Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Crazy Axeman of Failing TV Shows

I'm crying in my weeties really annoyed about some of the shows that have been cancelled lately. So yes, you guessed it, a rant is coming on!

1) Supernatural Bloodlines
Before it even started? Seriously? Okay, so I'm notreally that surprised and/or disappointed about this news. I actually haven't seen the Bloodlines episode, I skipped over it in favor of finding out what was happening with the whole kill-Abbadon and Metatron thing. So that might be a big fat clue in itself, because apparently this episode that was supposed to launch the spinoff series wasn't received all that well.
In this day and age, spinoffs are a tricky business, and fans aren't just going to accept any old thing because it has a franchise name attached to it. While The Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals, is going from strength to strength, we also saw the opposite end of the scale in epic suckiness of the Pretty Little Liars spinoff, Ravenswood. The Originals works because the fans got to know the cast through the Vampire Diaries first, and quite obviously there was a wealth of stories to be told about the original vampire family.
So, Supernatural creators and/or writers who will never read this; if you want your spinoff to actually work, its got to make sense and has to be familiar to the fans, it needs to feel like an organic procession. How do you do that when you've killed off every single person Sam and Dean have ever been close to? Well, that's a very good question. Maybe you could start with Jodie Mills and that almost-vampire chick she adopted. Maybe the almost vampire-chick could become a hunter. Maybe there's an entire secret town of hunters somewhere that even Sam and Dean didn't know about. Or how about going and finding that young group of hunters (was it earlier this season, or last season?) who were being conned into thinking they'd been killing the vampires that killed their families? How about going with something new and fresh, like the next generation of hunters who are coming up with cutting-edge tech that makes hunting easier, instead of relying on the old-school magic and charms?
I do hope there ends up being a Supernatural spinoff, but only if its not going to taint the legacy of the original series.

2) Revolution
Yeah, if you read this blog, (even just the previous blog post) then you'll know how I feel about this show. A massive waste of potential, and even though it had been struggling plot-wise for most of this season, I think NBC were a little short sighted in cancelling it. A lot of the time when a show gets cancelled, there is an outcry from fans, and we've seen in post-series movies made for Firefly and Farscape, that the fans can impact whether or not a series gets to close out properly when it gets cancelled unexpectedly. If any show of recent years has the potential to either be picked up by another network (long shot, but not totally impossible) or at least finish the hanging storylines with a movie, then Revolution is probably it. So I'm waiting to see what happens, even though the odds are probably nothing.

3) The Tomorrow People
Okay, I know a lot of people saw this coming, and yes, this show struggled to really define itself into something we could take seriously, but in the last half a dozen episodes, I think The Tomorrow People really found its feet. But by then it was too late. Maybe if this show hadn't been on the CW and had to stand up next to shows like Arrow, The 100, The Originals, and Reign, etc, then it might have survived. However, it had some tough cousins to race with, and just didn't quite make the cut. I will say that I'm peeved off that this show got cancelled while Beauty and the Beast, which was apparently also struggling, got renewed for another season. I've said it before, and will say it again, I stopped watching B&B in disgust because the storylines were getting too predictable and contrived, plus I'd lost interested in Cat and Vincent's relationship. I think The Tomorrow People would have only grown stronger if it'd been given a second chance, and unfortunately this show doesn't have the fan-drive like the one behind Revolution to ever get revived.

4) Intelligence
Ouch, this one really hurts. And its one I totally don't understand. I thought Intelligence was brilliant, the character portrayed by Josh Holloway great and the dynamic between him and his partner was the perfect balance to the other elements of the show. It had awesome potential for some edge-of-your-seat plots, drawing on a mix of military, futuristic technology and evolving character relationships. Unfortunately, after only thirteen episodes, this series will probably be quickly forgotten.

5) Almost Human
Another sci-fi bites the dust. I really like this futuristic cop drama. It was one of those shows where the tension was nicely balanced with some dry humor. It was also extra disappointing when we got to the end of this season and found out there's some big wall circling the city, keeping out whatever was on the other side. Its going to be one of those unanswered TV mysteries that will annoy me for the rest of forever. And like Intelligence, considering this show's extremely short run, it will quickly be forgotten.

6) Camp
Another not so surprising cancellation I suppose, but apart from the fact that this show had 2 brilliant Australian actors in it, I thought the "dramedy" was cute and not like any other show on TV at the moment. Okay, so it wasn't surprising or groundbreaking, but the setting was a nice change from the usual comedy-drama series we see. Another show that people are already forgetting was even on TV.

7) Star-Crossed
Another CW show bites it. Okay, I'm not actually that disappointed about this show, it was kind of lame. I'm more disappointed in the wasted potential. This show is actually eerily similar to a book I was working on a few years ago, about an alien race coming to earth and then some years later, the teenagers dealing with what the world had become in the aftermath. Obviously I never did anything with that book, though its on my list of ideas to eventually go back to.
As for the actual TV show, the execution of what could have been a fantastic concept just didn't quite pull it off. Not naming names, but I think a few of the actors could have been better, and every time I looked at Emery, for some reason I saw Elena from the Vampire Diaries, which was kind of annoying. I didn't think the over all series plots were strong enough, and the writers didn't really capitalize on the forbidden element of Emery and Roman's relationship. 

8) Terra Nova
So this one isn't a recent cancellation, but one I was really disappointed in none the less. Why is it that anything remotely sci-fi seems to struggle? Another American-Australian mash up, I had heard that the expense of filming Terra Nova in remote parts of Australia was part of the reason it was cancelled. Still, this was another show that had potential to explore some really great storylines, but will be left in the "we'll never know" pile.

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