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Just Finished Wathcing... Orphan Black Season 2

So the ten episode season of Orphan Black has just wrapped up, and while it was good, I have to admit I didn't love it as much as the first season. Don't get me wrong, the storylines were really great, but I was a bit disappointed that there was pretty much no Sarah and Paul action, compounded by the fact that Sarah reconnected with her ex, Cal, who is also the father of Sarah's daughter, Kira.
 I was going to launch into a big long post about what I did and didn't like, but to expedite things, let's go with point form:

What I thought was great:
1) Alison's character journey for the entirety of the season. This woman did everything; had sex with her BFF's husband in the back of a minivan (because she mistakenly thought her BFF was her monitor, the person reporting her activities back to the Dyad Institute, the organization responsible for creating the clones), indirectly killed said BFF... or at least stood by and watched her die when she could have helped, went on binges, went into rehab, made Felix her new BFF, and finally patched things up with her husband after finding out he'd accidentally killed someone... punctuated by sex on the freezer they'd been storing the dead body in. Twisted, but also somehow logical. Anyway, despite her originally being dubbed the soccer-mom (because what could be more cliche and generic than that?) it turned out Allison was totally kooky.

2) Sarah taking Kira to her father, Cal. When things went bad, Sarah left Kira with her dad, which at first seemed a little sad. But Cal and Kira quickly come to care deeply about one another, and though Cal got the dad bombshell dropped on him out of nowhere and then got saddled with the kid five minutes later, he fell into the roll of daddy very easily, to the point that when Sarah did eventually come for Kira, it was easy to see the pair were sad to be parting. Cal made Kira memorize his number, and told her to call him if she needed anything. Of course, when things went really bad and sociopathic clone Rachel got her hands on Kira, the resourceful kid five-fingered a cell phone and called her daddy to tell him where she was. Cal turned up to pretty much save the day, and it will be interesting to see where Cal's storyline takes us next year, as I think he might be more involved and know a lot more about what's going on with Sarah than anyone realizes. Dare I say it wasn't a coincidence that he and Sarah connected in the past?

3) Helena. Okay, she was kind of scary in the first season when she was all brainwashed and trying to kill the other clones. But then she realized Sarah was her sister and came to learn killing the other clones wasn't the right thing to do. You can see she's really just this sadly messed up, but very innocent person, and its unfortunate that her bad experiences with people have continued. Now she's possibly pregnant, and been kidnapped by the government/military. I can't wait to see what that leads to next year. 

3) Paul working on the inside and the revelation that he was really some kind of undercover black ops military guy. The military thing isn't very surprising when taking into account the whole thing about him single-handedly killing four Marines. Although now I'm wondering if that story might have been a fabrication, as part of his infiltration of Dyad and project Leda. It turned out he was working for the other half of the experiment, project Castor, creating male clones. Its going to be very interesting to see how that plot develops next season, and whether or not he will cross paths with Sarah any time soon. I like that Paul's motives were never really clear, but I was always hoping he'd keep Sarah's welfare as a top priority, no matter what he was forced to do. Paul had some interesting moments over the season, though I think he's definitely a character being underutilized at the moment.

4) Rachel. Pencil. In the eye. The b***h had it coming. 

 What I was a little unimpressed with:
1) The total lack of Paul. He wasn't even in half the episodes. For the first few, he was off overseas somewhere (Taiwan, maybe? I can't remember. And although everyone kept mentioning it, there was never any explanation about exactly what was so important over there. Loose end, anyone?) And the episodes he was in... Well, one, Sarah cold-clocked him in the face when she was trying to get out of the Dyad Institute, but then he let her go, so that was kind of sweet. I think that was the last time they saw each other. And then he roughed up Felix on Rachel's orders. And then he had that weird sex-scene thing with Rachel. Okay, I understand needing go above and beyond for the sake of duty, but there was something so wrong about it. And of course, Sarah had to see, so one more nail in the coffin for the Sarah/Paul shippers. After that, he disappeared (who would blame the guy?) and wasn't mentioned again until a transgender clone turned up with a message from his dead monitor about keeping the faith in Paul, because he was a ghost... or something. I assume now that has something to do with the whole military thing. Anyway, in the last episode, Paul had gotten Mrs S to help him kidnap Helena, so no doubt Sarah is going to be pissed off about that when she finds out. But for the time being, Sarah is too busy being distracted by Cal. Yeah, they're a sweet couple, and they have Kira, so I'm sure she'd like to have her mom and dad back together. But Sarah and Paul have an intensity, the kind of chemistry that keeps the shippers hoping long after the ship is seemingly sunk.

2) Cosima and her illness. The only way to be cured? Kira's stem cells. I hope the writers aren't going to kill Cosima off, she is such an awesome character, I think she deserves better than that. In fact, I think she deserves the exact opposite. Something like genetic super-powers. That would be much more awesome. Also, a better girlfriend than Delphine. Apparently there's a lot of Cosima/Delphine shippers out there (what do they call that? Cosphine? Delima? ) but Delphine just doesn't work for me. She's too... I don't know. I don't want to say like a wet blanket, but that's exactly what I'm thinking. Cosima needs more of a spark in her relationship. And maybe, if the writers don't kill her, now that Rachel has had Delphine shipped off elsewhere (the only good thing Rachel actually did do) then perhaps there's hope that Cosima will get a new, more intersting girlfriend. And maybe a super-power.

3) Mrs S. Is she a good-guy, or a bad guy??? Just freaking tell us already!! Seriously, Mrs S walks the line a little too well, and at the moment I believe she'll do anything she has to in order to keep Kira safe. This would seemingly be out of love, but I have a feeling Mrs S knows something special about Kira that nobody else does.

So that's about the sum of it. Of course now I have to wait another year for season 3 to come around, so I can get some answers to my questions, and no doubt find myself facing some new clone mysteries.

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