Friday, May 2, 2014

Revolution 2x19 $#!& Happens -- An Unfortunately Apt Title

I had hope. Really, I did. Despite the rocky ratings, despite the rumblings of cancellation, I had hope that Revolution would finish strong and scrape in for a last minute renewal. There's a saying among authors, that you're only as good as your last book. Well, when it comes to the ratings machine, the same could probably be said about TV shows; you're only as good as your last episode. In which case, Revolution is in its death throes.
I hate to say it, because I had such high hopes for this series, but this week's episode was like a waste of TV screening time. And for me to say that, then it must be serious. When it comes to my favorite TV shows, if I don't think there was much point to an episode, I won't necessarily think its a bad thing, but can see where it's probably building up to something better.
We're in the climax period of the year, when most shows aren't pulling any punches. Take The Tomorrow People, for example. This is another show that's looking like it'll be cancelled, but I'm also hoping for a last minute reprieve for these guys. I can see why the ratings were probably a bit patchy earlier in the year, but I think in the last five or so episodes, this show really hit its stride. The knocks have just kept getting harder, and a few of the plot twists I didn't see coming. Next week's season finale looks great, so if this show doesn't get renewed, I think its going to be a sad waste of potential.
And then we've got Revolution -- still puttering along. Okay, the last episode was pretty good, with Miles and Monroe trying to save the president of Texas, even though they're mortal enemies, and then Charlie having to face down and kill Jason. So I mistakenly thought we'd be in for some more dramatic excitement this week, with Charlie now having to face Tom Neville, and Miles and Monroe getting up to who knows what badassery.
Except nothing happened. Charlie and Tom had the stand-off and Charlie told him to kill her. Eh. Totally not surprising, we already knew Ms. Sunshine Pants had a death wish. Miles got stabbed, and then fell into a basement, and got trapped, which forced some introspection of his demons. Eh. Not that bad, but not the type of storyline to be playing with at this end of the season. Monroe and Rachel had the inevitable confrontation, where some more of their history was revealed. Eh. Do we really care right now?
If the writers wanted to put these story lines out there, it should have been done earlier in the season, and not waste the last few precious episodes where the stakes should be building higher and higher.
And you know what else I can't understand? The two characters who have the best chemistry out of the whole cast basically aren't getting any screen time together. Any time Charlie and Monroe are interacting, the show lights up like a bonfire. If Revolution wanted to survive, they should have become more organic. Sure, maybe the whole Charloe thing hadn't been part of the original plan, but I think they should have used what worked and seen where it could take them. I'm not necessarily saying I wanted to see Charlie and Monroe get together, because that wouldn't work right now either, but there's no denying the tension and intrigue they bring to the table. So put those damn characters together and let unfold what may. Heck, even Charlie and Miles have better energy than a lot of the other characters together, which is basically what carried the entire first season.
I was actually left stunned by the total nothingness of this episode. Seriously, I was waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen, and then it just ended. And I was sitting there saying "what the hell was that?" Disappointed doesn't even begin to cover it.
So yeah, I don't hold out much hope of Revolution surviving any longer, especially if this is what they give us when ratings are already failing and the end of the season is near. As for the season finale? At this point, I don't see it being much of a climax.

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