and how the clones came about, and who was trying to kill them.
I was also intrigued by the quick development of something between Sarah and Paul. While Paul still thought he was dealing with Beth, he was very intrigued and attracted to the new facets of her personality, which was proving a problem for Sarah trying to keep up the charade.
The scene where it came out in front of the other clones that Sarah had slept with Paul while pretending to be Beth was priceless. One of them said "you slept with Beth's boyfriend?" And when Sarah confirmed, you could kind of see them all thinking well, if I got the chance to sleep with Paul, I probably would too. 
Paul's reaction to finding out the truth was also very interesting. For a woman, if she found out someone she'd been sleeping with wasn't who she thought, it would likely be very emotionally traumatic. In my opinion, Paul felt a bit betrayed, but kind of just went with it. I think it also helped that seemingly by that point, Paul was already half in love with Sarah, which was good enough for my romance writer's brain, and then this scene happened:

I couldn't find the actual clip from the show on youtube, though plenty of people had used it in fandom music videos, so this .gif clip will have to do. Paul had been captured by the bad guys, and given one phone call to bring Sarah in, he told her to run instead. But she didn't run, did she? Oh no, she went in to get him out, despite the risk to herself. I really wish I could have put the whole scene in, because it was just one of those brilliant character moments that makes my heart stop. The look on Paul's face when he realized she had come for him was so full of angst. The moment above follows that, and I really loved that they had this second where Paul just let himself be comforted by her. Tough guy who is man enough to have those soft moments? Yeah, I'm sold. I think this exchange also really cemented their relationship.
But for me, the final crack in my heart came in the season finale. Paul opened up to Sarah about what the bad guys had on him, which I got the feeling he never even shared with Beth. He told Sarah how he'd been a private operator in Afghanistan and accidentally took out four Marines in friendly fire... My reaction? I'm sorry, did you just say you took out four Marines by yourself? Some of the toughest men in the various United States militarily? Oh Paul, if I wasn't already in character-love with you before, I sure as hell am now! ...Not because killing Marines, or any of your own soldiers is a good thing, but for him to take out four specially trained soldiers on his own, he's got to be one seriously hard operator.
Unfortunately for this Sarah and Paul ship I'm rocking, I get the feeling its going to come to a swift end. I'm about to start watching season 2, and in a short amount of time I'll be caught up to the current episodes. From snippets I've seen on the internet (because who can avoid that kind of stuff?) it seems there's a new love interest for Sarah, and Paul is off doing other things. But no matter what happens between these two, that one brief scene between them will go down as one of my favorite TV moments of all time.
And of course we will finish this post with a gratuitous shirtless picture for absolutely no reason.

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